Motorola Olympus MB860 Headed to AT&T First?

We’ve been attempting to track the mysterious Motorola Tegra 2 device over the last couple of weeks and are starting to think it could be the Motorola Olympus (MB860) which just recently received wi-fi certification.  While it’s still a guess that this will be the dual-core device, we are doing our best to put all of the clues available together.

On that note, we seem to have missed a somewhat-major clue from that pesky @androidevicespy Twitter account.  Back on August 30th, it tweeted the named “Olympus” and  model number “MB860” with AT&T as a potential carrier.  We had heard a rumor yesterday that this new device might not be exclusive to Verizon and I guess this would help that argument.

We still aren’t exactly sure where @androidevicespy pulls its info from, but from past experiences, we know that it has led us in the right direction.

And the story grows…

Cheers @RobNazarian!

Motorola MB860 Receives Wi-Fi Certification, First Tegra 2 Phone Sighting?

The Motorola MB860 which is rumored to be the Olympus and another of Moto’s tablets just received its wi-fi certification.  Or better yet, is this the mysterious Tegra 2 phone?  We’ve heard the name mentioned maybe once or twice before and basically know nothing about it, but that its model number doesn’t match the Stringray MZ600 we found a few months back.  The certification above lists it as a “smartphone” meaning this could be the first appearance of the game changing device we expect to be revealed at CES.

How does Olympus sound as a name?  And check out the must-have specs everything has put together at this post.

Via:  Phandroid