Pebble Price Cut to $99 and Steel to $199, Activity and Sleep Tracking Added

Pebble announced big news today, starting with the lowering of prices for its devices, bringing the original Pebble to just $99, with Pebble Steel now at $199. In addition to lowering prices, Pebble also announced the addition of two new features, activity and sleep tracking. With new apps from companies such as Jawbone, Misfit, and, users can now track specific activities they partake in, leading to a healthier you.  (more…)

Pebble App Gets a Google Play Beta on Android

Pebble, makers of the eponymous Pebble smartwatch, have long self-hosted a beta version of the companion app for Android. Perhaps because the team realized how much of a pain checking a website for new APKs is, Pebble is finally embracing Google Play’s built-in beta channel feature, meaning nabbing test versions of the companion app is now as simple as signing up for a discussion board and opting in through the Play Store. (more…)

Pebble Steel in Black Matte: Unboxing, Initial Thoughts and Comparison

Our Pebble Steel (in black matte) is finally in house. And yes, we unboxed it.

Announced during press day at CES in January, the Steel is Pebble’s premium finished smartwatch, targeted at those looking for something a bit classier than the original plastic unit that took the smartwatch world by storm. The functionality here is identical to the original, so the focus then becomes on the materials used, appearance, and whether or not it’s worth the extra $100.  (more…)