Google Opinion Rewards Launches Today in Canada, Australia and the UK

Were you intrigued by the launch of Google’s Opinion Rewards app, but unable to get in on the action due to your location? The small, yet awesome survey app that Google launched a few months ago has gone through more testing, and is now ready to branch out farther into the world.

When it was first introduced, Google was apparently only interested in the survey answers from the U.S. Today, however, the app expands to 3 more countries; Canada, Australia, and the UK. Once signing up and giving Google a few bits of information about yourself (age, sex, and occupation), you can start taking surveys that will get you credit to use on Google Play.  (more…)

Google Releases Google Opinion Rewards App to Android, Answer Surveys and Receive Play Store Credit

Screenshot_2013-11-06-11-10-05 Screenshot_2013-11-06-11-10-18

Google released a new app to Android this morning called Google Opinion Rewards. As the name of the app suggests, Google wants to reward you for giving your opinion through surveys, with those rewards coming as Google Play credits. The app is free (of course), requires you to fill out a quick survey on your self (age, location, sex, etc.), and then takes you through a couple of example surveys upon first launch. Once you are all setup, your first survey should appear or Google will notify you when a survey worth Google Play credit is available.  (more…)