Samsung Pay for Gear S3 Works on Many Phones, Except for Pixel

Recently discovered, Samsung Pay for the Gear S3, Samsung’s latest smartwatch, is working for many smartphones on the market that aren’t made by Samsung. For example, if you utilize a LG G5 and a Gear S3, you can now use Samsung Pay from your smartwatch. Considering Samsung’s rather closed approach to its ecosystem in past years, this is pretty major. I mean, you couldn’t even use their smartwatches without a Samsung phone for a while, so this news is great.  (more…)

Cyber Monday Deal: 50% Off Galaxy S7 at Cricket (Just $325)

Cricket’s big Cyber Monday deal appears to be for the Samsung Galaxy S7 at a 50% discount. With a 50% discount, you are looking at a full retail price of just $324.99, which is kind of insane.

The deal is only for new lines at Cricket, but Cricket isn’t exactly saying that you need to keep a line active for very long in order to get the deal. In theory, you could sign-up for a new line to get the discount, then cancel that line after a month and keep the phone for use on another line or AT&T-powered wireless provider. This is the AT&T model of the Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A), according to Cricket, so it should work on networks that are powered by AT&T’s bands.

Cricket says that supplies are limited, so you may want to hurry.  (more…)

Samsung Intros Rewards Program for Samsung Pay, Earn Points Towards New Devices or Visa Prepaid Cards

Samsung Pay is introducing a rewards program for users this week, one that will have you racking up points for redemption towards new Samsung products, Visa prepaid cards, or even trips to Napa Valley or Las Vegas.

Samsung Rewards works like many other credit card rewards programs, but the added bonus is that it works for debit cards, too. Provided you use Samsung Pay to make a plentiful amount of purchases throughout the course of a month, you earn points on your Samsung account. There are varying loyalty tiers of point earning, such as double or even quadruple point earning, depending on how many purchases you make via Samsung Pay.  (more…)