Samsung Hosting Unpacked Event on September 3 to Announce New Galaxy Note

September 3 is your day, Galaxy Note cult. Samsung just announced that they will hold an Unpacked event during the first week of next month, telling us to “Note the date!” in the process. Yes, the Galaxy Note 4 is coming.

Samsung will host simultaneous press events in Berlin, Beijing, and New York, but also stream the festivities through their YouTube channel so that all can see. The event kicks off in NYC at 9AM Eastern, 6AM Pacific.

You ready?

Samsung’s Electric Blue Galaxy S5 Launches Exclusively at Best Buy on August 17

Want to help boost Samsung’s disappointing bottom line and/or don’t have your heart set on the manufacturer’s rumored Galaxy Alpha? The new Electric Blue Galaxy S5 might just suit you.

The color, which has been available on Rogers for months, will land stateside exclusively in Best Buy stores starting August 17. My Best Buy members can pick up the handset early, August 15 in stores and online. The Electric Blue Galaxy S5 will launch at a discounted price of $99 for all through August 23 for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint customers with a two-year contract.  (more…)

Images of Samsung Galaxy Alpha Leak Again

It was only yesterday when we got our first good look at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Alpha in White, and already, we now have it in Black. As we can see in all of these photos, including the ones from yesterday, this phone will feature a somewhat oddly outlined body, with unconventional curves around its frame. It’s certainly different, but could end up being somewhat ergonomic for users.  (more…)

Monday Poll: Does a Smartphone Design Need to Contain Metal?

I don’t know who we should put more of the blame on – Apple for their chamfered edges and metal design choices with the iPhone, or Samsung for using the cheapest feeling plastics on the planet to build their smartphones with, but people seem to refer to all plastic embodied phones as “cheap” these days. The Nexus 5 certainly doesn’t feel cheap, neither do the G3 or Moto X or OnePlus One, yet they are all made of plastic. But here we are today, talking about Samsung’s new Galaxy Alpha with its metal banding, chamfered edges, and “premium” design, because metal means premium, or something.

I can tell you one thing I know for sure about metal phones – they can be insanely slippery and frustrating to deal with. I spent more than enough time with HTC’s last two flagship phones, the One (M7) and One (M8), both of which were unusable at times because of their lack of grip. Apple could have worked some different metal magic with the iPhone to make it less slippery, but I sort of doubt it. iPhones just happen to be small smartphones that are easily held, whereas Android phones are all oversized and at times tough to hold anyway.

You also have to worry about radio issues with metal phones, wear and tear, weight, etc. In my opinion, metal isn’t exactly the greatest material available for building smartphones.

So I’m curious about this metal thing. Is a metal phone or design that includes metal a requirement when you buy a phone? Is this whole “metal is premium” thing overblown by Apple-leaning tech journos? Feel free to vote below, then hit up the comments.

Does a Smartphone Design Need to Contain Metal?

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Samsung’s Metal Galaxy Alpha and Its Chamfered Self Pose for New Photos

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a phone that may be the first to put to use those “new materials” referenced by a Samsung executive last week during the company’s Q2 earnings call, appeared in a new set of high-res photos over the weekend. The photos certainly seem to confirm previous rumors, that the device will indeed include a metallic band around its outside, giving off what should be a more premium feel than past handsets. “New materials” could mean more than one, but I think it is safe to assume at this point that at least one of them is metal.  (more…)

Verizon Galaxy S5 Now Receiving Build G900VVRU1ANE9, Here is the Full Changelog

Verizon approved an update today for their variant of the Galaxy S5 as build G900VVRU1ANE9, but leaves the phone at Android 4.4.2. The update looks like a massive bug fixer, as it includes improvements to performance, brings updates to bloatware, and addresses all sorts of issues.

In the update, users will find new versions of Caller Name ID, Message+, and Cloud. Once past the bloatware, issues like better connectivity when streaming music, Gear Manager stability, and Visual Voicemail working when a Samsung Flip Cover is closed have all been resolved.  (more…)