Pantech Perception Headed to Verizon, Detained by FCC and Mugshotted

Pantech Perception

Verizon’s next highly anticipated super phone just stopped by the FCC for some closeups. I’m hoping you might have caught a whiff of sarcasm from me and that the Pantech Perception will be more of a mid-range device for those looking to pick up a more “budget-friendly” phone. These are the first actual photos we have seen of the device, if you don’t count the press render we saw back in early January.  (more…)

Pantech Perception Render Spotted With Verizon LTE and HD Screen


Pantech is looking to make a bigger dent in the US market this year with the recently announced Discover headed for AT&T and the Perception that we believe is headed for Verizon. Start off with a HD 720p screen that’s powered by a Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and this device is looking fairly decent already.

Unfortunately there isn’t much more information other than that. The Discover is set to launch on AT&T for only $50 however, so if that price is close to the same when it lands on Verizon this could be a very powerful mid-range device.

Via: Unwired View