OUYA Listens to Feedback on Controller Design, Makes a Few Tweaks


We know that many of the readers here decided to back the OUYA Android-powered game console through Kickstarter a while back, so today’s news will be welcome. OUYA let some people get their hands around the controller that will be accompanying the console and they got some feedback. That feedback lead to some changes into making the controller into something really well built.  (more…)

Video: Developer Delivers In-depth Overview of OUYA Gaming Console


Now that developer units of the OUYA gaming console have started to arrive at the homes and offices of developers, it only makes sense that at least one would upload a full hands-on with the device. In this series of videos, by the developer of a game called Deadly Dungeons, we get a look at the UI of OUYA, how controllers perform, how settings can be setup, what Android looks like on the device, and get an idea as to how “beta” or “alpha” this early version is.  (more…)

Green Throttle Games Looks to Maximize Your Phone’s Gaming Capabilities

We’ve seen the power of Android and gaming come together with the Kickstarter craze OUYA, but a new company Green Throttle Games asks, “why buy a separate Android console when your phone can do it all?” With the help of some Bluetooth connected controllers, your phone and your big screen TV is all you need to have mobile gaming fun right on your couch.  (more…)

OUYA and XBMC Get Together For Tailored Experience When the Console Launches

The OUYA project, born of Kickstarter, is a home run so far, and even calling it that might be an understatement. Every big Android project or developer seems to be hopping on the bandwagon with the game console and the latest development team would be the people behind XBMC. The popular media application has come from Mac, Linux and Windows and now to Android, giving users one place to view all their media. With the news today, XBMC looks to invade your living room through the OUYA console.

Even though XBMC for Android still isn’t quite official, the company promises that the code is going to be merged into the master line soon, and that the application will work well on the OUYA platform. Android developers seem to be working hard to make this new device much more than just a video game console. 2 days left to back OUYA, are you going to jump in before it closes?

Via: Engadget

OUYA Gaming Console Receives First Exclusive Game Commitment, Human Element from Robotoki

If console gaming is something that you are into, then you must be familiar with the Call of Duty series. One of the men behind the scenes that, near the end of his career, worked closely with the community for Infinity Ward and Activision, was Mr. Robert Bowling. Just recently, Mr. Bowling left his position at Infinity Ward (to the cheers of many Last Stand  and Revenge Spawn victims) and created his very own game development company called Robotoki.

Robotoki’s Mr. Bowling recently tweeted that his company is in support of OUYA and plans to bring an exclusive game to the affordable gaming console. The game is called Human Element and it is based on a post-zombie-apocalyptic Earth where the only thing left to do, is survive.  (more…)

OUYA: The Android-Powered Gaming Console That Wants to Take on the Big Boys (Updated)

My two biggest gripes with mobile Android gaming are as follows: I don’t have a reliable controller for most of the games, and the screens are too small to really get immersed in. Kickstarter is hosting a very promising looking project called OUYA (pronounced ooh-yah) that looks to take mobile gaming back to the living room, and rival the big console makers. This Android powered console is calling on the powers of Android’s open development platform and the free-to-play model of gaming that has been all the rage recently. Can this grassroots program rattle the cages of Sony and Microsoft?

Update:  And within a couple hours of posting, OUYA went from about $600K to over $1 million and is now past their goal with 29 days still to go. That was insanely fast.