Deal: Pebble Smartwatch at Amazon for $119, as Low as $89.99 at Best Buy With .edu Email

Not to say that Black Friday and Cyber Monday were busts, but the deals as we inch closer to X-mas seem to be getting better by the day. For example, the Pebble smartwatch dropped $20 on Black Friday with its arrival at Amazon, but can be had today for $30 off at a couple of retailers (both Best Buy and Amazon). Better yet, if you can currently claim student status with a .edu email address, you could save an extra $30 from the already discounted sale price at Best Buy, getting you into what most would consider to be the best smartwatch available, for $89.99.  (more…)

Pebble Update Introduces “Do Not Disturb” Mode, Better Notifications Controls

On Friday, the Pebble team pushed out an update to their popular smartwatch, bringing the software up to build v1.14. After the update, users will find a new “Do Not Disturb” setting, which is a feature that has been one of the most requested to date. With DND set, you can block notifications for a set period of time.

The update also includes an Alarms update to create multiple alarms, toggle them on or off, , edit existing, and even snooze them. You’ll find more control over notifications through a new dedicated menu, and all sorts of bug fixes. iOS users will see better performance as well.

Everything in the update can be found below.  (more…)

Pebble Smartwatch Finally Arrives on Amazon, Drops $20 in Price for Black Friday

Pebble, what can only be described as the most successful smartwatch to date, is now available through Amazon. Up until this week, Pebble was only available directly through Pebble’s site or through select retailers like Best Buy. This move, as you can imagine, is huge for the wearable startup. At $149.99 through the online retail giant, though, you aren’t seeing a deal – that’s the exact same price that Pebble is listed at everywhere else.  (more…)

AT&T to Sell Pebble Smartwatch Beginning September 27 for $150

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Still haven’t decided whether or not to pick up a Pebble smartwatch, aka the darling of Kickstarter? AT&T is giving you another location to purchase the e-paper-powered-notification-wrist-thingy in yet another “exclusive” deal. That’s right, AT&T is the exclusive carrier partner of Pebble, though we’re not exactly sure of the point there or what that means.

The watch will run $150 starting September 27, and no, there isn’t a contract anywhere in sight, which is surprising. Even with no connectivity other than Bluetooth, we’re almost shocked that an “exclusive” carrier partner wouldn’t figure out a way to lock you into something extensive during your purchase.

Our Pebble review is still around, in case you haven’t read through it yet.

Best Buy also sells the Pebble for $150, so don’t feel like AT&T is your only option.

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Pebble Partners With Best Buy to Sell Popular Smartwatch – Available Online Today, in Stores July 7

pebble best buy

Due to increased demand, Pebble has partnered with Best Buy to make their popular smartwatch available across the country in retail shops. The device will sell for $149.99, is available online today, and will reach store shelves by July 7. The black version (Jet Black) is the only model currently available, but the Pebble team has plans to make the red version available in August.

Be sure to read our full review of the Pebble if you haven’t yet, but are considering joining the wearable tech trend.

All of the details can be found below.  (more…)

Tip: Turning on Accessibility Options in Sense 5 on the HTC One Breaks the Lock Screen

htc one lock screen

Since day 1 with my unlocked HTC One, I have experienced issues with the lock screen of the device, and for the life of me could not figure out the problem. Well, until today, thanks to the Play store release of Floating Notifications. During the initial launch tutorial for the app, the developer made reference to an HTC Sense 5 bug that was breaking the lock screen if a user enabled any of the services under the Accessibility setting. As someone who uses a Pebble, and it’s pairing app that requires an Accessibility service to be turned on, this was the exact root to my problems.  (more…)

Pebble Update Brings Multiple Notification Management, Other UI Changes


Pebble, the darling smartwatch of Kickstarter, received an update today that makes receiving multiple notifications manageable, finally. In the past, one of our biggest criticisms had to do with new notifications wiping out previously received notifications before you could even finish reading them. In today’s update, as long as multiple notifications are received “within a short timeframe,” Pebble will allow you to use the up and down buttons to switch between them. This makes the Pebble immediately more functional and useful.  (more…)