DROID RAZR Available From Amazon for 1 Cent on Upgrades, New Accounts and Lines

Amazon pinged us this afternoon to let us know that the DROID RAZR (16GB) is on sale for $0.01 or 1 penny. If you have an upgrade available, this includes you as well. New customers, upgrades, and added lines are all included in this promo, something rarely seen except on special occasions.

While this phone may not include the 3300mAh battery of its younger brother, the RAZR MAXX, it is still one of the better phones on Verizon to this day. It also has a sizable developer community that grows by the day.

Amazon Links:  DROID RAZR ($0.01) | RAZR MAXX ($99) | Galaxy S3 16GB ($149)

Custom Kernels Make Their Way to the DROID RAZR Thanks to Kexec

DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX owners, full custom ROMs will soon be in your future, thanks to @dhacker29, @hashcodeof, and @therealjonpry. Using the kexec method that has become famous on older Motorola phones and now the Galaxy S3, custom kernels are now an option. Well, once they are built by the ever-growing RAZR dev-community. This also means that you will see full and official CyanogenMod builds, something that should excite many of you.

As of today, it doesn’t appear as if there is a public way for you to test custom kernels or find ROMs that have them, but it likely won’t be long.

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How to: Customize the Lock Screen Text App on the DROID RAZR

When Ice Cream Sandwich finally arrived for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX, a new lock screen came along for the ride. Aside from the unlock option, this new lock screen had shortcuts to 3 different apps:  camera, phone, and text messaging. Now, in most 3rd party lock screen apps, you can customize these shortcuts, however, Motorola wasn’t ready to go that far and left you without options. If you want Foursquare or a Twitter client as one of the shortcuts, you are out of luck.

There is one that can be configured though, after a bit of trickery, and that is the text message app. If you are of the variety that uses Handcent or GOSMS or some other text application, there is a way to get it onto your lock screen, as you are seeing in the picture above.

What you need to do is cruise into Settings>Applications>All and find the stock text message app. Once found, disable it. Your third party text message app will now become the default app and appear on your lock screen.

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AmazonWireless Hosting Hot Mid-Summer Sale, DROID RAZR On Sale for a Single Penny

AmazonWireless has begun their “Hot Mid-Summer Sale” on select Android devices and the DROID RAZR just so happens to be one of them. For a very limited time, new buyers or folks adding a line to an existing family plan can have the RAZR for only a single cent. Not bad. They are also holding deals on a few Sprint phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy SIII. If you want to check the deals out, just follow the link below.


DROID RAZR Sees Another Leak to 6.16.215 – Chrome Included, Plus New Kernel and LTE Radio


A new update has been found for the DROID RAZR on Motorola’s servers as build 6.16.215 and it looks to be an important one. The baseband (LTE radio in this case) and kernel have both been updated. Forum members who have already flashed this are claiming that they can tell a difference on the connectivity front, too. Along for ride is Google’s Chrome, though we aren’t sure if Moto is also removing the stock browser. An Atrix HD leak appeared last week that had Chrome included as well, so we’re thinking that Motorola is ready to accept the non-beta Chrome that was released a couple of weeks back, as the new standard for their devices going forward.

In order to flash this, you need to be stock 6.16.211, which means no frozen apps. Also, if you want to return to 6.16.211, you can via RSD Lite and the leaked fastboot file from last week.

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Clock Widget From Atrix HD Pulled, Installable on Your Device


The clock widget from the Atrix HD that we featured yesterday, has apparently been pulled from a device and is available for you to download. The clock itself is interactive, showing you time, weather in multiple cities, and your battery and data plan percentages. It’s easily one of the better clock widgets we have seen in some time. If it sounds like something you would love to have on your device, then jump at the download link below.  (more…)

Fastboot Files Released for DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 Build 6.7.2-180

With fastboot files, you are able to relieve your Motorola phone from a variety of sticky situations. Using a program called RSDLite, you can flash these and recover your phone should you soft brick it or find yourself in some sort of a bootloop after tinkering too much. Basically, what I’m saying is that if you own a DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX, you need to download the new files that were released last night that can get you to stock 4.0.4, which is the OTA update you all received last month. It’s also a decent way to start fresh on a clean 4.0.4 if you have been running leaks or other ROMs.

Hit up the links below to download. You want the 6.7.2-180 build file.

Via:  Download [Mirror] (813MB) | DroidRzr

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Android Other: AT&T Galaxy SIII Available In-Store July 6, GSM RAZR Gets ICS, T-Mobile Galaxy Note Pushed Back

AT&T Galaxy SIII Will be Available In-Store July 6

Up until now, if you really wanted the AT&T Galaxy SIII you had to order it from their online store. But Big Blue just announced that they will finally start stocking the phone in their stores this week. Unfortunately, if you were looking to show off your new phone to everyone at your 4th of July cookout, you’re going to be out of luck, however, head into the store on Friday if you need it then.  (more…)