OUYA Officially Begins Shipping to Early Backers, 104 Games Already Published

ouya official

That’s right, the OUYA has official begun shipping to early backers from Kickstarter, just as they said it would. Should you have forked out the cash to be amongst the initial group, get to checking your email for shipping info and instructions for operating the little guy once it arrives. The rollout of devices will happen over the next several weeks. For the rest of you who jumped on the bandwagon after OUYA became an internet sensation, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.  (more…)

Video: Demo of 3DiVi’s Nuidroid Software at GTC


In this video, a rep from a company called 3DiVi takes us through a demo of their new Nuidroid motion tracking software. 3DiVi, coupled with the Ouya gaming console, works much like the Kinect does that partners with the Xbox. Using a special ASUS-built motion sensor, 3DiVi’s Nuidroid tracks your movements which then translates into commands for games and applications.  (more…)

OUYA Opens Developer Portal for Game Submissions Starting Today


March 28 is the day that OUYA consoles will start shipping to people who originally started backing it on Kickstarter. Seeing as how that’s only a few weeks away, OUYA announced that game developers can submit their games for review starting today. This allows OUYA to test and review the games before launch to build a nice big portfolio for early adopters to play when they fire up their OUYA for the first time.  (more…)

OUYA CEO Says Console Will Follow Mobile Update Model, New Hardware Every Year


The Kickstarter darling OUYA was born from the mobile market, having components powering it that you would find in smartphones and tablets around the world. OUYA will apparently be influenced by the mobile market’s style of updating as well. Whereas traditional game consoles have a cycle of 7-10 years, the OUYA will be refreshed with new hardware every year, according to the company.  (more…)

OUYA to be Sold Through Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop in June for $100


The OUYA team announced this morning through the Wall Street Journal that they have teamed up with Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop to sell their inexpensive, Android-based consoles at launch in June. At a price of $99.99, with additional controllers running $49.99, OUYA is clearly trying to carve out their own niche in the console gaming market. We still aren’t sure if we think they can do it successfully, but the buzz around this Kickstarter funded project is undeniable.

With their 68,000 backers that will receive the OUYA in April, the crowdfunded gaming system is hoping that with some promotion and partnerships with these retailers, that they can do big things. They are already claiming to have some 200 gaming titles lined up for launch, including “a larger suite” that are exclusive to OUYA.

Pre-orders for the June launch will start today.

Via:  Wall Street Journal

Last Call For OUYA April Delivery – If You Want One, Then You Better Hurry


According to the official OUYA Facebook page, they are nearly sold out of systems that will be sent out to buyers in April. Naturally, they coupled that announcement with the fact that more will soon become available, but for a later shipping date. So, if you want that Tegra 3-powered system in your living room in a couple of months, you best act quickly. (more…)

GameStick Unveils New Design With Help of Backers


GameStick, the newest overnight Kickstarter-inspired portable Android gaming system sensation, announced today that they have signed off on a new design with the help of feedback from backers. After the initial and much squarer design was received with mixed feelings, this new version of the GameStick looks much more appealing to average and advanced gamers – well, according to its creators.  (more…)