Lucky T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Owner Gets Android 5.1.1 Update

Last week, as we were telling you to expect Android 5.1.1 at any moment, we weren’t exactly including those of you who just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the conversation. No offense, but phones with OEM skins aren’t usually leading the pack when it comes to updates that feature the newest versions of Android. As it turns out, maybe we should have.  (more…)

Specs: LG G4 vs. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge vs. HTC One M9

Curious how the new LG G4 stacks up to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge or the HTC One M9? We walked through each phone’s specs and put them together in a simple comparison sheet for you below, so that you can at least get a feel for each on paper. Each phone will undoubtedly be different when in hand, mostly because of the size, finishes, and software experiences, but this still gives you a way to compare the hardware that manufacturers settled on.  (more…)

Deal: New Unlocked Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) for Just $629

Wow, now this is a good price on a brand new, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6. For just $629.99, you can own an early candidate for “phone of the year” in either gold, white, or black and with 32GB of storage.

For comparison’s sake, the AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy S6 at full retail cost $685 and $680, respectively. You are looking at a discount of at least $50 should you buy the phone through this deal, plus it comes unlocked, so you can take it to either carrier whenever you want.

This unlocked Galaxy S6 is model SM-G920F, which is an international variant. We tend to like unlocked, international models because they often see updates before any other phone does.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read our Galaxy S6 review.

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Deals: Galaxy S6 Official Wireless Charger for $35, Moto X for $180, Sonos Play 5 for $342

Looking for a whole bunch of electronics to blow last Friday’s paycheck on? We’ve got you covered, thanks to a 2-day sale over at Groupon. By using coupon code “SALE3” at checkout, you can save 10% on your orders, up to $50 off. After cruising through their pages and pages of deals, we actually found a handful that are worth considering.

Items like the official Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charger can be had for $35 (normally $50). The 1st gen Moto X on Verizon is also as cheap as $180 after the discount. But maybe the best deal of all, if you are in the market for home Hi-Fi speakers, is the discount on Sonos’ entire line-up. You can grab a Sonos Play:5 for just $342 (usually $399) or the Play:1 for $171 (usually $199). Sonos products are almost never discounted, and if they are, never to these levels.

There are other deals as well, all quick-linked below.

Again use code “SALE3″ at checkout.

Groupon Links:

Lollipop Now Rolling Out to T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 (Updated)

On Friday, we told you that T-Mobile had received “technical approval” on the Lollipop update for the Galaxy Note 4 and was planning to push the update to users starting today. Sure enough, it’s happening. A couple of our readers, along with many more in various forums throughout this vast Android-filled internet are all receiving the update.

T-Mobile hasn’t yet posted their own details for the update, but I’m guessing that will happen soon, whenever their community manager wakes up and starts work for the week.  (more…)