Moto X Hits Republic Wireless, $300 Price Tag in Either Woven Black or White

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Republic Wireless, an MVNO who uses Sprint’s network for service, now has the Moto X on sale through its online store. You can pick the device up, without a contract, for just $299 plus $10 in shipping. If you are curious about Republic Wireless, then just know that they are a carrier that offers dirt cheap plans that center around unlimited talk, text, and data but only while attached to a WiFi signal. If you are out about all of the time, then Republic won’t be for you most likely.  (more…)

Republic Wireless to Offer Moto X for $299 Sans Contract

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Republic Wireless, an MVNO who uses Sprint’s network for service, announced this week that they will soon sell the Moto X for $299 without a contract. If they sound familiar, that’s because they made headlines last year with a $19 per month plan that included unlimited talk, text, and 3G data. This time around, they are aiming to be taken serious by using a serious device, unlike the Defy XT that they initially launched with. At $299, and without a contract, you won’t find a better deal on Motorola’s 2013 flagship.  (more…)

Republic Wireless Leaves Beta, Pre Order Your Split From the Big Carriers Today

It’s been almost a year since Republic Wireless burst onto the scene promising a break from the big carriers’ networks and pricing. Today is the day that people can make the move and pre-order themselves a spot in Republic’s service that offers wireless coverage balanced with their ‘Hybrid Calling’ technology. WiFi is used for calling and data whenever it possibly can and cell coverage when there no WiFi networks can be found.

If you’re ready to make the move you can pre-order the Motorola DEFY XT for $249 and $10 of start-up fees. After that you are free to use the service for the low price of $19 a month, arguably lower than anyone on this site is paying right now. If you’re interested in signing up, hit the link below.

Is it worth switching from your superphone and 4G LTE for the low price? Anyone intrigued?

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Republic Wireless Moves into Second Testing Phase, Motorola DEFY XT the New Phone of the Wireless Revolution

If you haven’t heard, there is a company out there trying to wage war against “Big Cell” and its name is Republic Wireless. The company’s philosophy is based around mobile phones that run off of WiFi calling more than network signal, this has allowed them to work out a $20 per month plan that they have been running for a few months now. The service is still in beta testing, but Republic is releasing the second phone in it’s line up, the Motorola DEFY XT.

The rugged phone has a 3.7″ screen with a fairly measly 854 x 540 display, 1GHz processor, 5MP camera and Gorilla Glass. The whole phone has been IP67 rated against water and solid particles so you can take it anywhere. For the early adopters that still have the LG Optimus, the phone only costs $149, for people just now signing up the price is $249. But, if you are in love with that Optimus, Republic will let your monthly bill slide for the rest of the year, on them. The DEFY is far from the Galaxy SIIIs and even the RAZRs, but is the low, unlimited monthly contract enough to get you to switch?

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Republic Wireless Calls For Revolutionary War Against Traditional Cell Phone Plans [from AL]

*This has been cross-posted from Android Life because well, it’s a crazy interesting concept.

Feel like the plans that carriers offer these days are just too locked-down? Do you need some freedom? Republic Wireless is looking to change all of that for you. The rumor is, they are launching a plan on November 8 that will cost you the low, low price of $19; and that $19 gets you unlimited everything. No contract, no termination fees.

No, it sounds crazy to us too but let me explain. The carrier is launching with support from, a company that specializes in VoIP, or internet calling. Skype and Google Voice are a few of the bigger names that use’s infrastructure to make their phone calls. The idea behind Republic is an Android based phone that will make your calls over WiFi when you are in signal range, and use cell phone minutes when you are not.

The carrier will lean on Sprint’s airwaves for when your calls are off of a WiFi signal but the final details are still being hammered out. The problem is that the carrier will require new phones to work for this whole deal, switching between WiFi and cell service like they plan needs help from software and hardware at the same time. No $19 a month Galaxy SIIs unfortunately. This sound enticing to anyone?

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