Unofficial DROID Prime Boot Animation Brings Us Back to our Childhood

After seeing the DROID Prime logo that one of our readers had created, carlz28 from RootzWiki decided to tweak it slightly and then start working on turning it into a boot animation.  It’s pretty much the coolest thing we have seen in a while.  It is not available for anyone to flash to their phones at this time, but we are sure it will be shortly.

Click here to view it. (best viewed on a computer)

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Cheers Pish Posh!

New Samsung Verizon Device Hinted at by Samsung Support?

We are totally going hypebeast on this post, there is no getting around that, so take it as that and nothing more.  But what we have above is a quick Twitter conversation between one of our buddies and a Samsung support rep.  Our friend @ClumsyNinja21 has been asking over and over again why Verizon was skipped in the Galaxy S II launch and if there would be something to make up for it in the near future.

Well, after not hearing much of a response for a solid day, he did get one this afternoon after dropping the idea of picking up the DROID Bionic instead of waiting and hoping that Samsung eventually delivers something.  The support rep was pretty clear in that he thought it would be worth waiting, but that he doesn’t have a date.  Wait, date for what?  I didn’t think Verizon had plans for anything beyond the Bionic?  Anyone remember an announcement of any kind on the Samsung/Big Red front?  (Anyone else grinning?)

Could he be referring to the Stratosphere?  I certainly wouldn’t recommend that anyone skip the Bionic for a single-core slideout 4G LTE device that is nothing more than an Epic 4G.  Could he be referring to the rumored DROID Prime?  If so, that could be worth waiting for – assuming all of the rumored everything ends up coming true.

Again, take it for what it’s worth…could be nothing.  Just wanted to share.   (more…)

Nexus Prime GT-I9250 Support Page Found on Samsung Site

What you have in front of you, is a support page for the Samsung GT-I9250 which has been rumored for weeks to be the Nexus Prime.   Confused after reading that?  Oh, because the rumored “DROID Prime” is listed all over the place now as being SCH-i515?  Yeah, this isn’t going to be easy to explain, but we’ll try.

Our opinion still basically reflects what we said throughout a variety of posts yesterday.  The device that is headed to Verizon may not actually be a Nexus, but still could be the first stock Android 4.0 device on the planet.  Just like Verizon did with the XOOM (and 3.0) and original DROID (and 2.0), they could easily release this device and not make it a Nexus which is why you are seeing the Big Red-esque SCH-i515 model number.

This GT-I9250, which matches up much more closely to say the Nexus S as far as model number goes than the Verizon version, is more than likely the next Nexus.  That make sense?

Now, that’s all speculation on my part, but the theory at least matches up to history.  The good news is, that even if Verizon releases a non-Nexus version, there is a chance it could be completely unlocked, just like the XOOM was/is.


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Samsung DROID Prime Logo [Unofficial]

When the Samsung Nexus Prime started to receive a lot of coverage around these parts, one of our readers decided to create an awesome logo that could be used during future stories.  Since that phone is now being rumored as the DROID Prime, he went back to the drawing board and created this little black and red Optimus for your viewing pleasure.

We still are not ready to jump on the idea that this SCH-i515 Samsung device will be DROID branded, but are definitely under the impression that it will still make its way to Verizon in the very near future in some form.  Especially since it could be the first device to run Ice Cream Sandwich.  Rumors suggest an October release; we would gladly accept that, however, November is a much more likely time frame.

Cheers again Nate!

Samsung Nexus/DROID Prime Cruises Through Bluetooth SIG with a CDMA Radio

A Samsung device by the model number SCH-i515 found its way through Bluetooth SIG today, which just so happens to be the same model number rumored to be the DROID/Nexus Prime.  In the posting, we can see that the phone runs on CDMA networks and is also headed to North America.  One could easily assume then that we’ll see this device on Verizon, especially with the “SCH” in the model number which seems to be the three letter combo reserved specifically for Samsung devices on our favorite red carrier. (Charge is SCH-i510)

Who knows if it’s coming or not as a DROID or a Nexus device.  Our sources say they aren’t expecting this to be “DROID” branded, but at this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

