Report: Samsung’s Next Flagship to be Called Galaxy S6, Existence of “Galaxy S6 Edge” Also Hinted

According to latest report from SamMobile, who is usually spot on with regard to Samsung news, the Korean manufacturer has a set name for its upcoming 2015 flagship device. Unsurprisingly, the device will continue its Galaxy S lineage, being called the Galaxy S6.

Interestingly, but no less unsurprising, Samsung will look to outfit the upcoming Galaxy S6 with top tier specs and a re-envisioned design language, hoping to make the phone stand up against the heightened competition. However, from what is stated in the report, don’t look for an abundance of curved displays or flex technology quite yet on the next flagship.  (more…)

Samsung Brings Milk Video Streaming Service to the US

Remember how Samsung’s Milk Music took the streaming market by storm and got everyone and their mother to sign up for an account? No? That is because it never happened. Launched in a field already crowded with competitors, Milk Music never really had a chance at success. But that is not stopping Samsung from applying the same strategy (and unfortunate moniker) to video. Milk Video, the company’s “video discovery service,” is launching stateside today.  (more…)