Report: Only Two Samsung Apps Preloaded on Galaxy S6 at Launch, Bloatware be Damned

If you watch The DL Show or read the site periodically when we discuss Samsung’s software, it is that TouchWiz needs a radical revision before we would ever want to use it full time on a device over stock Android. According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung might be giving us what we want, removing nearly all possible bloatware from the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, leaving them nearly squeaky clean phones at the time of launch.  (more…)

Galaxy S6 Edge Shows Up in Pictures Next to Regular Galaxy S6

Shortly after the first alleged pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S6 showed up in prototype form yesterday, another leak came with two photos of what may be the Galaxy S6 Edge. For weeks (if not months) we have heard rumors of the possibility of there being two new Galaxy S6 models in the works, one with the Edge technology used in the Galaxy Note Edge. Assuming these images are genuine, this is how things have changed for the new Galaxy S.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Reportedly Photographed, Likely a Prototype Model (Updated: S6 Edge Too)

According to a user on XDA, he is in possession of an “engineering sample” of the upcoming Galaxy S6 from Samsung, and has decided to bless the Internet with various photos of the device. While the device may still just be a prototype, it is possible that the final design does not differ much from what we see photographed.

Featuring various “Not For Sale” stickers and barcodes all over the place (which have been blocked out with cute gerbil-like creatures), it is obvious that this phone is not exactly what potential buyers will see when they open up their Galaxy S6 box.

With all of the disclaimers aside, let’s take a look at what we have.  (more…)

Report: Galaxy S6 Edge Might be More Expensive Than the iPhone, Samsung Having Yield Issues

We have been stressing the importance of Samsung to release a kick ass flagship phone for the year of 2015, especially after the disappointing Galaxy S5 and the poor financial year that followed for the company. Basically, this is Samsung’s opportunity to get back in the ring with Apple, not just in smartphone sales, but with regard to the brand’s image as an OEM in the eyes of consumers.

According to a report from Ars Technica, who has a source close to Samsung, the company’s Galaxy S6 will feature two variants – one which looks like a Galaxy S5 in overall design, and another (presumably called the Galaxy S6 Edge) that the company will base most of its marketing on throughout the year of 2015. The latter device will feature two rounded edges on the left and right sides of the display, which aligns with previous reports and rumors.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: As of Today, Which Way are You Leaning – HTC One M9 or Galaxy S6?

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 are going to be unveiled this Sunday, at dueling press events in Barcelona, Spain. The Galaxy S6 is still mostly a mystery, meaning, we haven’t seen the device in the wild at all. Samsung has become a pro at keeping its flagship devices under lock and key up until they are ready for public consumption. HTC, on the other hand, is pretty terrible at keeping anything a secret. Well, that’s assuming they aren’t pulling off the ultimate troll job with the current batch of leaks that have sprung up throughout the last few weeks.

So far, though, we think we know that the Galaxy S6 will use an Exynos processor instead of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 that will be featured in the HTC One M9. Each will likely have displays around 5-inches, but Samsung could go with a QHD resolution and an AMOLED panel, whereas HTC will stick with 1080p and LCD. The HTC One M9 might look identical to last year’s One (M8), sans the Duo Camera gimmick. The Galaxy S6, well, we have no idea what it looks like, only that it will be made of metal and glass. Each will feature high resolution cameras, upgraded selfie-shooters, and their own skins atop Android. Both, by all means, will be outstanding flagships, even if one might look like a re-hash of a 2014 phone.

With all of the current leaks in mind, our poll today only asks that you pick which one you are currently leaning towards. Maybe not necessarily to buy, but which is the most interesting to you as of today.

I know my pick. I think I know Tim’s pick as well. What is yours?

As of today, which phone is the most interesting to you - HTC One M9 or the Galaxy S6?

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