Google Mobile Search Just Got Even Faster, Adds Quick View and Rotten Tomatoes Enhancements


Starting today, certain aspects of Google’s mobile search are receiving a big speed boost. The most interesting feature that is being added is a new “Quick view” tab which will appear on certain page results. For example, as shown above, when a search is done for a list of poker hands, a quick view can be seen from Wikipedia to make finding the answer you are looking for even easier.  (more…)

Google Teaming Up With Kia and Other Car Makers to Bring Google Maps to Vehicles

Tesla (1)

As an Android fan, I know I’ve looked at some car navigation systems before and thought “Google Maps does this so much better.” Today’s news sounds like a few car manufacturers felt the same way. Hyundai and Kia have partnered with Google so that their UVO voice system now works with Google Search, Maps and Places APIs to find you all sorts of cool stuff while you’re driving from place to place.

Those two companies join the likes of Audi, Mercedes and Tesla as manufacturers who all include the suite of Google apps in their vehicles. Google Maps is one of the most detailed databases and putting that in dashboards of cars is infinitely useful. Let’s hope that more companies catch onto this down the road.

Via: Google

Google Makes Mobile Search from Phones and Tablets Interactive and Content Rich

Google is rolling out more interactive search results on mobile phones and tablets. For example, when searching for math answers like I have done above, instead of just giving you the answer, Google Search displays an entire calculator for you to edit the equation to what you need. Bossy. Other inquiries that will see this Google Now card-esque makeover are Stocks, Flights, Currency Conversion, Holidays, Unit Conversion, and Dictionary Definitions.

Another example, when checking a flight status, Google will display a progress bar with a little plane icon for you to visually see how far along the flight is. It will move further towards the right as it approaches its final destination. The roll out has started today, so go check out the updates on your phone or tablet inside a web browser. Just another reason why Google kicks butt.

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Google Introduces “Handwrite” for Mobile Searches

Moments ago, Google unwrapped their latest search feature called Handwrite. Once enabled on your mobile device, you can search for items by writing them out on your screen with a finger. As you can see in the screen shot above, the search works just as would if you were typing them, by providing suggestions along the way. This isn’t meant to replace traditional typing or voice search, but it could prove to be very useful should you be in a situation where typing is not optimal nor is speaking aloud to your phone. Just draw out some words, and let Google do the rest of the work.

They recommend that you use it in Chrome on Android, but it should work in most browsers. It does requires you to be running Android 2.3+. Give it a try! (more…)

Tip: Type “Weather” Into Google From Your Tablet and See Beautiful Weather Visualizations


Weather searches from your tablet are now more beautiful than ever. The Google Search team introduced weather visualizations to bigger screened devices today, which as you can see, look a heck of a lot like the cards that are found in Google Now. These new visualizations are interactive, meaning you can slide the hourly temperature meter for up to 10 days, scroll day-by-day to check the forecast, and toggle between temperature, precipitation, and wind (not showing on my screenie for some reason).

To get the weather to be displayed this way, simply open a browser and type “weather” in the address bar.

Via:  Google+ | Phandroid