How to: Apply Icon Packs With a 3rd Party Launcher [Beginners’ Guide]

One of the cool things we can do with our Android devices straight out of the box is download a custom launcher and then apply icon packs that will drastically change the way an application’s icon appears. Take the above screenshot for example – I have Nova Launcher installed and have Kovdev’s Tersus icon pack applied. It gives each icon a uniformed square and minimal look. It’s clean, pretty, and super easy to do.  (more…)

Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher Receive Updates, Jelly Bean Enhancements and More

For anyone that uses the Apex or Nova third party launchers, you can go pick up their updates in Google Play this morning. For Nova, there are a ton of fixes and it also adds in some Jelly Bean goodies and “Project Butter” improvements. As for Apex, it’s pretty much the same. Lots of fixes, Jelly Bean improvements, but it also adds the ability to force the tablet UI on your homescreens.

As a note, there are reports that the Apex Launcher update has something wrong with it and is force closing a lot. You can rest assured that the developer is working on a fix and will release an update as soon as humanly possible.

Nova Launcher | Apex Launcher 

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Nova Launcher Updated to Beta 3, Merges with the Jelly Bean Hotness

Last night, the Nova Launcher beta received an updated to version 1.3 beta 3, which merges the already speedy launcher with the Jelly Bean base. A couple of the features that the Jelly Bean stock launcher has brought to the table is the ability to automatically move icons and widgets when placing something new on a homescreen, along with the ability of re-sizing widgets automatically. You’ll notice some slight speed and performance enhancements which is always something to be happy about.  (more…)

NOVA Launcher Beta Updated with Jelly Bean Goodies

If you need more Jelly Bean on your device, Nova Launcher’s beta apk has been updated that includes a few goodies that might help your addiction. This is not the same launcher apk that is on Google Play, but these changes will most likely find their way onto the official app once they go through testing. In the beta, you can choose between the stock ICS or JB Google Search bar, custom widget list picker (requires root or actual JB), and some other fixes across the board.  (more…)

Android App Updates: NOVA Launcher, Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, Facebook, Tumblr and Total Commander

When Friday rolls around each week, we tend to see a bunch of app updates hit the Play store as teams finish up projects before heading into the weekend. This week is no exception, as new releases of Facebook, Tumblr, Adobe Flash and AIR, Total Commander, and Nova Launcher all showed up within the last 24 hours. Most of them were released to squash bugs, but with apps like Nova and Tumblr, we get some new goodies to talk about.  (more…)

Nova Launcher and WidgetLocker Updates Introduce Unread Counts, Other Goodies Too

Nova Launcher and WidgetLocker received updates today to include support for “unread counts” on icons for Gmail, SMS, missed calls, Google Talk, etc. TeslaCoil, the makers of these two, created an app that works with them called TeslaUnread that allows your most commonly used apps to show unread counts from your home screen or lock screen. The app has to be used with either Nova or WidgetLocker in order to work, but it’s free, so you shouldn’t mind having to install it. As you can see in the photo above, it even works with custom icon packs.

Along with the support for TeslaUnread, the Nova update included new gestures, reverse wallpaper scrolling, support for GO Launcher icon packs, and a bunch of other fun things.

Play Links:  Nova Launcher | WidgetLocker | TeslaUnread

Nova Launcher Update Introduces Custom Drawer Tabs, Transparency, Bulk Adds to Desktop, Tablet Fun and More

Nova Launcher, one of the top Ice Cream Sandwich-friendly launchers received a significant update today. Along with a new logo, the update brought with it transparency settings for your app drawer, throwback vertical scrolling, ability to add new groups or folders in drawer tabs, bulk adds of items to the desktop, widgets for the dock, special tablet optimizations and more. We haven’t seen a release this significant since the early beta days, so be sure to jump on this. We should point out that some of these features are only available to the newly named “Prime” version which will run you $4.  (more…)

Apex Launcher Leaves Beta, Now Available in the Google Play Store

We just wrote up an article on Apex Launcher’s awesomeness, and now it can be downloaded straight from Google Play. Folks who are already in love with our other favorite launcher, Nova, may find that Apex has a few features more than its competition. But when it comes down to it, which launcher you choose is all based on preference and there is no wrong choice.

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