So Social: It’s 2015, are You Following Droid Life?

Now that we have entered the post-CES period of 2015, a time that we consider to be the true beginning of the year, we wanted to check in and remind you that there are plenty of ways to keep up with Droid Life throughout the next twelve months and beyond. Our social game has spread to almost everywhere it can these days, so if one network doesn’t work for you, there is a good chance we are on another that does. From Twitter to Facebook to Google+ to Pushbullet, you should have no trouble keeping up with us.

Below, you will find links to all of the places that we connect with readers. Be sure to follow us on one or many.  (more…)

Droid Life’s Top 10 Apps of 2014

2014 was a special year for apps on Android. Not only did we see a ton of fantastic applications released by developers, but Google also got in on the fun, re-releasing almost its entire app suite with updated interfaces, thanks to the launch of Material Design.

Honestly, Google should have a few spots on this list thanks to the changes made, but we didn’t feel that application updates warranted a spot on the Top 10, so instead, we focused primarily on apps that were released within the 2014 calendar year.

We already got through our Top 10 Games of 2014, so let’s keep it rolling.

Here are Droid Life’s top ten apps of 2014.  (more…)

Pushbullet Update Brings Notification Quick Action Interaction to the Desktop

Thanks to another great update to Pushbullet, you now have even more power over notifications that arrive from your device to your desktop. The Pushbullet team has added in support for the Quick Actions you see in certain notifications, like an “Archive” or “Delete” button in a notification for an email. Rather than simply dismissing a notification, you can instead take control over them without ever having to pick-up your phone or tablet.  (more…)

Reminder: Fastest Way to Get Droid Life Stories is Through Our Pushbullet Channel

Just a quick reminder, but one of the easiest and quickest ways to keep up with the latest from Droid Life, is through Pushbullet’s Channels feature. Now that RSS has basically died thanks to Google killing off Reader, we know that many of you have turned to Twitter, Google+, or other social networks to keep up with the latest from Droid Life. Unfortunately, those aren’t always the most reliable unless you happen to be looking at that particular social network the minute we share a story to it or if you were to go to our dedicated pages on those and scroll through stories. (more…)

Pushbullet Brings Universal Copy & Paste Tool to More Platforms, Including Android and Chrome

The good folks over at Pushbullet, who we have been following for what feels like years, released yet another helpful update to its users this week, one which brings a cross platform universal copy & paste tool.

At first, this tool was only available to Windows users, but now, users of both Android and Chrome can get in on the new function. The idea could not be more simplistic. All you do is copy text or data on one device, then paste it on any other device which is synced with your account. Genius, right?  (more…)

Pushbullet Update Brings Material Design, Easier Filters and Notification Toggling

Pushbullet received another huge update this morning, this time with a fresh coat of Material Design paint. That’s right, the app has been completely made over to adhere to Google’s new design guidelines. As one would expect, it looks beautiful. But that’s not all, Pushbullet also introduces easier filters of previous pushes, searching, clearer language settings, streamlined push screens, and all sorts of little design highlights that you will notice as you scroll around the app.  (more…)

Pushbullet Introduces Channels, Automatic Alerts Across Devices From Your Favorite Things

Our friends over at Pushbullet released yet another new and amazing feature this morning for their cross-platform notification/sharing/do-all-the-things service, called Channels. You could think of Channels a bit like IFTTT‘s automation, in that they help to automatically alert you to things you care the most about, across all of your devices, at the same time. Channels are subscribe-able notification feeds that channel owners can push alerts through. Make sense?  (more…)