Verizon Extends Free 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Offer Through July 6th for Thunderbolt, Charge and Revolution

We just received some pretty welcoming news from Verizon concerning the free 4G LTE mobile hotspot promotion that has been available to owners of the DROID Charge, HTC Thunderbolt and LG Revolution for the last couple of months.  According to our friends at Big Red, the promo has been granted an extension and will take users all the way through July 6.  We had already seen one extension that gave us all free hotspot usage through tomorrow, but we’ll gladly accept another month.

Verizon Wireless has extended the Limited Time promotion for Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Connect on 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Smartphones, ThunderBolt by HTC, DROID Charge by Samsung, and Revolution by LG. The following are the Unlimited Hotspot promotion details.

Limited Time promotion available through 7/6/2011 which allows customers unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Connect usage until July 6, 2011 with the purchase of a ThunderBolt by HTC, a DROID Charge by Samsung, or a Revolution by LG, with a voice plan and a data package $29.99 or higher.

The $20/GB (Gigabyte) plan will not be available on 4G LTE Smartphones. On July 6, 2011 a software update will remove the Mobile Hotspot offer. A message will be sent to the end user to contact their system administrator to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot.

So be sure to live it up for another month!  You never know what sorts of prices we could see once July hits.  And props to Verizon for continuing to extend this out for additional months.  I can’t put into words how important this feature was to me at Google I/O this year with all of the spotty wifi hotspots floating around.  It definitely kept Droid Life afloat for those few days.

Cheers ___!

Amazon Slashes 4G Phone Prices for Memorial Day Weekend: DROID Charge, Thunderbolt and Revolution on the Cheap

Our friends over at Amazon just reached out to let us know of their big ol’ Memorial Day Weekend 4G sale that has already begun.  They’ve slashed prices on all 4G phones which includes the lineup currently offered by Verizon:  HTC Thunderbolt ($129), LG Revolution ($149), and DROID Charge ($179).  Not a bad deal, I’d say.  Obviously those are the new customer prices, but I’ve looked at the “upgraded” pricing and it’s almost as enticing and just a few bucks higher.

And to top that off, there is also word floating around that these will all be free on Monday, but we have been unable to confirm that with Amazon directly.  If we do, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Buy:  LG Revolution | DROID Charge | HTC Thunderbolt

LG Revolution, Xperia PLAY and DROIDX2 All Available from Verizon Today

If you were looking to invest in a new Android phone, then today wouldn’t be a bad day to head over to your nearest Verizon store.  The LG Revolution ($249), Sony Xperia PLAY ($199) and Motorola DROIDX2 ($199) are all available.  One of them run’s on their brand new 4G LTE network, another is a gaming machine, and the last is Big Red’s first dual-core phone.  We’ll be doing a bunch of coverage on both the Xperia PLAY and DROIDX2 starting today, so if you want to wait and see our thoughts on them, just hang out here.  The LG Revolution on the other hand has us torn – it’s basically the DROID Charge (our review), but without Google Search or that amazing Super AMOLED Plus screen.  Oh, they did toss in Netflix though.


Anyone picking one up today?

LG Revolution Officially Headed to Verizon Stores May 26 for $249 on Contract

Verizon made the LG Revolution officially official today, and will launch it May 26 (tomorrow) in stores for $249 on a 2-year contract.  This should come as no surprise to DL readers – you’ve already seen the entire spec list which included this date, the first shots of the new black battery cover, and the user guide.  For those that haven’t been keeping up though, you are looking at a 4.3″ screen (not SLCD or SAMOLED), front and rear cameras (1.3MP and 5MP), 16GB pre-installed SD card, HDMI-out, and a 1GHz Snapdragon single-core processor.  Yep, another device sporting last year’s tech with this year’s catch phrases.

It will run LG’s Home over top of Android 2.2, feature Bing as its primary search option, and is the first Android device to come pre-loaded with Netflix.  Been wondering why the Charge and Thunderbolt still don’t have access to the movie streaming service?  They’ve got to sell this device somehow don’t they?

Anyone?   (more…)

Wednesday Poll: Picking up one of Verizon’s new phones – DROIDX2, Revolution or Xperia PLAY?

Next Thursday is shaping up to be a huge Android launch day for Verizon, with the DROIDX2, Xperia PLAY and possibly even the LG Revolution all becoming available.  One is dual-core, another is stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and the other is 4G LTE, but are any of them your next phone?  Can a qHD screen, gaming pad, or front-facing camera help you decide?  And not to hi-jack this poll before you’ve even hit the voting part, but can you imagine a phone that combined all of these things?

Any of these your next device?

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Exclusive: New Verizon LG Revolution First Pics

We dropped the first report earlier on the LG Revolution launching May 26 as a newly blackened, Bing’d out 4G LTE device on Verizon and are back with the first real pics of it.  The lock screen which as we mentioned is a straight MIUI kang is on display here along with that smooth new black cover.  I’m now torn on whether or not I prefer this to the silver back we saw back at CES, but either way will be hard pressed to want it knowing that it’s not a “with Google” device.  Here’s to hoping that it lacks a locked bootloader and can be rooted in no time so that we can all take full advantage of its above-average internals.

Oh and the packaging will look identical to that of the HTC Thunderbolt:

Cheers ___!

Download: LG Revolution User Guide

Looking into making the LG Revolution your next device on May 26?  You may want to cruise through the user guide beforehand to see if it’s right for you.  You’ll see additional confirmations that the device will come loaded with Bing instead of Google Search, a new black back, and LG’s custom UI that looks like a MIUI/TouchWiz kang.  It is 4G LTE though, and also comes pre-loaded with Netflix and Swype, so as long as you can overlook the built-in search preference, it’ll still be worth a look.

Download:  VS910_manual.pdf