Asus Sends Out Invitations for Padfone 2 Unveiling on October 16

This morning, ASUS has sent out invitations to the press and industry affiliates for them to book their flights over to Taipei, Taiwan and Milan, Italy for the unveiling of the Padfone 2. Unlike some companies, ASUS isn’t trying make this a secret and even has a corner of the device on display in the invitation.

Except for that image above, there are no confirmed specs or even really that many rumored specs to speak of. The only small piece of info out there was a benchmark that showed a Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB of RAM. But, that’s just a benchmark and isn’t much to go on.  (more…)

Even With That Crappy Name, I Want the Asus Padfone

I’ve never actually touched the device, yet I’m enamored with it. I’m talking about the Asus Padfone. Aside from its ridiculous and silly name, this could be the perfect device. Or at the vary least, the beginning stages or blueprint for the perfect device(s). Not familiar with it? Watch the video below and then come back to us.

Why do I want the Asus Padfone so badly? Well first off, I’ll admit that tablets are just not my thing. I can’t find a place for them in my life even with as many times as I have tried nor do I want to shell out for the next barebones Android slate that will be upstaged in a month. However! If I could have a cheap shell of a tablet that I could simply snap my every day phone into, that’s a win. See, one of the problems with having a tablet and a phone separately, is that you sort of have two different lives. Cloud services have helped this a tad, but for the most part you have photos on one and not the other, some apps here but not there, text messages over there yet not here, and so on. If you could take your phone that has it all though, and simply dock it into a tablet shell, you just solved the problem, didn’t you?  (more…)

Video: ASUS Padfone Receives an Unboxing, Now This is Boxception

It seems like we have been hearing about the ASUS Padfone for years now, and it still isn’t out. If you have been waiting for a phone that comes with a stylus that docks into a tablet that turns into a laptop, this video should whet your appetite a bit. The good people over at NetbookNews got their hands on the crazy device and unboxed all of the boxes for you, showing off everything that ASUS has up their sleeve. (more…)

Asus Introduces the Padfone, is it Tab-ception, or Phon-ception?

One of the popular topics to discuss stemming from today’s announcements at the Mobile World Congress, is the launch of the Asus Padfone. A slickly designed device that fits snugly right into a tablet docking station, giving the tab 3G capability and plenty of processing power to browse the web and stream media. The phone itself has a 4.3″Super AMOLED display, runs Ice Cream Sandwich along with the tablet, and sports a speedy 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.  (more…)

Asus Teases the Padfone Before MWC – “Divided We Stand, Together We Rock”

Not that there was any question over whether or not Asus would unveil the almost forgotten Padfone at Mobile World Congress next week after press releases went out, but this new teaser helps to confirm it further. With a not-so-sneaky slogan of “Divided we stand, together we rock,” it’s painfully obvious that they are talking about the joining of a tablet and a smartphone.

To catch those of you up that haven’t followed the saga of the Padfone – which is an awful name by the way – we’ll run through its history briefly. Originally introduced around last May, the Padfone would be a 4.3″ phone with the ability to dock inside and power a 10.1″ tablet. In theory, it really is the best of both worlds. You would have a phone for you day-to-day tasks and a tablet for those bigger multimedia times. However, after having been introduced, the product seemed to have disappeared for a bit until finally resurfacing in November with word that it would appear MWC. It makes sense that the product would be delayed until Ice Cream Sandwich was released though. How else would Asus have been able to load Gingerbread and Honeycomb all onto one device? Now with Android 4.0, they no longer need to have a device that can dual-boot.

So here we stand just days away. Are you ready for it? Suggestions for a new name?   (more…)