Report: Samsung to Join Round Smartwatch Party at MWC

According to a report out of SamMobile, Samsung is preparing to launch its own fully round smartwatch that will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month. Little is known about the watch, but this report claims that the device carries the model number SM-R720 and codename Orbis. The “R” in the model number could mean “round,” though that is just speculation at this point.  (more…)

Here is the Cool Samsung Concept Tech Tony Stark Will Use in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In mid-2014, Samsung and Marvel announced a global brand partnership that would allow the South Korean electronics manufacturer to showcase exclusive Marvel content, but also create cool concept tech for films, such as Avengers: Age of Ultron. As you all know, the new Avengers is going to be the movie to see in 2015, so Samsung is making sure we all know that they are a part of the action.  (more…)

Live: Samsung’s CES 2015 Press Event

We’re here at the Samsung’s 2015 CES press conference, eagerly awaiting the potential announcement of new phones, tablets, and televisions. Join us for what’s sure to be an press conference to remember.

We’re having technical difficulties with our liveblogging software, but you can watch the live stream of the conference above.

Update: We may have a live blog up! Although, it may be worthless. Either way, we are giving it a shot! (more…)

CES 2015 Starts Sunday: A Quick Preview

CES 2015 starts on Sunday. Seems a little crazy that it’s back already, I know, but that’s what we get during the second week of every new year – a trip to Las Vegas. As you can imagine, we are headed into the desert once again to see what major electronics manufacturers have in store, even if there is very little focus on mobile or Android these days. The show is still a big enough deal that we need to at least show up to find out.

Keep in mind that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn’t what it was four or five years ago. There was a time that it was a really big deal for mobile enthusiasts. It once was a show where new flagship phones were announced from all of the big players, but those show up less and less anymore. Now, we typically get one from Sony, maybe another from LG, and that’s about it. There are wearables and tablets galore, most of which are terrible products from companies you have never heard of that you would never buy, but they have their moment in the news cycle.

Media outlets put up big stages, try to tell you that this week is going to be “Huge!” and that you must tune into their ridiculously over-the-top coverage because it will be the best CES yet, but they are lying. CES is mostly boring these days. Well, unless you like TVs and the technology that goes into cars. Yes, TVs and automobiles now dominate CES.  (more…)

7 Takeaways From 2014 in Android and Wireless

As I was running through my list of the best Android phones of 2014, I started thinking through the rest of the year’s happenings as well. From the launch of Android Wear to Lollipop to the emergence of Chinese manufacturers that seem to not care about margins, a lot of stuff happened. You see, I’m one of those people who likes to look for trends or defining moments or significant moves that can set the stage for things to come, and then talk about them openly. So that’s what this post is all about.

These are the seven takeaways from 2014 from my perspective. Feel free to read through and then take to the comments to continue the conversation. Let’s talk about the year that was. Let’s talk about 2015.

Ready?  (more…)