Rumor: Samsung Prime Announcement Coming Shortly After iPhone 5

We normally try to avoid blacked out emails from readers that have to do with the release of upcoming devices, but when it comes to the Samsung Prime, it’s hard to ignore.  Every little bit of info we can grab about this phone is music to our ears.  Rumored to be the first device to launch with Ice Cream Sandwich, this may be the device that we have all been waiting so patiently for.  The return of a legitimate stock Android device on Verizon –  mmmhmmm.

The email above, which is apparently from a deep-rooted Verizon HQ employee, claims that it may not see DROID branding (something we assumed as well) (it supposed to replace the Charge though, so that’s up in the air), but may get announced right around the time that the iPhone 5 is – more than likely in October.

I will say that I’ve spoken with some of our friends who are well aware of this device.  While we have yet to hear of it finding its way into the hands of a bunch of testers, we are positive that there are live units around and in the hands of select individuals at this time.

Yep, hypebeast.

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Best Buy Document Listing “Samsung Prime” Surfaces Again, No Thunderbolt 2 in Sight

Last night a questionable document surfaced out of Best Buy that was said to be an end of 2011 timeline for Verizon’s upcoming devices.  The document looked super sketchy since it had a variety of misspelled words, leading many of you to question it (as did we).  Well, we just received another document from a Best Buy employee that includes similar information, but in a much clearer and correctly spelled manner.  So it’s pretty obvious to us that regional Verizon reps were given a specific set of details that they were to forward on to retail stores, this one just differs slightly.

No Thunderbolt 2 (aka HTC Vigor).  Doesn’t mean that the device isn’t coming by any means, but it for whatever reason did not make this rep’s list of important changes.  We still have the Stratosphere as replacing the Fascinate.  The Samsung Prime (actually spelled out this time) is taking over for the DROID Charge.  And that’s about it.

Just wanted to pass on as a second source to back up that previous story.

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HTC Vigor to be Renamed “Thunderbolt 2”? Samsung Prime Replaces DROID Charge?

OK before we start, we should make sure that everyone knows that we know that there are spelling errors like a mutha up in this leak.  It could be legit, but truthfully, we have no idea.  According to the source – who happens to be a Best Buy employee – this document was handed out by Verizon reps (we’re thinking regional) and describes the expected lineup for them in the near future.  It includes a whole bunch of devices that have long been rumored, so there are a couple of things we should think about with this: could be someone compiling all of the stuff we have been talking about for the last month and splashing it down on paper or it could be legit and the guy just can’t type.  So with that said, let’s talk about what we are seeing.

While the Stratosphere is up there as replacing the Fascinate, we are more interested in comparisons two and five lines below that.  Thunderbolt 2?  The Thunderbolt 2 is as many of you know, the HTC Vigor (first pictures).  In a leaked roadmap back at the beginning of August, we saw then that this device would be replacing the original Thunderbolt – a device that has really only been out for 7 months.  Is Verizon planning to rebrand it as the Tbolt 2 though?  Interesting idea.  The original Thunderbolt went by the model number ADR6400 and the Vigor is already listed as ADR6425, so it would make sense to re-use the name similarly to what was done with the Incredible and its follow-up.

What about the “Sam Prime“?  That would be the Nexus Prime or DROID Prime or whatever the hell you want to call it that is expected to be one of the first Ice Cream Sandwich devices on the planet.  According to this document, it will replace the DROID Charge which to be honest, makes a lot of sense.  The Charge went by model number SCH-i510 and the Prime has already been outed as SCH-i515.  The Charge is also in a similar predicament as the Thunderbolt in that its specs are from 1992 (yeah, exaggeration) and is in dire need of being upgraded.

No details on a release, but so far we have an October 6 date for the Vigor and a potential November time frame for the Prime.  Seriously, September can’t possibly go any faster.

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Remember the DROID Prime Boot Animation? It’s Now Available for Download

Our buddy carlz28 has finished the DROID Prime (we know that name is likely not real) boot animation that he unveiled to us last Friday.  He has made some slight tweaks, but overall is just as good (if not better) than you remember.  It can be flashed to almost any phone in either /system/media or /data/local with or without root.  Rooted users can simply move the file using your favorite file explorer, while non-rooted users will have to use ADB.  The sound file is sort of a toss up, but if you find a way to get it working, be sure to share in the comments.

Download:  nexus  (both files zipped into one)

Via:  RootzWiki

Nexus Prime Name Confirmed Through Samsung Site?

If that cease and desist letter that rolled out to an Android community developer from Samsung wasn’t all-that-believable, then maybe this xml file found on their very own site is.  If you were looking for proof that the next Nexus will be known as the Prime, then this might be just what you were looking for.  Can you see it up there?  The model number GT-I9250 and that little “nexusprime.xml” spot.

With that said, this UA profile isn’t blowing anyone’s mind with specs.  Is that a 480×800 screen resolution?  What happened to that HD goodness?  Don’t freak out just yet, as this could be a place holder that needs to be updated…hopefully.  Can you imagine Google not doing their part to give us the next godly-spec’d phone?  I guess they skimped on the Nexus S, but with this phone launching with Ice Cream Sandwich, I would imagine that it will blow minds.

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DROID Prime Receives WiFi Certification, Nexus Prime Jumps Into Bluetooth SIG

I know, I know.  We all share a similar opinion that the “DROID Prime” is a pretty unlikely name for the rumored Samsung device running Ice Cream Sandwich that is headed to Verizon, but it’s easy enough to refer to.  So hang in there while we continue to use that name until we find something more suitable or semi-official.  With that said, it (SCH-I515) received its WiFi certification at the end of last week, helping us check off another launch list item.

And in similar news, the “Nexus Prime” (GT-I9250)cruised through Bluetooth SIG which is another item we like to cross off of launch lists.

Not much else was given in each of these filings, but with each having received both Bluetooth and WiFi certifications now, I’d say we should start learning additional details any day now.  Rumored dates currently have the device headed for either an October or November launch – we are leaning towards the latter.   (more…)

Unofficial DROID Prime Boot Animation Brings Us Back to our Childhood

After seeing the DROID Prime logo that one of our readers had created, carlz28 from RootzWiki decided to tweak it slightly and then start working on turning it into a boot animation.  It’s pretty much the coolest thing we have seen in a while.  It is not available for anyone to flash to their phones at this time, but we are sure it will be shortly.

Click here to view it. (best viewed on a computer)

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New Samsung Verizon Device Hinted at by Samsung Support?

We are totally going hypebeast on this post, there is no getting around that, so take it as that and nothing more.  But what we have above is a quick Twitter conversation between one of our buddies and a Samsung support rep.  Our friend @ClumsyNinja21 has been asking over and over again why Verizon was skipped in the Galaxy S II launch and if there would be something to make up for it in the near future.

Well, after not hearing much of a response for a solid day, he did get one this afternoon after dropping the idea of picking up the DROID Bionic instead of waiting and hoping that Samsung eventually delivers something.  The support rep was pretty clear in that he thought it would be worth waiting, but that he doesn’t have a date.  Wait, date for what?  I didn’t think Verizon had plans for anything beyond the Bionic?  Anyone remember an announcement of any kind on the Samsung/Big Red front?  (Anyone else grinning?)

Could he be referring to the Stratosphere?  I certainly wouldn’t recommend that anyone skip the Bionic for a single-core slideout 4G LTE device that is nothing more than an Epic 4G.  Could he be referring to the rumored DROID Prime?  If so, that could be worth waiting for – assuming all of the rumored everything ends up coming true.

Again, take it for what it’s worth…could be nothing.  Just wanted to share.   (more…)