Pebble App Gets a Google Play Beta on Android

Pebble, makers of the eponymous Pebble smartwatch, have long self-hosted a beta version of the companion app for Android. Perhaps because the team realized how much of a pain checking a website for new APKs is, Pebble is finally embracing Google Play’s built-in beta channel feature, meaning nabbing test versions of the companion app is now as simple as signing up for a discussion board and opting in through the Play Store. (more…)

Pebble Steel in Black Matte: Unboxing, Initial Thoughts and Comparison

Our Pebble Steel (in black matte) is finally in house. And yes, we unboxed it.

Announced during press day at CES in January, the Steel is Pebble’s premium finished smartwatch, targeted at those looking for something a bit classier than the original plastic unit that took the smartwatch world by storm. The functionality here is identical to the original, so the focus then becomes on the materials used, appearance, and whether or not it’s worth the extra $100.  (more…)

Pebble Steel Begins Shipping Today

Pebble’s new Steel smartwatch is beginning to ship as of today, according to their site. Announced during CES as the follow-up to their immensely popular original Pebble – a darling of Kickstarter – the Steel is the classier, more stylish version that includes a metal band, Gorilla Glass, and a price tag of $249.

With Steel, you are looking at two color options:  Black Matte or Brushed Stainless. Each unit comes with both a metal and leather strap, so you can class it up depending on your taste. Other than the look, though, the Steel runs exactly like the original Pebble in terms of software and functionality. It’s still an extension of your smartphone, in that it can handle notifications and simple functionality through its e-paper display.  (more…)

Pebble Announces New Premium Smartwatch Dubbed “Pebble Steel,” Available Today for $249

You wanted new Pebble hardware, you got it. Announced this morning at CES, Pebble has announced Pebble Steel, their new premium smartwatch. It’s the same exact Pebble that you “know and love” yet in a smaller, thinner and more premium package. Available today for $249 in the Pebble store, the newest version of e-paper display smartwatch that took the world by storm last year through Kickstarter can be yours. (more…)

Watch Live: Pebble’s New Announcements From CES 2014

At 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern), Pebble is fixin’ to announce new goodies for smartwatch gurus to feast upon. Some of the details appear to have leaked out here and there, however, it all becomes official in just a few minutes.

We are hoping to see new hardware, learn more about the Pebble appstore, and hear the vision of the smartwatch pioneer for the future of wearables. Whether you are a fan of Pebble or not, they are still arguably the only smartwatch maker to date to get it mostly right. When they talk smartwatches, we tend to listen.  (more…)