Amazon Celebrating Their Appstore’s First Birthday, Offering Deals All Week On Premium Apps

Seeing as how Amazon’s Appstore has reached its first birthday, Amazon is in full on party mode. To celebrate, they have taken some of the biggest titles they have and are offering them at reduced prices all week. Today, they have Plants vs. Zombies at just 99 cents. Tomorrow, they will offer two app deals and the following day they will have three app deals, continuing on like that for the full week. From what we can tell, most of the apps they will offer have already been covered in their Free Apps of the Day, but fingers crossed we see something that hasn’t been offered yet. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Lost City for free.

Go check out the deals and wish the Amazon Appstore a happy birthday!

PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies Lands Officially On Android Market

Electronic Arts has published Plants vs. Zombies to the Android Market, finally.  Previously, if you wanted to have this classic game on your Android device, you would need to go through Amazon’s Appstore.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but having apps through the official Market is sometimes easier to manage.

The application will run you $2.99, but who knows.  Maybe we could see it tomorrow as a 10 cent app?

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App Of The Day: Plants vs Zombies (Updated)

Everyone enjoy their Memorial Day weekend? If you’re looking for a little bit of happiness to get you through the work day, Plants vs Zombies was released today on the Amazon App Store and in true Amazon fashion, made it the free paid app today. Normally it costs $2.99. That’s a whole lot of awesome. We knew this game was coming and was very highly anticipated.

The object of the game is to fend off the hoards of zombies that are approaching your front door. In this situation, I would probably prefer a minigun or a tactical nuclear weapon but seed spitting plants come in third on my list. So as the zombies approach, you capture drops of sunshine to help grow plants of all different kinds. You have shooter plants, sunflowers, cherry bombs, and more. Every plant has a sun value in order to grow the plant. When you capture enough sun drops you can place the plant where you think it will best serve. It’s an addicting process.

I’m hearing that on some tabs later levels are experiencing some lag and I’m not sure of the complete device availability as I am also hearing that the OG isn’t capable of running it stock. Let us know what device you have and your opinions on the game.   (more…)

Video: First Look at Plants vs. Zombies on Android

Last week, PopCap announced that it’s super popular iOS title Plants vs. Zombies, would finally make its way to Android before the end of the month courtesy of the Amazon Appstore .  We have a feeling that it could show up tomorrow, but just in case it doesn’t, we wanted to give you guys a quick preview of the game before it has been released to the public.

For those of you not familiar with PvZ, just think of it as another tower defense game only it involves zombies, plants and rednecks.  It’s pretty a pretty entertaining game to say the least.  We have a video walk-through of it below.   (more…)

PopCap To Release Plants Vs. Zombies On Android Exclusively Through Amazon Appstore

Back in January we saw a couple of games teased by PopCap, the maker of some great iOS titles. (Anyone ever heard of Bejeweled?)  Now, we can look forward to them bringing some of those titles to Android, courtesy of the Amazon Appstore.  And as you will see in the press release below, PopCap has signed an exclusive contract with Amazon to hold their first titles and not on the Android Market for a two week period. Plants vs. Zombies will be one of those and is slated for release near the end of the month as a free app of the day; then continuing afterwards to be modestly priced at $2.99.

When asked about the deal with Amazon, Giordano Bruno Contestabile, PopCap’s senior director of global product and business strategy for mobile noted:

“Our relationship with Amazon is pivotal to PopCap’s overall strategy in bringing a growing roster of mobile titles to the ever-widening base of smartphone users. By making these titles available on the Android platform, we’ll significantly extend the reach of our top franchises to legions of new mobile customers and gaming fans alike.”

This is a release which we know a lot of people have been waiting for – another great game in the bag for Android.  This also marks the second time that the Amazon Appstore has had an exclusive on a big time game.

Source: PRNewsWire

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Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle Teased on Android

Tease! PopCap‘s director of editorial and social media, Jeff Green, dropped the two pictures above on the world last night via Twitter to showcase two of their upcoming games for Android.  You may have heard of a little title called Plants vs. Zombies?  What about Peggle?  Both are wildly popular on just about every platform imaginable except for our favorite, but that’s about to change.  While no firm date was mentioned during this Twitter bonanza, Green did mention that the games won’t be ad-based or free, which means they’ll come at a price.  That doesn’t bother you though, does it?

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