FYI: Galaxy S5 is Running the New Snapdragon 801

Yesterday, during Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S5, representatives were very careful in answering questions concerning the device’s processor. All they would say when asked for specifics was, “2.5GHz quad-core” with no mention of a manufacturer. Benchmarks showed a Snapdragon 800 on-board, but something seemed off with that, especially knowing that Sony announced the Xperia Z2 with a Snapdragon 801 earlier in the day. Why would Samsung not use the newest Qualcomm chipset available in their 2014 flagship?

As it turns out, they are using the latest and greatest. The Galaxy S5 does indeed also run the new Snapdragon 801, according to a statement released this morning by Qualcomm.  (more…)

Qualcomm Glance Looks to Make Your Homescreen Better By Learning Your Habits

Since the introduction of Android’s notification bar, the focus has been getting the information you want, when you need it. Up until the release of Android 4.2, the Android lockscreen was unexplored territory as far as getting your notifications and information, but that is quickly changing. Qualcomm Glance, its lockscreen replacement now in open beta, wants to learn from your habits and surroundings to give you information at a glance.  (more…)

Qualcomm Toq Updated With Activity Tracking, Activity and World Clocks

I know that none of you actually own a Qualcomm Toq – because it costs an insane $350 – but if you did, you’ll want to grab today’s update. My lovely white Toq received one today that introduced activity tracking (and matching clock), along with a world clock, and the option to switch over to Celsius. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. But it really is worth noting for this new “beta” activity tracking, especially if you don’t want to wear a smartwatch and a fitness band at the same time (like me).

The activity tracking acts like any other activity tracker, in that it tries to count points for you based on your movement throughout a day. So far, while sitting at my desk and not moving an inch since updating, I’ve grabbed 43 points. Killin’ it.  (more…)

Qualcomm Buys Palm and Other Mobile Related Patents From HP

Qualcomm announced this afternoon that it has acquired a patent portfolio from HP that includes patents from Palm, IPAQ, and Bitfone. As you can imagine, they are indeed mobile-related, with Qualcomm saying that this acquisition “further enhances strength and diversity” of the companies patented mobile technologies. There are approximately 1,400 patents in the portfolio from the U.S. and approximately 1,000 from other countries.

Details outside of that are unknown, including how much Qualcomm paid. They did note that this “will enable the company to offer even more value to current and future licensees.”

Patents, so much fun.  (more…)

Qualcomm’s AllPlay Technology Heading to Consumer Devices Later This Year

Establishing a new technological standard in today’s world is very hard to do. Qualcomm’s work on their AllPlay service is looking to create a open-source standard for wireless music transfer that can compete with Apple’s AirPlay service. Qualcomm announced at this week’s CES that we should start seeing hardware devices with AllPlay installed before the end of the year.  (more…)

LIVE: Qualcomm Press Event at CES 2014

Our press day at CES 2014 continues on with a mid-day gathering of Qualcomm news. Last year, Qualcomm had one of the wildest press events in recent memory, so this is one you’ll want to tune in to. Well, it may be tough to live up to last year’s antics, so maybe it’s best we prepare for something a little more casual.

We are assuming we’ll hear more about the Snapdragon 805, camera advancements that Qualcomm has made for mobile devices, their Ultra Sound Notepad technology, maybe something on the TOQ smartwatch, and more.

We have a live blog below and will be on the lookout for a video feed. (more…)