Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE Review

Motorola’s Photon Q has been out for about a week now on Sprint and we are ready to put up our “official” opinions and thoughts on the device. As someone who never owned another QWERTY phone after the OG DROID, it was interesting to say the least to go back to a phone that doesn’t feel ultra thin such as the One X and Galaxy S3. The Photon Q looks to take the throne above all other full keyboard-toting devices and does so with relative ease. But of course, the phone is not without its faults though, so let’s get right into it.  (more…)

How to: Unlock the Motorola Photon Q Bootloader

On Friday, as I was tearing up Vegas, Motorola released a tool to be used to unlock the bootloader of the Photon Q, their most recently released smartphone. While I know that many of you were hoping this new tool would support the DROID RAZR, Bionic, and other previously released Motorola devices, that doesn’t appear to be the case, for now. So until that happens, we thought the least we could do is walk through the process on the Photon Q, to give you some sort of an idea as to how this works. It’s pretty simple, but even I ran into a couple of minor issues.  (more…)

Motorola Finally Ready to Unlock Bootloaders, Starts With the Photon Q

I promise you, that title is correct. Motorola announced this afternoon that they have been “working closely with our developers and carrier partners” and are ready to start unlocking some bootloaders. The first device to receive such glory is the Photon Q, which I we just mentioned as a device that should have been released in place of the DROID 4.

The Motorola blog did not mention details of the unlocking procedure, only that they had found a “solution.” They also mention that other products “will have this option too in the future.” I can’t imagine that includes (or will include) any of Verizon’s phones with what they have done to the Galaxy S3, but hey, at least we are finally seeing Motorola do what they said they would do over a year ago.

Is it bad that I’m thanking Google for this change?

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Sprint Announces the Photon Q, This Should Have Been the DROID 4

Sprint and Motorola announced the Photon Q this morning, a device with a 5-row slideout keyboard, 1.5GHz dual-core processor (probably the Snapdragon S4), on-screen navigation keys, Ice Cream Sandwich, NFC, 1785 mAh battery, 4.3″ qHD display, an 8MP camera, and 4G LTE. Sounds decent, right? Then why wasn’t this the DROID 4?

The DROID brand, which once stood for top-of-the-line and best-of-the-best is now nothing more than a marketing gimmick on its last leg. Sure, the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX are decent phones, but the two DROID releases since those have been embarrassments. Yes, I’m talking about the DROID 4 and the DROID Incredible 4G LTE. Neither are even close to being leaders with their sub-par specs, poor screens, and cheap build qualities. There is a chance that Motorola will attempt to do us all right later this summer, and set this brand straight again. Does anyone care, though?  (more…)