Qualcomm Sets Up a Sweet Snapdragon-powered Bullet Time Photo Booth

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon team released a video this morning, showing off what its team can do with 130 Snapdragon-powered HTC One smartphones. Bullet Time photo booth, anyone? Using a specially designed rig, each camera lights up when someone or something is taking place inside the booth. Once all is said and done, the images can be stitched together to give off the look of something you would see in The Matrix. It’s pretty neat to say the least.  (more…)

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Launches in October, Will Cost You $300


Yesterday, amid Samsung’s announcement of its very own Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Qualcomm unveiled Toq. The Toq is a Android-exclusive smartwatch that features a reflective Mirasol display, which will allow wearers to view it in any type of lighting. The watch also features wireless charging, plus is capable of running a multitude of applications such as messaging apps, a phone app, email and calendar. It’s your basic smartwatch, but brings a sense of luxury and efficiency that Qualcomm hopes justifies the $300 price tag.  (more…)

Qualcomm Announces Toq Smartwatch, Seemed Like the Perfect Day to do That


Today, the same day that Samsung announced its very own smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, Qualcomm decided to unveil the Toq. The Toq is the processor-giant’s flagship smartwatch, capable of syncing with your smartphone, then controlling many aspects of the device. The watch can easily handle your music, weather forecasts, text messages, phone calls and your schedule. It features a interferometric modulator display, which “leverages the light around it so you can see your screen anywhere, even in bright sunlight.”  (more…)

Snapdragon 800-Powered Galaxy S4 Labeled as GT-i9506 Hits Benchmarks, Could See International Launch Outside of Korea

verizon galaxy s4

Samsung has been quite the company when it comes to evolving and adapting their products to fit in with what consumers demand in their phones. At the time of launch, the Snapdragon 600 was the best of the best for what could power the Galaxy S4, but with the Snapdragon 800 now in mass production by Qualcomm, we could see Samsung fit the 800 inside of the S4, then ship it internationally – not just in Korea(more…)

Video: Qualcomm Humorously Ponders a World Without Cellphones and It’s Terrible

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Smartphones as we know them haven’t even been around for 10 years, yet they have become so intensely woven into our society that many people out there probably couldn’t go a single day without their beloved phone. How would we get our emails? What about all those tweets that we all seem to complain about, but still can’t get enough of? It’s an interesting idea to think about – 2013 without mobile smartphones.

Qualcomm has made a short video, comically looking into a world that doesn’t have cellphones. Just as you’d imagine, it’s whimsical and scary.

What about you? Could you live in this world without a smartphone?

Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 LTE-A, World’s First LTE-Advanced Smartphone

Galaxy S4 LTE A

This evening, Samsung and SK Telecom, a Korean carrier that recently finished construction on the world’s first commercially available LTE-Advanced network, announced the Galaxy S4 LTE-A. The LTE-A is the world’s first device able to connect to an LTE Advanced network, as well as containing Qualcomm’s newest flagship processor, the Snapdragon 800(more…)

Samsung Galaxy S4 “LTE-A” Pictured in Red and Blue, Includes Snapdragon 800 Chipset

Galaxy S4 LTE A

Talks of a Galaxy S4 equipped with a Snapdragon 800 processor have circulated around the web for almost a month now, capable of running on an LTE Advanced network that was under construction overseas. Previously rumored to be possibly highlighted at Samsung’s London event last week, nothing was mentioned about the device, so Samsung must not have been looking to globally promote the device quite yet.

Thanks to a Korean mobile blog who somehow got the device, in its retail packaging mind you, we have a full hands-on unboxing gallery of the new, yet-to-be-announced Galaxy S4 LTE-A(more…)

LG Sort of Announces New Optimus G Series of Phones, Will Feature Snapdragon 800 Processors

LG Optimus G Sprint

As has become typical of LG over the last year, the electronics company has made a mobile-related announcement on the eve of a major Samsung Galaxy event. LG has in-a-way unveiled their new line of Optimus G products, though no hardware or exact names have been revealed. What they did mention in a press release this evening, was that their new Optimus G series will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors, that will “redefine the smartphone experience.”  (more…)