Nokia Wins Preliminary Injunction Against HTC One Over Duplicated Microphones

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As if the HTC One hasn’t seen enough setbacks already before its launch, a new court ruling against HTC in the Netherlands looks to make it even worse. Nokia has been awarded a preliminary injunction against the HTC One centering around high-amplitude microphones that are found in the phone. The microphones found inside the One are the exact same as the mics found in the Lumia 720, and that is no good for HTC.  (more…)

Android Wireless Charging Options: Nokia Fatboy Pillow and Others (Updated)

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Wireless charging, while slow to have been adopted by the industry, is a technology that once you have, you really never want to live without. Thanks to devices like the Nexus 4 (neither of these work with the N4 after testing), DROID DNA, and Nokia’s new Lumia 920 it’s becoming more of a standard. But now that it’s a little more mainstream, we figured it was time to talk about some of the charging options out there. Thanks to Nokia doing their part to push the technology forward, we have two new options worth taking a look at – the Fatboy Pillow and the charging plate, both from Nokia (both built to the Qi standard, so yes they work with Android phones).  (more…)

Nokia Claims Nexus 7 Infringes Upon Some of Their Patents, Will it Ever End?

Hot off the heels of the Galaxy Nexus getting slapped with an injunction, the Nexus 7 is now under attack based on another patent dispute. Nokia is claiming that neither ASUS nor Google asked to use a WiFi patent that the company owns. One would think that the move is more for Nokia to get a cut from the sales of the Nexus 7 rather than a ban on its sale, but that’s tough to tell until things become a bit more official.

Neither Google nor ASUS have responded to the accusation yet, but you can imagine that it isn’t going to go over well. With the Nexus 7 already giving them almost no profit per device, shelling out cash to Nokia won’t be fun. We know many of you are planning on getting a Nexus 7, could you stand to see another Nexus device banned?

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Tuesday Poll: Would You Pay Extra For a 41MP Smartphone Camera?

Cameras and mobile phones have been linked for a long time now, but recently companies have started to put more of a focus (no pun intended) on the cameras built into them. All of this leading up to Nokia blowing the doors off the trend in releasing the 808 Pureview, a Symbian phone that has a 41 megapixel sensor on the back of the device.

Up until recently, Nokia was quiet on whether the phone would be available in the US, but now has announced that Amazon will be carrying the phone unsubsidized for $699. We have seen HTC raise the bar on contract phones with the One X and manufacturers are likely to follow.

Are you willing to pay more money for something like a 41MP camera on a phone?

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Nokia CEO: Dual-Core and Quad-Core Chips Simply Drain Batteries, Aren’t All That Useful

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has been quite the figurehead as the company’s near collapse was saved by the Windows Phone 7 boat. Now that his company is all-in with Microsoft, his latest comments aren’t that surprising. In an interview with a Chinese news outlet, Elop said that he thought that dual and quad-core processors are not all that useful. He went on to say that they were just a waste of battery for the consumer. Strong words indeed.

What is interesting about this is that Windows Phone 7 as it is now only supports single-core but is gearing up for the step to dual-core. It was widely rumored that Microsoft was testing the Qualcomm MSM8960 CPU chipset, which is dual-core, for the release in a Windows Phone at some point down the road. And while single-core may be alright for WP7 and it’s Metro UI, Android definitely benefits from the boost of a dual-core or quad-core processor. Yes the battery drain is a drag but it can be managed as well. Thoughts? Will you own a quad-core phone or stay away for fear of the battery drain?

Via: Pocket-Lint, Unwired View

Nokia’s Stephen Elop is Clueless and Living in 2009, Still Talking Android Fragmentation

So this story from Pocket-Lint is floating around the web today that quotes Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop. Not that this should surprise anyone coming from the guy that is betting the bank on Windows Phone 7, but he of course referenced Android and this mythical fragmentation problem it has. He is quoted as saying that he doesn’t want fragmentation “being introduced” to Windows Phone because “we are” starting to see it “become a problem” in a “certain other eco-system.”  And time for a rant…  (more…)

Samsung Possibly Outsells Both Apple and Nokia in Q2 Without a U.S. Galaxy S II

Reporting on numbers of Android handsets sold as compared to Apple’s has always been something not really worth talking about since well, there is just one Apple device each year and hundreds that run our favorite OS.  We always stuck to comparing OS activations since that is the true measurement.  When one company sneaks up though and could potentially take down both Apple and Nokia in a single quarter, we thought we’d give it some run as that is quite the accomplishment.

According to analysts, Samsung is expected to announce for Q2 that it sold anywhere from 18 to 21 million smartphones (Nokia 16.7 million, Apple 20.3 million) which is pretty remarkable seeing as they haven’t even released a U.S. version yet (our review).  Once the Galaxy S II hits our shores, you can almost guarantee that these numbers will spike again as one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

Android has certainly come a long way…

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