Via:  Bluetooth, Ameblo

Rumor: Samsung DROID Prime Headed Exclusively to Verizon as the First Device with Ice Cream Sandwich (Updated)

If you were infuriated by the report last week that the Samsung Galaxy S II would not find its way onto Verizon, then maybe this news will cheer you up a bit.   Everyone familiar with the Nexus Prime?  Well, a report this morning out of BGR’s camp suggests that it will actually be branded as the DROID Prime (SCH-i515) and will be an exclusive to Big Red as the first Ice Cream Sandwich device.  I know, you are as speechless as I am right now, but it gets better (assuming this is accurate).  Their report also includes a time line, suggesting that the device will be out in October to compete directly with the launch of the iPhone 5.

Update:  We reached out to our sources and they are highly skeptical of this being “DROID” branded.  The Bionic is the big “DROID” device for this year, so if the Prime does come to Verizon, I would expect it to be a Nexus instead.  While there is a chance that a Verizon version could be released before the other carriers, I’m not at this time willing to put money on it joining our favorite family of phones.

Update 2:  Some of our favorite Android Twitter personalities have weighed in as well:  TeamAndIRC, black_man_x and P3droid.  We all basically agree that a DROID Prime would be highly unlikely.

Update 3:  As I sat here all day trying to figure out a way for this to happen, I’ve come to this – Verizon could release a phone after the Bionic with DROID branding instead of Nexus that is made by Samsung as the first to run Ice Cream Sandwich.  They did it with the original DROID and Android 2.0 as well as the XOOM and Android 3.0.  So it’s not out of the question that they could do this for “4.0″, let’s just not expect it to be like a Nexus would be.  Expect bloatware, a semi-locked bootloader, but still stock (no skin).  With that said though, there is nothing on the “DROID” calendar that I have seen other than the DROID HD which is made my Motorola, not Samsung.  Does Verizon change their schedule constantly?  Most definitely, so changes could happen in the next two months.  Look at the Charge which was nameless until a month or so before it was released.

Thoughts that immediately come to mind:  Why release the Bionic on September 8, the HTC Vigor on October 6 and then the Prime shortly thereafter?  Seems like overkill to me and would almost expect the Prime to be pushed to November.  However, if the iPhone 5 does come out at the end of September or early October, I’m not sure either the Bionic or Vigor have enough appeal to compete with it.  The Android world would need something massive, like the first device running Android 4.0.

And, your thoughts?

Via:  BGR

Did Samsung Confirm the Existence of the Nexus Prime in a Cease and Desist Letter?

(Click image for full version)

We think we have a pretty good idea as to where this cease and desist letter came from, but will ignore that and look at how silly it was of Samsung to send it.  After you click on the image above and read through it, you’ll quickly realize that they fully admit to the existence of the Nexus Prime over and over again.  Why is that silly?  Well, because neither Google, Samsung, or anyone else involved in this device has admitted to it even existing.  Sure, we have seen some leaked roadmaps for Sammie, a model number of GT-I9250 running Ice Cream Sandwich, and a rumored name of “Nexus Prime”, but no public confirmation.

For all we knew, Google and the Android team had yet to decide on the manufacturer for their next Nexus beast.  I think we now know for sure that it’s Samsung.  Stop the speculation?  File this one in the /facepalm vault.   (more…)

Samsung Nexus Prime Receives WiFi Certification

The Samsung GT-I9250 aka the Nexus Prime, received its WiFi certification today, meaning nothing more than that it exists and could be on schedule for a late fall, early winter release.  Rumored to have a an HD (1280×720) screen measuring in at around 4.5″ (possibly 4.65″) while sporting a next-gen 1.5GHz dual-core processor, this phone can easily be called the “must have” Android phone of 2011 for any mobile enthusiast.  It is expected (rumored) to be headed to Verizon and also as the first device to run Ice Cream Sandwich – the version of Android that will blend together the best pieces of tablets and phones.

With Big Red reportedly passing on the Galaxy S II, the Bionic receiving mixed signals from fans, and the HTC Vigor more than likely running a skinned version of Android, this may be the phone to hold out for.

Via:, Ameblo