New Google Search Voice Command for Android Allows Users to Start Play Music’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Feature

Earlier this week, Google added the ability to open your phone’s Camera with a simple “take a picture” or “record a video” voice command in the Google Search app. Now, functionality has been added allowing users to instantly start Google Play Music‘s “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio station feature with a simple voiced request. The radio station will take into account what you’ve been listening to recently to tailor music in your library (or for All Access users, a lot more) for your ears’ pleasure. (more…)

Google Offering Up 60 Days of All Access for Free to Chromebook Owners, Plus Others

Happy day, folks – Google is giving away 60 days of Google Play Music All Access to certain users, as well as all current owners of a Chromebook. If you have yet to sign up for All Access, the music service that allows users to access millions of on-demand tracks for $9.99 a month, you may see an invite hit your email inbox offering you 60 days of the service for free.  (more…)

Third Party Standalone Google Play Music All Access App Released for Mac

What’s that sound? Is that the sound of Mac owner’s dreams finally coming true? I think it is. Released independently from Google, and open source on GitHub, a standalone application for Google Play Music All Access is now available for Mac computers.

The app can connect to your entire library of cloud-saved music, access radio playlists, show desktop notifications for tracks, and most importantly, can be controlled by your built-in media controls on the Mac. #winning.  (more…)

Google Glass Update XE11 Brings New Compatibility With Google Play Music

project glass3

As noted by Phandroid, the newest XE11 update for Google Glass has brought along a fancy new undisclosed feature with it that Google will apparently be announcing soon. Users that decide to sideload the Google Play Music application to Glass, can then control and stream music right through the headset after saying the command, “Ok Glass, listen to…” followed by the name of a song or artist.  (more…)

Google Play Music App Updated, Brings Chromecast Improvements

google music

Google Play Music lovers that also have a Chromecast should attempt (don’t forget about staged rollouts) to pick up the newest update that brings improvements for the streaming service. We haven’t been able to try the update out yet, but the service already works decently well with Chromecast, so who knows what “improvements” could mean exactly.

If the update is live for you and you are able to try out streaming to Chromecast, let us know how well it goes.

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Google Play Movies and Play Music Apps Updated to Support Chromecast

play music all access

Even though none of us own a Chromecast yet, Google has gone ahead and updated the apps for Play Music and Play Movies for compatibility. Now, once you get your fancy new dongle, you can stream your music and videos right to the big screen with the press of a single button. There is also some bug fixes listed for both apps, so even if you aren’t a dongle man, go grab it anyways.  (more…)

Google Inks Deal With Warner Music Group, Now Working With All Major Labels


This morning, a very important piece of info that was tucked in all of the other Android madness, is that Google has finally inked a deal with Warner Music Group to allow for distribution of their artist’s work through Google Play. Previously, when searching for many artists that are distributed through Warner (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, Green Day) users would come up with nothing, but thankfully, those days are soon to be over. Since the signing, Google is now officially working with all of the world’s major labels and has a much superior offering for users than they did upon first unveiling of Google Music.

As for when exactly their library of music will become available to Android users, it is said that it will come slowly but surely and more artists will be added daily. So, if you can’t get enough of that sweet Californication, just hang in there, it’s coming.

Via: NYT | Google Play