How to: Install Third Party Apps and Watchfaces on Pebble

pebble watchface apps

I know that we have been quiet on the Pebble front since doing our review a couple of months back, but we were sort of waiting to see how the app ecosystem was coming along after the release of the SDK. To put it plainly, it’s booming. There are hundreds of apps, watchfaces, and games for you to download to your Pebble. The concept of the Pebble smartwatch that we first saw during its Kickstarter days is now becoming a reality. So to make sure that all Pebble backers and early adopters know how they can take advantage of this new 3rd party app and watchface experience, we thought it was time for a quick tutorial.  (more…)

RunKeeper Updated for Android With Lock Screen Widget, Now Works Officially With Pebble Too

runkeeper pebble

Runners and Pebble owners, the time has come for your new smartwatch to become a legitimate option as your running partner. Runkeeper updated this morning to include official support for the darling of Kickstarter, bringing real activity functionality to the watch that has for the most part been lacking since launch. In order to utilize Pebble with Runkeeper, all you need to do is pair your Pebble to your smartphone, update to the newest Runkeeper, and launch a new activity. Once launched, your Pebble should automatically display your progress (image above).  (more…)

Pebble Updated Once Again, Watchface SDK Also Released

Pebble Smartwatch Review

Pebble, the Kickstarter funded smartwatch of the moment, stuck to its word and released their Watchface SDK, today. Going forward, developers will have the opportunity to get creative with the watchfaces that can be shared and downloaded to Pebble. We’re already seeing a handful in the Pebble forums, but the list will likely grow tremendously over the next few weeks as developers have time to play with this release.

The Pebble team also released an OS update today to build 1.10.0.  The new software brings support for watchfaces created by the previously mentioned Watchface SDK, helps increase battery life on iOS devices, include an improved battery indicator, and more. They also squashed a bunch of bugs, all of which we have listed below.  (more…)

Pebble Update: All Black Watches Ready for Fulfillment, Colors Delayed Even Further

Pebble Smartwatch Review

The crew behind Pebble (our review) – the e-paper smartwatch and Kickstarter darling – posted an update to their project page today to inform backers of the status of watch shipments. If you purchased a black version of the Pebble, you have great news to enjoy as all black orders have been manufactured and left the factory on their way to fulfillment. (Yay!) According to the Pebble team, that’s over 55,000 black watches.  (more…)

The Potential in Smartwatches [Opinion]


When I first saw the Pebble I was honestly amazed. As the amazement wore off and the waiting settled in, I daydreamed about receiving notifications and being able to control my music from my wrist. Then, I received my Pebble and reality took over.

Now that I’ve had the Pebble for a week I’ve resorted to turning off the Bluetooth and using the watch to tell time and play Snake. Was it worth $150 for that? Not really, but I do love being able to shake my wrist to activate the backlight. Even though I’m generally disappointed with the Pebble, having it has made me think more about what a smartwatch should do and whether or not it’s a product that has the potential to change the way we interact with the world around us in a meaningful way.  (more…)

Pebble Smartwatch Updates to Version 1.9.0 – Revamped Navigation, Plus Games and New Watchfaces

pebble update

Pebble, the hottest little indie smartwatch of the year (our review), received a software update this week to version 1.9.0. In the update, navigation has been revamped toa make more sense, new watchfaces were introduced, and the first game (Snake) is available for download. To grab the update, you’ll need to pair your Pebble with a smartphone, launch the Pebble app, and hit Menu>Check For FW Update, if it doesn’t prompt you automatically.  (more…)

LightFlow Update Adds Pebble Support For Notifications, Makes Possibilities Mostly Endless

pebble lightflow android

LightFlow, one of our favorite notification apps, received an update this morning that added support for the Pebble smartwatch (our review). In the app, you’ll now see an option to “Send to Pebble.” If checked, your Pebble watch will vibrate with a notification from your phone, through LightFlow. As you can see in the photo above, it’s even showing me comments on Instagram, something I wasn’t expecting it to do.  (more…)