Yes Folks, the HTC Bliss is the HTC Rhyme.

The press shots for the HTC Rhyme have been spotted by HTC Inside, confirming reports we had last week that this and the HTC Bliss are the same exact phone.  While this version may not be chewed-wheatgrass green, there is still a chance that we could see the phone in that color when it lands here in the states.  Although, even as a phone geared towards women, I’m not sure they should stray too far from what we are seeing pictured above.

We first saw the Rhyme appear on a Verizon MAP list a few weeks back followed by a list of specs that confirm the “charm indicator” accessory, a single-core processor, and dual-cameras.  It’s no HTC Vigor, but it will be running HTC Sense 3.5 and have enough goodies to get plenty of on-the-go jobs done.  Another solid HTC build.

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Full HTC Bliss Specs Revealed, Charm Indicator For the Girls in the Building

The HTC Bliss has been featured in the rumor mill for months now as one of the first Android devices developed specifically for the female crowd.  With its odd green exterior and the possibility of a female-friendly set of apps pre-loaded, it’s an interesting idea, but one that just turned whacky thanks to a look at its accessory list.  Anyone interested in a “charm indicator”?  According to the This is my next crew, this charm indicator will act as an attachment to the phone that can light up during incoming calls or texts.  The point being, that if the device is in a purse, murse or other bag, this charm indicator could hang outside to let you know when your phone is receiving some action.  Kind of a cool idea…time or bust out a fanny pack.   (more…)

HTC Rhyme Receives DLNA Certification

There is not much information on the web about the device code named the HTC Rhyme. What we do know is that we are set to see it September 29th, and that it will run around $199, thanks to a leaked MAP sheet. We have been thinking the device will be a mid-level Android phone coupled with HTC’s newly acquired Beats technology, and could have possible world capabilities.

On the 2nd of September, the Rhyme passed through DLNA certification with model number ADR6330VW, matching that of the HTC Bliss. Guess we’ll be seeing very soon what this device truly holds in store for Verizon customers.

Anyone thinking we should hypebeast the HTC Rhyme alongside the HTC Vigor or Samsung Prime?

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HTC Rhyme is the ADR6330 and Headed to Verizon, XOOM LTE Lands on MAP List at $499

A new MAP (minimum advertised price) list popped into our inbox this afternoon featuring a couple of semi-new devices that are worth mentioning.  The first is the HTC Rhyme which we first outed back in early August as the ADR6330.  We know almost nothing about this device other than the fact that the model number fits somewhere between the HTC Merge (ADR6325) and DROID Incredible 2 (ADR6350).  So if we go off of those previous two devices (and $199 price), I would say it’s a mid-range Android device that could end up being global.  We heard rumors a few months back about a new HTC slider (yep, keyboard) that had global capabilities – maybe this is it.  Or it could also be the oddly colored green HTC Bliss.  Oh, and the name itself certainly hints at it having Beats by Dre goodies built in.  Would certainly love to see a pair of headphones included.

The second thing we wanted to point out is the listing of the XOOM LTE for what appears to be a $499 2-year contract price.  If we are reading that list correctly, then it would suggest that this new 4G LTE XOOM could launch around next Thursday with the DROID Bionic.  And why is that significant?  Well, because all of the early adopters of the 3G XOOM are not going to have 4G in their device by then.  Yikes.

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