Fully Deodexed GSM-based ROM Released for HTC Rezound, Goodbye Verizon

As we found back in January, the HTC Rezound’s sneaky global radios were exposed by a user over at XDA. Now, a fully functional GSM ROM has been released for all HTC Rezound owners that want to take a leap to a different carrier. It’s called the Venasaur, most likely because the developers are all about the ‘evolution’ of the device. The ROM comes with a ton of tweaks and hacks, other than just being able to use a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM on it.

Download links and instructions are available if you follow the via link below. If this is the step you have thought about taking, do be careful while performing these advanced tasks.

Via: XDA 

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HTC Rezound Receives Another Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leak, Includes Newer Radios and Bug Fixes

Owners of the HTC Rezound, a new Ice Cream Sandwich treat has been made available to you today. Last week an initial build was leaked, but unfortunately some bugs apparently made it through s well and have plagued users. This newest build should address some of these problems such as the wrong sender being displayed on SMS messages, which could lead to awkward situations. We do know that an official 4.0.3 update is in the works, but if patience is your strong suit, then give this a go.  (more…)

Ice Cream Sandwich Build 3.13.605.7 Leaks for the HTC Rezound

Owners of the HTC Rezound, a new Ice Cream Sandwich treat has been made available to you today. We know that an official update to Android 4.0.3 is in the works for this device, but if you want to get a taste of something close to that final build ahead of time, this is your chance. The source is calling it “official” yet a “release candidate” so they are clearly a bit confused as to which it is. What we know is that it is a full ROM, so this will almost undoubtedly wipe your entire phone. Approach with caution.

This will bring you to software build 3.13.605.7, Android 4.0.3, and Sense 3.6. It also has new radios.  (more…)

Verizon Device Update Schedule Leaks in Full – Rezound, RAZR, and XOOM Details Emerge

If you were looking for information about the next OTA update for a phone on Verizon, a reddit user by the name of DroidTosser has you covered. His latest post that went up within the last hour, gives us details for updates on just about every VZW device currently available. We’ll start first with the screenshot you are seeing above which talks Ice Cream Sandwich, but won’t stop there as the info is plentiful.  (more…)

HTC Rezound Finally Receives S-OFF Via JuopunutBear Tool

After months and months of attempts, S-OFF has finally been achieved on the HTC Rezoundand a handful of other devices including the Amaze 4G through a new tool called JuopunutBear (someone say that 5 times fast). For those not familiar with S-OFF, just think of it as giving you the most access you can possibly have to an HTC phone. Sure, you can unlock the bootloader using HTC’s dev tool, but the device is still semi-protected even in that state as it is still S-ON. If a phone has toggled S-OFF (which stands for “security off”), you are opening it up to even more hacker-friendly fun. There are more risks involved, but we never took the DL community as one to shy aware for a little danger.

The team that released the tool is called Umlimited.IO. After looking at their instructions, I think you will understand why this took so long to complete. It involves wiping an SD card and some form of a wire and pin trick (pictured above). It will get you S-OFF if done correctly though, so hit up either of the source links below and take your time. Be sure to report back with any issues. This is one of those processes that will only get better as users share their experiences.

Via:  Unlimited.io | XDA

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Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Arriving for Rezound and Verizon XOOM on 5/9 and 4/23 Respectively?

According to an anonymous redditor who works for Big Red in “some capacity,” we could see Ice Cream Sandwich updates for both the Motorola XOOM (3G/4G) and HTC Rezound in a matter of days. The source claims that this information came out today and pegs 4/23 as the XOOM ICS date, with the Rezound dropping about two weeks later on May 9. Normally these anonymous posts aren’t much to go by, but the amount of info in his post including size, soak test dates, etc. is enough to at least grab our attention.  (more…)

Best Buy: RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Update “Delayed,” Rezound Still Happening Friday

So this is not all that surprising. Best Buy notified employees last Friday that we would see Ice Cream Sandwich roll out to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX on April 4. As you know from reading this site, there is an update headed to both phones, but it is not Android 4.0 and is instead a bug fixer as build 6.12.181. Best Buy apparently got that memo and has now updated their systems to reflect a “delay” on ICS. That’s sort of an unfair tag, as we aren’t exactly sure that this update was ever going to be ICS in the first place. Will both phones see Android 4.0.3 in the near future? Yeah, they will, but probably not for another few weeks.

On a related and potentially good note, the HTC Rezound is supposedly still on for Friday, April 6. Do we really believe that it will happen? Eh, we’ll give it a 30% chance.

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New Custom Sense 4.0 ROM Released for the HTC Rezound, Only Bluetooth Missing

HTC Rezound owners, more custom ROMs are on the horizon for you. This newest Sense 4.0 ROM is almost completely in working order after two months of stressful work by developer, newtoroot. It has a very short list of bugs, most notably being the lack of working Bluetooth. With full working 4G data, GPS and sound, this is the most complete 4.0 ROM we have seen so far.

For downloads and instructions on flashing this ROM, follow the via link below and read up on everything you will need. If you own an already rooted and unlocked ROM, your task is quite simple. For the rest of folks, let’s hope you know some adb commands.

Via: XDA