Employee Special Editions of the RAZR HD, RAZR M, DROID DNA, and Windows Phone 8X Coming Soon to Verizon

Remember last year’s special edition RAZR MAXX that was created for Verizon employees? Similar special editions are on the way, only this time for a handful of devices. These exclusive color schemes will likely be kept to employees only, just like last year, with jealous enthusiasts like us hoping they pop up on eBay.  (more…)

Has This Random Purple Discoloration Happened to Your DROID RAZR HD Screen?

A few moments ago, I reached for my DROID RAZR MAXX HD, tapped the lock/wake button, and was greeted with a not-so-exciting purple and green mess on the display. I have no idea what caused it other than maybe, because the phone had been plugged into a wall for an extended amount of time. Thankfully, a simple sleeping then waking of the phone returned it back to normal.

I originally posted the picture to Twitter, and a couple of you responded, having run into the issue as well. No one seems to know what’s causing it, but if it starts happening on a regular basis to you, you may want to try and capture it on camera, so that you can think about getting a replacement.

Anyone else?

Video: Quick Look at Jelly Bean on the DROID RAZR MAXX HD

Now that we know you can get back to stock off of last night’s Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) leak for the DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD, we thought we’d flash it and do a little preview for you. With Android 4.1.1 on the device, you get the new notifications, Project Butter performance improvements, and of course, Google Now. In the 5-minute video below, you’ll see it all.  (more…)

First Jelly Bean Build Leaks for the DROID RAZR HD (Updated)

DROID RAZR HD (MAXX HD too) owners, ready for some Jelly Bean goodness? Before you say “yes,” understand that this is a leaked build of Android 4.1, which means we don’t know yet if you can flash back to an official build or if you will be stuck on this forever. That’s how leaks work, so if you choose to do this, know what you are getting yourself into. With that said, let’s talk about what we have.  (more…)

Amazon Drops Price of DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD to $129 and $179

Last night, Amazon dropped the price of the DROID RAZR HD (in both colors) and the RAZR MAXX HD to $129 and $179, respectively. These prices are for new customers only, but existing customers with upgrades can still nab each for $149 and $199, which is cheaper than most other retailers.

We had a chance to review both phones and came away very impressed. It may not be the top phone on the block, but it is certainly one of the best built, polished, and bug-free phones we have had a chance to review in a while.

Amazon Links:  DROID RAZR HD (black) | RAZR HD (white) | RAZR MAXX HD

DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD Receive First Update – Only a Security Patch

The DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD on Verizon are scheduled to receive their first update this week as build 0.7.2. The update includes nothing that you probably care about. In fact, it’s a “Google Security Patch,” which could mean that it’s simply a fix for the root method that was released just before launch day. If you are rooted or would like to remain rooted, you may want to hold off on this one for a while.

The update is 6MB in size.  (more…)


When Motorola first introduced the DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD, they coupled the announcement with the idea that this was a “new Motorola.” In the front office, it most certainly is new, however, any industry player knows that these phones are the last to be inspired by the old guard. But before we start looking to the future for what’s next, we can’t look past the new RAZR family, as these are Moto’s final works of 2012. Bigger and better displays, long battery lives, and closer-than-ever-to-stock MotoBlur are all a part of the theme. Are they worth your dollar?  (more…)

Motorola Posts List of Phones Not Receiving Jelly Bean, Confirms Which Phones Will Get the Update

When Motorola first unveiled the new RAZR family at the beginning of September, they told us that they wouldn’t be able to update all of their previously released devices to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). Since they had too large of a portfolio and would need to leave some out of the fun, they mentioned that owners of these devices would be able to buy a new Motorola phone and then trade in their old phone for $100. They posted the list of devices, this afternoon, which we have below.  (more…)