Nokia Launches Z Launcher, an App That Surfaces the “Stuff You Use Often”

Nokia – yes that Nokia – released an app today called Z Launcher that hopes to make your life simpler by predicting or learning from your patterns. The app is only in beta right now, and not through Google Play, but most of you can give it a shot by following a quick sign-up procedure.

So what does it do to make it worth that shot? Well, like many other launchers of today, it tries to learn from your patterns to help bring you apps or contacts or suggestions as you need them before you realize you need them. By using your phone as you always do, Z Launcher takes the information gathered from that and then presents you with the apps you may need to use right now.  (more…)

Nokia Announces Three Android Powered Phones You Won’t Care About

Rumored for months and hypebeasted for no apparent reason, the Nokia X and its brothers, the X+ and XL, are now official. Yes, they run Android. No, you shouldn’t care about them as an Android fan. All of the devices sport the “Nokia X Software Platform,” which means they forked Android, include no Google apps, and are trying their hardest to still get you using Windows Phone, even though these aren’t Windows Phone devices.  (more…)

Is This the First Look at Nokia’s Android Phone UI? (Update: It Runs Kit Kat)

Industry leaker-extraordinaire, @evleaks, posted the picture above this morning with the comment “Android on Nokia.” In the past, he has also Tweeted pictures of a similar device said to be running Android that is known only by its codename of “Normandy.” Even though Microsoft has gobbled up Nokia’s mobile business, some believe there is still a chance that we will see Nokia release a device running our favorite mobile OS.

So, what are we seeing here?  (more…)

Deal: Nokia Wireless Charging Plate Available for the Discounted Price of $12.25 from AT&T

Wireless chargers are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why: the promise of a hastle-free charging experience, one without tangling wires and mono-directional mini-USB ports, is immensely attractive. Unfortunately, the road to an industry standard for wireless charging has been fraught with major missteps; the Power Matters Alliance, the Wireless Power Consortium, and the Alliance For Wireless Power are all vying for market penetration, but in doing so confusing consumers.

Although, sometime this chaos bears fruit in the form of discounts on chargers that don’t sell well! Right now, AT&T is having such a deal on Nokia Wireless Charging Plates. (more…)

Nokia “Normandy” Reportedly the Company’s Budget-minded Android Device

An image posted back in November by @evleaks, which showed a red Nokia device, is now being reported as the company’s first step into the Android realm. As reported by The Verge, the device, which is codenamed Normandy internally, is supposedly set to launch in 2014 running a forked version of Android – much like Amazon does with its Kindle line of tablets. According to one source inside Nokia, Normandy is “full steam ahead.”  (more…)

Samsung Shipped 130.1 Million Phones Last Quarter – Beat Apple, LG, and Nokia Combined

samsung logo

Whether you hate it or love it, Samsung has pretty much single-handedly grown Android by an immense amount over the last couple of years. Before the Galaxy S2 and Note line came along, Samsung was just like any other OEM, carrying on much like Motorola and LG, with Apple way out in front in terms of global marketshare. There was simply nothing to compete against the giant. Jump to Q3 of 2013, and Samsung has shipped 130.1 million devices in a single quarter, beating out phone manufacturers like Apple, Nokia, and LG combined. Yes, combined.  (more…)

This is What Nokia Imagined When They Heard Android 4.4 Would be Named Kit Kat


Lost in the smartwatch madness yesterday were some fighting words to come out of Nokia’s German Twitter Account. We were just as surprised as anyone when earlier this week the Android team announced that their upcoming version would be named after the well-established candy, Kit Kat. Most people might have bought a piece of candy after hearing the news, but Nokia had other ideas. (more…)