Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Price Lowered to $299 During CES Promo

Usually priced at a steep $349.99, the Toq smartwatch from Qualcomm is quite the high-end device. With its Mirasol display, to its quirky wristband that you must cut in order to size to your wrist, the watch is being adopted at a steady pace it would seem for anyone willing to drop that kind of cash.

In a sweet move, Qualcomm is now offering the device through its website and Amazon for the price of just $299 as a CES promo. That’s a solid $50 off full retail. (more…)

Qualcomm Automatically Transcribes the Written Word with Ultra Sound NotePad

As an avid user of pencils, I’ve long wished for a viable way to quickly digitize my handwritten work. Sure, styli-compatible smartphones and tablets are one answer, but far as digital note-making has come, it still hasn’t advanced sufficiently enough to supplant my trusty graphite.

Qualcomm thinks it might have a solution to my and like-minded others’ problem: pen-monitoring devices that automatically copy written work. The company’s approach uses microphones embedded within a tablet or smartphone to pick up ultrasonic vibrations emitted from a digital pen. The recordings are then processed by the tablet/smartphone CPU and interpreted as onscreen movement, so that whatever is drawn on paper is mirrored on the device. The technology appears to be one of many new features that Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 805 can take advantage of.

This demo isn’t new, exactly – Qualcomm first previewed the technique in 2011. Still, it’s an undeniably easier way to copy paper than using a Xerox machine, so I’m for it.  (more…)

Qualcomm Intros Snapdragon 410, Features 64-bit Architecture and LTE for Emerging Markets

Once Apple announced its 64-bit processor in the new iPhone 5S, it was merely a matter of time until other chip makers started to drop updated silicon with the hip new buzz word. We have been reporting on Samsung’s progress towards release of its 64-bit chips, but it appears that Qualcomm has beat them to the punch. Although, you might be surprised at what devices you are likely to find the new Snapdragon 410 inside of, which features the new architecture.  (more…)

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Now Available for Pre-order, Still Listed at $349.99

Back on November 18, Qualcomm announced that the Toq smartwatch would officially become available on December 2 for the price of $349. The price blew some people out of the water, but Qualcomm seems quite set on that price point. This morning, they have opened up pre-orders for the device, which will allow you to secure your place as one of the first adopters of the Toq.  (more…)

Qualcomm Announces Next-Gen Snapdragon 805 “Ultra HD” Processor and Adreno 420 GPU

snapdragon processor

This morning, Qualcomm introduced the world to the Snapdragon 805, the next generation in its S800 tier of processors. The new S805 is specifically designed to deliver image and graphics experiences at Ultra HD (4K) resolutions, both on your smartphone and while connected to your HDTV at home. Built inside of the S805 is the all new Adreno 420 GPU, which delivers up to 40% more graphics processing power than its predecessor.  (more…)

Qualcomm Toq Available December 2 for $349

qualcomm toq

This morning, Qualcomm announced that its smartwatch, dubbed the Toq, will be available December 2 at the starting price of $349.

For those not familiar with Qualcomm’s take on wearables, the Toq features a Mirasol display that allows the device to be seen easily in bright sunlight, but also last for days without a charge. The Toq has no buttons, shows information you need at a glance, is always ready for your interaction, can charge wirelessly, and probably does more useful tasks than the Samsung Galaxy Gear out of the box.  (more…)

Benchmark Apparently Points to New 2.5GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon Processor

snapdragon processor

The smartphone industry is never standing still. It continues to grow daily and there are companies that push forward, innovate, and break bounds with their products. Qualcomm is a major player in the mobile processor game, with the Snapdragon 600 and 800 chips powering today’s top tier devices such as the American variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3, HTC One, LG G2, and the list can go on and on.  (more…)

Qualcomm Sets Up a Sweet Snapdragon-powered Bullet Time Photo Booth

YouTube Preview Image

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon team released a video this morning, showing off what its team can do with 130 Snapdragon-powered HTC One smartphones. Bullet Time photo booth, anyone? Using a specially designed rig, each camera lights up when someone or something is taking place inside the booth. Once all is said and done, the images can be stitched together to give off the look of something you would see in The Matrix. It’s pretty neat to say the least.  (more…)