Mod: NOVA Launcher Custom Folder Icon Themes

Nova Launcher has become a big enough deal that modders are starting to put in work on it. One of those mods that really stood out to us was this set of custom folder icons. If you weren’t a fan of Google’s ICS circular folder option, then feel free to browse through 11 or so that jaydotelloh has created. You’ll find fully transparent icons, square, different colored rings, and a variety of shelves/platforms. We grabbed 4 of our favorites for quick downloads below, but be sure to hit up the source for more.   (more…)

Nova Launcher Update Introduces Custom Icons for Folders, Infinite Scrolling


It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Nova Launcher. As an all-ICS home replacement, it gets better and better with each new update – something that happens quite often by the way. And when the newest update popped up on my handset last night showing that custom icons could now be added over folders, you could find me grinning for a solid 5 minutes. This may seem like such a minimal update, but to be honest, the folder icon that is used in Android 4.0 is not the prettiest thing on the planet. A round circle with a batch of apps laying all over each other? Eh, no thanks. Custom icon that I choose instead? Yes, please.

The update also includes infinite scrolling, optimizations and other bug fixes.

Download links here (not in the market yet). Folder icon here.

Nova Launcher Takes the Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher to New Levels


It was only a matter of time before the stock Ice Cream Sandwich launcher was improved upon. Many of you were not excited to see that long pressing on the home screen no longer gives you a widgets menu and that you could only add them through the app drawer. Those frustrations will be tossed aside if you load up the newest launcher on the block called Nova Launcher. It’s Ice Cream Sandwich-based (meaning you have to be running ICS in order to use it), and simply builds upon the stock launcher by adding in a ton of customisable options.

You will find a 3D cube transition between home screens, compatibility with ADW icon packs, long press menu from home screens, grid adjustments, and the removal of the locked Google Search bar up top.   (more…)