Rumor: Android 4.2 (Updated: Fake Fake Fake)

Update:  Well, folks, this information about Android 4.2 is apparently all fake. Some random assclown spent hours of his time trying to deceive multiple Android sites and got one to bite, Android and Me. I guess that’s part of the game. So all of this Android 4.2 feature talk, ignore it. There is still a better than average chance that LG has a Nexus on the way and that it will run Android 4.2. It just won’t have anything that was rumored in this post.


Since many of you will likely not upgrade to LG’s oft-rumored Nexus when it drops next month, you probably care more about the version of Android that will ship on it rather than the device itself. According to a massive rumor post today from our buddy Taylor over at Android and Me, the list of new features could be extensive, as the build gets bumped up to Android 4.2 (probably still Jelly Bean).  (more…)