Or Maybe This is Actually the New HTC One (M9)? Please, Please be It.

What if all of those HTC One (M9) “Hima” leaks from the past week were nothing but decoys, dev units in shells made to look like last year’s One (M8) in order to throw off the scent of the hunt? If the retired @evleaks and his new leak have anything to say about it, then I would guess that’s exactly what we saw. In a picture posted to Twitter this morning that lines up the past handful of HTC flagships, along with the tag “Old habits die hard… ,” Evan may have just given us the first real image of the HTC One (M9) and its bigger brother, rumored to be called the One (M9) Plus or One (M9) Ultra or “Hima” Ultra.  (more…)

Deal: HTC One (M7) in Blue From Best Buy Just $199 Off-Contract

This is kind of a random deal that most will overlook since the phone is almost two years old, but if you need a really good phone on the cheap and without a contract, you can pick-up the original HTC One (M7) in Blue from Best Buy for just $199. While this isn’t the flagship it once was, it would still make a good phone for someone who doesn’t care about having the best phone available, is in the market for their first phone at a reasonable price, or who likes the color blue.

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint models are all available for $199.

Best Buy Link  (more…)

HTC One (M8) vs. HTC One (M9) “Hima”

The brand new HTC One (M9) or “Hima” has allegedly leaked. The first pictures of HTC’s next flagship resemble a phone that we are very familiar with – last year’s One (M8). I can’t say I blame HTC for going so similar, since the One (M8) is arguably one of the prettiest, most premium smartphones ever made in terms of build materials and design. It’s a stunner. I believe we called it “smartphone luxury” in our review from last year. Unfortunately, the prettiest, most premium smartphone ever made didn’t exactly help HTC turn around quarter upon quarter of losses; only a return to the mid-range and some other cost cutting measures seemed to do that.  (more…)

This Could be the New HTC One (Updated)

According to sources of Nowhereelse.fr, this is your next HTC One, which is either the One (M9) or still just the “Hima.” What’s that? You can’t see any differences between this phone and last year’s One (M8)? Not surprising, since they indeed do look to be almost identical phones in terms of shape and design. Let’s talk about what we think is different after looking at these pictures for a bit.  (more…)

HTC Sets March 1 for Unveiling of Next Flagship Phone (Updated)

Thanks to HTC, we have something to hypebeast on this lovely Friday morning. In a “save the date” event invite sent out through what I can only imagine was HTC’s Euro press team, we have a date to mark on our calendars for the unveiling of the company’s next flagship phone. Titled “Utopia in Progress,” the invite doesn’t mention much, other than that we all need to join them “to see what’s next,” in Barcelona, Spain, on March 1.  (more…)

HTC: 2015 Roadmap is “Our Best Ever,” With “Huge Surprises” on the Way

HTC’s 2014 was certainly better than its 2013. They released the One (M8) (our review), a beautifully crafted smartphone that few can match in terms of build quality. They teamed up with Google to produce the newest Nexus tablet, the Nexus 9 (our review). They entered new product categories with their RE camera and slapped 13MP cameras into the fronts of phones because…selfies. But maybe most importantly, they actually managed to turn a little profit in Q3 of this year and stop the years and years of bleeding. Sure, their revenues are still in decline as sales also continue to slide, but hey, profit is profit. HTC will take whatever they can at this point.  (more…)