Plague Inc. Updated With Movie Product Placement, Brings Planet of the Apes Tie-in

If you think like me, you would agree that the premise of the Planet of the Apes movies hinged on a pretty big plot device that allowed the humans to be overrun by apes. 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes offered up an explanation that was a little bit more believable: the human race being attacked by a virulent disease.

With a new Planet of the Apes on the horizon, the popular infection-based strategy game Plague Inc. has cashed in on the hype with its latest update, which allows you to soften up the world so the apes can take over.  (more…)

Plague Inc. Goes Live on Google Play – Goodbye Human Race

Last week, we got the heads up that Plague Inc., a popular strategy-based game on iOS, was coming to Android. Today, it’s live and Android users are quickly becoming infected. You create a bacteria or virus and release it onto the world’s population. The goal is kill off everyone on Earth before the humans can create a cure. It’s an interesting idea and there are many people who love this kind of scenario.

For now, it only looks like a couple of tablets are supported, as I couldn’t find it on any of my phones. We’ll have to see if that gets changed in the coming days.

Update:  More devices seem to be compatible now. Probably just a little switch that needed flipping.  (more…)

Plague Inc. Making its Way to Android Next Week, Those Poor Humans Don’t Stand a Chance


While trying to ignore the really bad dialogue and the fact that he sounds like Batman with that raspy voice, this trailer paints a pretty good picture for Plague Inc. The game is currently available for iOS and has received quite a bit of hype as being a really good strategy/simulation game. You play as the virus/bacteria and your goal is to kill all humans by quickly infecting and spreading as fast as possible.

There are already games out like this, but Plague Inc. goes the extra mile by bringing a more in-depth story and better game graphics. It launches next week on October 4 for $0.99 in Google Play.