Google Music All Access Can Eat Data Like No Other, Be Careful Tiered Data Folks

google music vs spotify

One of the biggest announcements to come out of Google I/O last week was Google’s new streaming music service called Google Play Music All Access. It’s like Spotify meets Pandora, in that you can check out any album at any time, play them as many times as you’d like, or use them to create special radio stations. It works on both mobile and desktop and is currently available as a free trial, but will jump up to a monthly subscription service once the trial ends. You can sign-up before the end of June and lock in for $7.99 per month, however, the price will go up to $9.99 on July 1. It’s pretty awesome, though, that’s for sure.

But for many of you who are considering a move to All Access from something like Spotify, there is something you should consider should you have had the unfortunate pleasure of moving to a tiered data plan with your wireless carrier (shared data plans included). All Access lacks any sort of control over the quality of the music that is streaming through your device, meaning it can eat up data in minutes.  (more…)

Pandora App Updated, Brings Lockscreen Controls and Reduced Startup Time


Yesterday, the official Pandora for Android application received an update. Inside you will find a few improvements as well as a new feature, lockscreen controls for Ice Cream Sandwich devices and up. To be clear, it is not a lockscreen widget, but just controls for when music is currently streaming. On top of that, there is a reduced startup time for the app and some bug fixes.

What’s New:

  • Lock screen controls for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and later
  • Added elapsed and remaining timestamps to the track progress indicator
  • Reduced startup time
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Play Link

Pandora, Twitter, Hootsuite Receive Updates – Grab Them in Google Play

This morning, three very popular Android applications received updates that are completely noteworthy. For the music lovers in the crowd, Pandora got a major bump to version 4.0. Included in this version are a ton of new features like viewing station details, ability to edit your shuffle from the device, and integration with other social network sites.

For all you tweeters, both Hootsuite and the official Twitter application were updated as well. For Hootsuite, there is now an added Action Bar and drawer navigation, as well as the ability to AutoSchedule posts. As for the official Twitter application, tweets that are rich with content (pictures, videos, article previews) now appear right in the stream, photo streams through search, and a whole lot more.

Go grab them all if you haven’t already.

Play Link: Pandora | Twitter | Hootsuite

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Pandora Radio for Android Updated, UI Overhaul and Much More

Lovers of music can go pick up the newest version of Pandora that recently hit Google Play. Inside the update, you will see a lovely UI overhaul, which should allow for much easier navigation throughout the app. Along with the overall new look, finding information on the artists and songs you love should be better than ever. With the ability to see artist bios, song lyrics (so you can sing along in the shower), and find similar artists, this is easily the best Pandora update yet. (more…)

Pandora for Android Updated to be Compatible with “Upcoming Android OS”

After today’s Pandora update, the app should now be compatible with an “upcoming Android OS.” What exactly do they mean by that? Great question. With talk of the Nexus 7 tablet launching at Google I/O at the end of June along with the newest version of Android aka Jelly Bean, there is at least one answer to consider.

And if they don’t mean Jelly Bean, then what do they mean?

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Plizy Released For Android Tablets, Videos From All Over The Web In One Convenient Location

A new app called Plizy has launched on the Android Market. It reminds us of Pandora, if Pandora handled videos. You create channels of videos taken from around the web and they just play in random order. Create a channel for comedy and you will have College Humor, Ray William Johnson, Freddy W, and a ton of other fantastic streams to choose from.

There are many channel types ranging from News, Business and Sports. There’s something for everyone who enjoys searching the web for great videos. The app is free and has a marvelous interface. Real smooth and crisp. Be sure to check this one as soon as you get the chance.

Market Link

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Amazon Reminder: Kindle Fire Runs Android Apps – Will Have Facebook, Pandora, Netflix and More at Launch

Amazon sent out a press release just minutes ago to remind everyone that their Kindle Fire is the real deal, is only a week away, and will run all of your favorite Android apps including Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, Angry Birds and more. Thanks to the buit-in Amazon AppStore, any of the apps you purchase or use are also available on any of your other Android devices, just like you experience now (that would include your catalog of free “Apps of the Day” too). No need to re-register from device to device; simply login and get back to mowing down zombies through PvZ.

Most of the apps have also been “Amazon-tested” to work with the Kindle Fire, which probably doesn’t mean that there will be special Fire versions, but that they have simply been tested to work. Think about it, it took Facebook almost 2 years to produce an iPad-specific app, the Fire isn’t getting that lucky.

Priced at $199, you can pick one up at a variety of retailers nationwide starting on November 15. Of course, you can pre-order one now and have it shipped to your door that very same day, but we know how some of you enjoy stepping foot in big box stores to pick up the latest buzzworthy product.  (more…)