LG LU6200 Poses With 4.5″ 720p HD Screen and LTE, Revolution 2 Anyone?

In August, there was a lot of talk about a follow-up device to the LG Revolution after we first reported that one had landed on a Verizon MAP list as LG-VS920, prompting us to quickly dub it the Revolution 2.  Our sources have actually played with the device in its early stages, claiming that it has a 4.5″ HD screen, LTE and is incredibly thin.  After seeing it pass through the FCC though, we started to wonder if the device was closer to a launch than we had all imagined.

Well, after you take a look at the device pictured above and listen to the specs, you might also think that we are really close.  The LG LU6200 has made a couple of appearances over the last few days sporting that same 4.5″ IPS LCD HD screen, LTE, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, dual-cameras, and 1GB of RAM. It’s said to be available in Korea some time in October, but after seeing what we believe to be a similar device already hit up the FCC here in the states, I wouldn’t put it past LG or Big Red to pump this beast out by the holidays.

The device is also said to be running Android 2.3.5 out of the box with a guarantee that it will see Ice Cream Sandwich shortly after.  While I have never been the biggest LG phone fan, I can even admit that this phone made my heart flutter slightly.  4.5″ IPS LCD?  Hello beautiful.

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New LG Revolution 2 Makes Its Way Through FCC?

We first saw a new LG Revolution-esque model pop up when we reported on a device by the model number LG-VS920 that had appeared in a MAP (minimum advertised price) listing back in early August.  That device, we started assuming, was called the Revolution 2 as it appeared in a massive leaked roadmap for Verizon just a day or so later with a 10/20 release date attached to it.

Well, that same VS920 phone made its way through the FCC today sporting LTE radios and a similar build to the original Revo.  You can see in the picture above that the camera has possibly been moved up the back of the device, but is still centered in the middle along with a housing for a flash.

A Thunderbolt (Vigor) and a Revolution (Revo2) revamping all within the same year?  And you wonder why we kept hammering on these phones for having last year’s specs with this year’s buzz word (4G LTE).

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Skype with Video on Android Updated: Thunderbolt, DROID Charge, Revolution and Others Now Supported


Hard to believe, isn’t it?  The HTC Thunderbolt, the device that was supposed to kick off the Skype with Video campaign back in March is just now receiving it almost a month and a half after it was released to the Android Market.  The Skype team didn’t just stop there though and actually added 17 other top devices including the DROID Charge, LG Revolution and Samsung Galaxy S II to the supported list.  It looks like they’ve adopted the same model as Netflix (slowly but surely), but we’ll admit that we are still happy that it’s making its way onto some of our favorite phones.   (more…)

LG Revolution Update from Verizon is Ready: Not Gingerbread, but Does Fix a Bunch of Bugs

The LG Revolution on Verizon is about to receive its first major update – unfortunately it’s not Gingerbread though.  The 69MB update will bring users to version VS910ZV6 that includes a variety of bug fixes and a whole bunch of updated bloatware.  It doesn’t look incredibly major, but it will make this 4G LTE offering from LG a much more polished Bing device.

With the support documents hitting VZW’s site, we can expect the update to start rolling out within the next week.

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Verizon Deal: Buy a Wireless Charging Pad, Receive Battery Cover for Free

Either Verizon hasn’t sold many of these inductive (wireless) battery charging pads and covers or they are finally ready to force you into learning about this new technology.  Through August’s “Accessory of the Month” deal, you can buy the wireless charging pad ($69.99) that they have on hand and receive the wireless battery cover for a select few devices for free – all normally priced from $29.99 – $39.99.

What is wireless charging?  Well, if you have a pad and battery cover, you can easily charge your device without having to actually plug in your device.  Sure, the charging pad will always have to be plugged into a wall, but I’ll even admit that it is pretty handy to come home and simply set my Thunderbolt down on my desk to get it to charge rather than fuss with a microUSB cable.

So if you have a DROID3, HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution, DROID Charge, or Incredible 2, you may want to look into the future of charging and grab one of these pads along with a matching inductive battery cover.     (more…)

Buy an LG Revolution, Receive 3 Free Months of Netflix (Updated: Commercial Added)


If you were looking for a reason to buy the LG Revolution, then maybe this newly announced Netflix promo will help.  Starting today and ending on August 28, Verizon and Netflix have partnered up to give each newly purchased Revolution a 3-month free subscription to their streaming service.  Current Netflix customers are also eligible for this promo.

Beginning 7/22/2011 through 8/28/2011, customers who purchase the LG Revolution on a new two year contract will receive three free months of Netflix streaming service valued at $7.99/month.

Not a bad deal, but I’m still not sure this is enough to make me lock into a 2-year contract for this phone when we know that the DROID Bionic is seemingly 2 weeks away.

And we had to laugh at breakdown they provided of how many movies per month you can watch on their tiered data plans. We’re assuming that those numbers would mean how many movies you could watch if you didn’t use data on any other service like Gmail or internet.  Damn tiers.  Sort of sad that the day we get super fast internet with big screens and services that allow us to utilize them properly, is the same day that we get shot down into tiers so that we can no longer fully take advantage of them without breaking the bank.   (more…)

Verizon Already Drops LG Revolution Price, Is Now the Cheapest 4G LTE Phone at Just $199

Not. Surprised. By. This.

The LG Revolution wasn’t completely doomed from the beginning, but it sure as hell had a tough uphill climb out the gate.  It was the 3rd of Verizon’s 4G LTE devices which just so happened to hit stores after two marketing monsters were launched:  the HTC Thunderbolt and the DROID Charge.  It was stuck with Bing…yeah.  The specs surely aren’t mind-blowing (single-core), the screen is average, it’s custom UI is not good, and we have absolutely no idea if it will ever see Android 2.3 (just ask G2x owners how they feel about LG).  And it also launched as the closest 4G device to the DROID Bionic which many, MANY, have been holding out for.  Some times you need fillers – this was definitely a filler.


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Reminder: Free 4G LTE Hotspot for the Charge, Thunderbolt and Revolution Ends Today

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were informing everyone of Verizon’s plans to extend out the free 4G LTE hotspot promo for the Charge, Revolution and Thunderbolt to July 6, doesn’t it?  Well, we wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day – unless of course another extension is issued, but we haven’t been told by anyone that there will be one.  And I’ll admit that it would be pretty surprising since VZW is going live with tiers tomorrow which includes new hotspot plans.

We’re also still waiting on an official confirmation that current unlimited LTE customers will have a separate $30 unlimited tethering plan from new customers – hopefully that comes tomorrow.

We should also remind you that Verizon’s lineup of 4G devices should all receive a minor software update to stop the free hotspot promo and replace it with a message, reminding customers that they will now need to purchase a plan.

Cheers for the reminder Octotron!