PushBullet Update Enhances Desktop Notifications, Tasker Event Plugin Support

PushBullet – one of our favorite apps of all time – received an update today that makes notifications on your desktop even richer. The update also adds support for Tasker’s newly added Event plugins category.

In notifications from your phone to computer, PushBullet has introduced improvements that make the connection both faster and use less memory. They also tossed in images with notifications, so you can see things like who just sent you an email or text and album art from music playing. Images should start appearing automatically once you update the Android app.  (more…)

IFTTT Adds Pushbullet Notifications Integration, Get Alerted Whenever Something Happens

If This Then That, or IFTTT as it is better known, is a service that lets users create actions for triggers throughout the web. One example would be getting a text message every time something new was listed on your local Craigslist for a certain search term. Another would be emailing Kellen every time you Tweet something (a personal recommendation). Today, Pushbullet (one of our essential productivity apps of the year) has been added to the mix, allowing users to get notifications every time a recipe is triggered.


Pushbullet Receives Update, Mirrors All Android Notifications on Desktop

PushBullet, the app for Android that allows you to quickly transfer links, pictures, and notes between your smart devices and desktop Chrome browser, is one of those insanely useful tools you just can’t believe is free. And it keeps getting better.

Today, the PushBullet team introduced full notification mirroring, a feature that syncs all of your phone and tablet notifications to Chrome on PC. Viewable in Chrome’s notification tray (the bell-shaped icon in the system tray on Windows and the menu bar on Mac), they aren’t actionable – you can’t respond to a text from desktop, for example – but they can be dismissed. (more…)

Five Great Productivity Android Apps to Help You Follow Through on Your New Year’s Resolutions

Today is the last day of 2013, with 2014 and its newest technologies just on the horizon, and many people today will resolve to improving themselves in their commitments for the new year. Of course, actually following through with these oft-challenging chores is the difficult part, and that is where these five productivity apps can help you stay true to your word and make yourself a better person. Or at least live up to your resolutions for more than 24 hours.  (more…)

PushBullet Adds “Push to Chrome” Option, Other Goodies Too

pushbullet update

The PushBullet team introduced a regularly requested and incredibly powerful feature this morning to their popular Android-Chrome app combo service. Users of PushBullet can now push directly to Chrome from their Android devices. In the past, you could push files, notes, pictures, lists, and links from Chrome to device or from device to device, but nothing from device back to Chrome. How awesome is that?  (more…)

PushBullet Receives Full UI Makeover – Adds Widgets, View Pushes From Any Device, and More

pushbullet new

PushBullet, one of our favorite producitivity apps, received a major update today to version 11.1 which introduces a UI makeover and all sorts of new features. For those not familiar, PushBullet originally started out as an app that allowed you to instantly send information to your Android device from the web. You could send a quick list, an address, note, link to a website, or even a file. It has grown over the last year, now allowing you to send information from one mobile device to another, assuming you have multiple Android devices.  (more…)

Creator of PushBullet Releases Filmgrain, a Movie Recommendation App Driven by Twitter


I wouldn’t necessarily say that finding out which movies in theaters are popular with fans and critics is a difficult task, but the makers of one of our favorite apps (PushBullet) have decided they want to make it easier and based off of  Tweets. In a new app released to the Play store over the weekend called Filmgain, users can see trending current and upcoming movies all based on their buzz throughout Twitter.  (more…)