Reminder: Pantech Breakout is Available for $99 Today Through Verizon, Inexpensive Meets 4G LTE

For those in the market for a new phone with 4G LTE, but aren’t interested in paying the $299 price tag that accompanies the DROID Bionic, then look no further than the Pantech Breakout.  As Verizon’s least expensive 4G LTE phone at just $99 on contract, you actually get a pretty decent set of specs in a small package.  In fact, the specs match up closely to some of Big Red’s initial 4G LTE releases with its 1GHz single-core, and betters almost all of them with the fact that it runs Android 2.3.  It has dual-cameras, a bunch of fancy wallpapers (download here), and can be had today.


Verizon Announces the Pantech Breakout as its Cheapest 4G LTE Device to Date, Drops Price to $99

The Pantech Breakout is official as Verizon’s cheapest 4G LTE device to date and will be available just as we said, on September 22.  Originally thought to be $149 on 2-year contract, Big Red has decided to shave an additional $50 in order to drop the price down to $99.  With its 4″ screen, 1GHz single-core processor, and Android 2.3, that’s not actually a bad price at all.  Still not sure that this is the device for Android gurus or tech addicts, but it could be a great option for those new to the smartphone game.  And don’t forget, that you can download all of its stellar wallpapers here.     (more…)

HTC Rhyme and Samsung Stratosphere in Verizon’s Device Management, Pantech Breakout is Just $149 on Contract

Both the HTC Rhyme and Samsung Stratosphere are now appearing in Verizon’s Device Management system, a sign that they are more than just vapor.  The Stratosphere – a device expected to be like the Epic 4G with slideout keyboard – is confirmed as having 4G LTE radios and no global roaming.  The Rhyme on the other hand is just 3G, but could be a girl-friendly device with Beats by Dre audio.  Each of these devices is looked at as being mid-range.

And speaking of mid-range, we have official pricing for the Pantech Breakout below.   (more…)

Download: Pantech Breakout Live Wallpapers, Ringtones and Boot Animation


The Pantech Breakout may be the first mid-range 4G LTE device (headed for September 22) that appeals to a specific crowd of non-power users, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have a sexy media file for us to enjoy.  Thanks to our buddy Legion, we have for you the wallpapers, live wallpapers, audio (ringtones, notifications, alarms, etc.), and boot animation from the device.  And I’ve got to admit, that this is one of the more enjoyable wallpaper packs we have seen on a device in a while – artsy instead of robot-dominatrix-world-crusher.  The live wallpapers are also pretty polished (work nicely on the XOOM too), however, they appear to struggle to work on my Bionic or devices with higher resolutions.  Feel free to test them though.   (more…)

Hey Look, a Pantech Breakout in the Wild! (Updated)

Looks like the Pantech Breakout has started to arrive in stores.  Expected to be available on September 22, this phone should be the affordable 4G LTE option for Verizon customers that aren’t interested in droppin’ 3 Benjamins on the latest and greatest toy.  It has a 1GHz single-core processor, front and rear cameras, a 4″ screen, and runs Android 2.3.  Nice little entry into the LTE lineup.

Update:  Here is a better picture of it…   (more…)

Pantech Breakout Headed to Verizon with 4G LTE on September 22

The Pantech Breakout is Verizon’s next 4G LTE phone to follow the DROID Bionic and is looking like the option for anyone interested in having high data speeds without having to pay upwards of $300 up front. We gave you a quick preview of the specs on this phone a few weeks back, but now have the full and official spec sheet to tighten up any loose ends.  The Breakout won’t blow you away in this day and age with its hardware – I’m not sure it was built for that though.  At some point, Verizon was going to have to offer affordable 4G LTE phones and this looks like it will be the first.

With its 1GHz single-core processor, front and rear cameras, 4″ screen, DLNA support and Android 2.3, it’s actually on par with most of the LTE phones on the market.  In fact, other than the Bionic, it’ll be the only phone running Gingerbread – yikes.   (more…)

Pantech Breakout is Verizon’s Mid-range 4G LTE Phone, Gets Compared to Others

If you were looking for an inexpensive 4G LTE device from Verizon, the Pantech Breakout will likely be one of your best options.  While we don’t have pricing, this device is missing from MAP lists and other major VZW documentation, leading us to believe that its their LTE stepchild.  Its specs aren’t awful by any means, but with the DROID Bionc and HTC Vigor (first pics) just around the corner, you can bet that this phone will be priced to sell.

It has a 4″ screen, runs Gingerbread (something no other LTE device on Verizon can say), front and rear cameras, Swype, Pantech’s custom UI, 1GHz single-core processor, and 512MB of RAM.  It matches up closely to the LG Revolution – hopefully the price does too.

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