Cloud Gaming Platform Gaikai Teases Major Playstation Games Coming, Could We See Them on Playstation Certified Devices?

Sony Computer Entertainment recently acquired the cloud gaming company Gaikai. One can only assume that they are going to use this new company to move towards streaming games on their online system and their Playstation Store. Since their acquisition, the company has been “hard at work” with Sony and their new website is teasing at just that. Sony exclusives like Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid and God of War are teased as long as other big name titles like Mass Effect.

Where we really hope this marriage of gaming is going is towards our mobile devices. Sony seems interested in certifying more and more Android devices under the Playstation Certification so we hope that these games will soon be streamed to our phones.

Would you be interested in streaming Mass Effect to your phone?

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PlayStation Mobile App Goes Live for Android Devices

Sony’s cross platform marketplace for apps and games is available as of this morning. PlayStation Mobile, which is currently only supported by PlayStation certified devices, will allow devices to find games that utilize the device’s power and should keep you entertained for a decent while.

Devices that are currently supported are currently the Vita and Xperia Play, along with the with HTC One  series. Go grab it and let us know how you like it.

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Playstation Mobile Means New Games, Only if Your Device is Playstation Certified

Remember the Xperia PLAY? The slider with the gaming controls underneath that was supposed to usher in a new hybrid of mobile phones and mobile gaming, but didn’t do too well. That device was the beginning of Playstation Certification, which means that Playstation gives (usually Sony) devices the OK to have Playstation games run on them. In their press conference today at Gamescom, Sony announced that Playstation Mobile is making a push for “bite-sized” games coming to phones and tablets sometime soon.

There were other interesting announcements during this conference, including the fact that if you make a purchase through Playstation Mobile, that game will be available on your PS Vita, your phone and your tablet with only that one purchase. Sony also announced that ASUS and Wikipad are now Playstation Certified partners, meaning you might be able to get some nice games on your Transformers.

Do these new announcements make you wish that your device was Playstation Certified?

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The DROID X360: ICS-Powered PS Vita Device that Ships with Illegal Emulators

One of the best things about Android is that it can be adapted to a lot of different hardware, but in the case of the DROID X360, it may not be such a good thing. The body of this device is clearly reminiscent of a PS Vita, the latest handheld from Sony, but with Ice Cream Sandwich taking the place of their proprietary Vita software, this isn’t your ordinary handheld gaming center.  (more…)

HTC to be First Non-Sony Licensed Manufacturer of PlayStation Certified Devices

During Sony’s E3 conference, the company announced that they would be renaming their PlayStation Suite to PlayStation Mobile and that their first 3rd-party hardware partner would be none other than HTC. While no future HTC PS-certified device was unveiled at E3 yet, the One X was used as an example of the collaboration and was also used in some promotional video to announce the partnership.  (more…)

Playstation Games Headed to Tegra 2 Devices this Year

The new Tegra Zone app is so awesome that it even breaks news.  Through the news reader section of it, we were introduced to word out of Sony’s camp that PlayStation games are indeed headed to Android devices (both phones and tablets) running  Tegra 2 processors.  The plan is to have the first set of games out some time this year through their PlayStation Suite which would include Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2 and Syphon Filter.  Sony is obviously realizing that mobile gaming is making portable gaming devices a lot less attractive these days and has decided to make their massive library available for the first time.  Licensing to manufacturers has already begun, which means that developers will be cracking away on your favorite games in no time.

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