IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture is Now Available

Included in the series of announcements surrounding the launch of the Galaxy S6 from Samsung, was word from IKEA that they had partnered with the Korean electronics giant to build out furniture that would include embedded wireless chargers. The thought was to help increase wireless charging adoption, but also to add functionality to your bedside table or lamp that would allow you to ditch the ugly chargers sold to you by Samsung and a variety of other accessory makers. The result, unveiled in April, was a series of lamps, tables, and stand-alone wireless chargers that added some style to something as geeky as wireless charging.  (more…)

Deal: Buy Galaxy S6 From T-Mobile This Weekend, Get Free Upgrade to 64GB

T-Mobile customers, don’t buy a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge for the next couple of days! Starting May 23, T-Mobile is hosting a Memorial Day weekend sale that will get you into a Galaxy S6 or Edge with 64GB of storage for the same price as the 32GB model ($80 savings). Again, that’s two days away, so resist the urge to buy the best Android phone on the planet until this weekend.

The deal runs from Saturday, May 23, through Monday, May 25.

Have you read our Galaxy S6 review? Do it now.  (more…)

Deal: Unlocked Galaxy S6 for Under $590 With This Code on eBay

Yesterday, I ranted a little about why I’m such a fan of unlocked phones. One of the reasons I noted had to do with the fact that there are always insanely good deals on unlocked phones to be had, as long as you have a little patience in waiting for them to arrive. Weeks like this were exactly what I was referring to. Thanks to a coupon code, you can nab a brand new, unlocked Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) in black or white for under $590.

That’s a crazy deal! That’s even cheaper than Verizon is selling the phone at full retail. T-Mobile and AT&T each want at least another $90 over that price. We are talking less than $600 for what I would consider to be the best phone on the planet at the moment and maybe for the foreseeable future.  (more…)

See, Best Buy is Already Readying Green Emerald and Blue Topaz Galaxy S6s

Earlier this morning, we joked about soon-to-be-announced carrier or retailer exclusives of Samsung’s Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 and Green Emerald Galaxy S6 Edge. Shortly after we posted that bit of news, readers pointed out the fact that Best Buy already has “new” listings for each phone in 32GB and 64GB variants. We aren’t even 48 hours removed from Samsung’s announcement of each color’s availability and Best Buy is prepared to sell them.  (more…)

Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 and Green Emerald Galaxy S6 Edge Now Likely Arriving in the US as Dumb Carrier/Retailer Exclusives

Over the weekend, Samsung announced that two new colors would soon be joining its flagships line-up of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Well, to be correct, these aren’t new as in “never before seen” new, they are new as in, you can now buy them new…somewhere. Remember the Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 and Green Emerald Galaxy S6 Edge that were announced as optional colors during Samsung’s unveiling of each phone? You know, the two colors of each phone that you were probably going to buy at launch had each been available? They are now available, weeks after you probably already bought your Galaxy S6 or Edge.  (more…)