HTC One (M7) Unlocked and Developer Editions Receiving Sense 6 Update Today

Unlocked and Developer Editions of the HTC One (M7) – that would be last year’s HTC One – are receiving their update to Sense 6.0 today, according to HTC. If you recall, HTC’s USA president committed to an “end of May” time frame for Sense 6.0 updates, so they are technically a little ahead of schedule. Good job, HTC.

The update includes things like new color coded themes, personalized font styles, Extreme Power Saving Mode, new gallery and camera interfaces, and BlinkFeed improvements. It’s a massive update that really only brings goodness to  your phone.  (more…)

Deal: Unlocked AT&T HTC One (M7) Available for $399

Last year’s HTC One (M7) is still regarded as one of the most well-built and designed phones of all time. Its mostly-metal body, high-end specs, and interesting take on a camera made for one of the better Android phones of 2013, even if HTC failed to bring its steep sales decline to a halt with it. It is the phone that led the way to this year’s HTC One (M8), yet many would probably argue that the phone is just as good, if not better in some areas, than its new brother.

If a year-old phone isn’t something that would turn you off from a good deal, feel free to take a look at an eBay deal currently running for the HTC One (M7). Available in limited quantities, an unlocked AT&T model is available today for $399, and that is without a contract. That price is not down to OnePlus One levels, but it’s still a pretty solid value, especially since the phone runs on AT&T’s LTE.

The phone is brand new, includes 32GB of storage, and comes in Glacial Silver.

eBay Link

OnePlus One Shipping Estimates Updated, 16GB Pushed Back to Get 64GB Out Quicker

OnePlus updated shipping estimates for their One smartphone today, after realizing that more people were interested in the 64GB Sandstone Black model than the 16GB Silk White. Actually, they realized this previously, but now they really realize it, or something. Trust us, you aren’t the only ones confused by the news coming out of the OnePlus camp each week.   (more…)

OnePlus Gets a Clue: Gives Donate Option to 100 Smash the Past Winners

Shortly after the OnePlus One was announced and a contest called Smash the Past went live – a contest which asked participants to smash phones in order to receive a One for $1 – we couldn’t help but call this is a terrible idea. Outside of the fact that the list of phones was limited to top tier devices that could be sold in online shops for much more than the $299 it would cost to outright buy a new OnePlus One, there are some other factors at play that make this a terrible contest. Thankfully, OnePlus finally realized this, sort of.  (more…)

OnePlus One Production Update: Late June is Your Best Bet for Buying One

We now know, at least for a minute, when you will be able to buy the Oppo OnePlus One. According to the company’s official forums, they now have a better grasp on which units need to be the focus of production and have scheduled “later in June” as the time that “general availability” will increase.

As expected, the initial push is to get 100 units out to the winners of their “Smash the Past” contest, followed by the fulfillment of the first batch of 16GB Silk White models. Once early June rolls around, a larger batch of 64GB Sandstone Black units should be available before we hit that “later June” mark for general availability.  (more…)

OnePlus One Hands-on: Video and Gallery

We are live in San Francisco at a OnePlus One event, hosted by the Cyanogen Inc. crew, and have been given the opportunity to get hands-on time with the newly-announced device.

It was only late last week when the device finally became official, and already, the phone is sending shockwaves through the Android community with its beastly specs and that outrageous $299 price for the 16GB model.  (more…)