Google and Samsung Reach Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement

Don’t say Google doesn’t protect its Android OEMs. Yesterday, Samsung announced a broad patent cross-license agreement with the search giant, giving the companies access to each other’s current patents and all those filed over the next 10 years.

The patents, which Samsung said covers “a broad range of technologies and business areas,” are intended to defend both companies against the aggressive litigation of competitors. Samsung has been locked in a bitter courtroom conflict with Apple since 2011, while Google’s own Motorola is the subject of patent disputes from Apple, Microsoft, and IP firm Intellectual Ventures.  (more…)

Judge Finds Google Guilty of Infringing SimpleAir Patent, Could Pay up to $125 Million in Damages

The courts just can’t cut Google a break. Earlier this week, the federal judge overseeing legal negations between Samsung and Apple ruled that a core feature of Android infringed on an Apple patent, and now a court for the Eastern District of Texas has allowed company SimpleAir to seek up to $125 million in damages from Google for patent infringement. (more…)

Newest Google Patent Application Secures Your Phone Depending on Where You Are

carrier unlock1

Security and privacy seem to be at a minimum these days, especially in the digital world. The latest patent filed by Google for Android is an interesting one that looks to keep your phone safe depending on where you are. Motorola might be using NFC tags to “Skip” lockscreen pin and pattern codes, but Google wants to use location instead.  (more…)

Google Files Patent for Smartwatch With Bezels as Touchpads


At this point, can we pencil in Google as guaranteed to be the next big tech company to create a smartwatch? We’ve already seen at least one patent filed for a watch, along with a report that the Android team is leading the charge on the project. So today’s patent filing doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but it does offer up details on how this new wearable wriststrap could work.  (more…)

Google On a Patent Roll, Secures Designs for Cameras To Check the Local Weather


We all know that Google Now is the epitome of your phone knowing exactly where you are and giving you information based off of that, but another patent recently secured by Google is going to extend that ability to your phone’s camera. Their new patent hopes to put GPS to work to figure out three things: where you are, if you are indoors or outside and what the local weather near you is like. All of this information is then fed into your camera to make your photos look better.  (more…)

Google Granted Patent That Allows Android to Change Display Qualities Based on Battery Level

google oled patent

Battery life in a mobile device is very important. All your fancy specs won’t mean anything if you can’t keep it turned on more than 15 minutes, so we’re seeing companies either putting bigger batteries in their phone like Motorola’s MAXX line or trying to innovate to make batteries last longer. Seeing as how the display in a device is usually the biggest battery drain on a device, Google has just been granted a patent that allows Android to read the battery life of a phone and change the display accordingly.  (more…)

Google Patents Ability to Interact With Future Phones By Tapping the Back


We see interesting patent filings from Google every now and then, most of them are pretty forward-thinking ideas that we won’t see for a while. The next patent to add to that list is Google’s recent acquisition of the ability to interact with your phone by touching, tapping and sliding across the back of it.

Google mentions this new tech for only “simple controls” and demonstrates swiping to a new page in a document. Skipping to a new track on a song or disabling a notification would most likely be some of the first implementations of this patent if we ever see it in an Android device.

Think we could see this in a future Nexus device?

Via: Pocketnow