Super Bowl XLVI to be Streamed Through Verizon’s NFL Mobile App, Hopefully We Have Galaxy Nexus Support by Then

This year’s Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis can be watched on your mobile device thanks to Verizon and their NFL Mobile app. And not only will you get to stream the game from anywhere, but the coverage will include additional camera angles, in-game highlights and live stats. This is fantastic news for those that either have to work on that day, are traveling, or for whatever reason cannot join their friends for another epic party. The Super Bowl will take place on February 5.

Now, when can we expect to see support for the Galaxy Nexus? Verizon has assured us all that a working version is on the way, so here’s to hoping it arrives within the next month.

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Madden 2012 on Android is FREE this Weekend from Verizon

Madden 2012 on Android will normally run you about $7.50, but from October 1-3 (this weekend), Verizon customers can download it for free by simply calling **MADDEN (**623336).  It may not help the fact that 1,200 of us got whacked from the Droid Life Eliminator in weeks 1-3 of this NFL season, but it at least gives us another way to enjoy some football for free.  That’s right, there are only 396 people out of 1,500 that still have a chance to win after just 3 weeks.  Fun times.

Cheers Scott, John and Jubby!

Contest: Enter the Annual Droid Life Football Eliminator Challenge, Win a FREE Phone

As you can probably tell after almost 2 years, we are huge sports fans and love to give away prizes to readers every chance we get.  So just as we did last year, we are launching another NFL Eliminator style challenge, but are upping the grand prize.  What on Earth could you possibly win this year?  How does a brand new phone of your choice sound?  We would attempt to pick a specific device, but by the time the NFL regular season wraps up in January, we will likely have a new batch of phones that blow the current models out of the water.  So when the time comes that we have a winner and all others are eliminated, we will let you choose what phone you want (sans iPhone of course) up to $600 in value.

Everyone ready to win a brand new phone?  Here we go…   (more…)

Verizon Airs New NFL Spot With Bionic, Season Starts Thursday

With the 2011 NFL season kicking off on Thursday night, Verizon has unleashed its latest ad to remind us all that their NFL Mobile app is the place to feed your addiction while on the go.  4G LTE subscribers get to enjoy the app’s  “premium” for free and that includes the DROID Bionic.  Wait, hasn’t that not been announced yet?  No, actually it hasn’t and we are just two days from launch.  That certainly hasn’t stopped them from putting on display in numerous ads though.

Oh, and with the season starting in just two days, that means it’s time to launch our annual Droid Life Football Pick’em Contest.  We will have details later this afternoon.  Prizes will most definitely be upped this year.   (more…)

Verizon and NFL Team Up Again, Free NFL Mobile Premium Access to 4G LTE Customers

Verizon locked in another deal with the NFL this season to bring you exclusive content through their NFL Mobile app.  This time around though, they are giving 4G LTE customers free premium access for the entire season, something 3G customers have to pay $10 a month for.  Premium access includes live streaming of Sunday Night Football games, Monday Night Football games, and even NFL Network exclusive Thursday night games.  NFL Redzone which gives you quick looks at any game with a scoring opportunity is a part of the Premium package as well.

And yes, that is a picture of the DROID Bionic.  No, they have not announced it yet.

More info here.  Press release below.   (more…)

NFL Fantasy Football App Now Available On Android Market

Any huge football fans here? The NFL has just pumped out their fantasy football application to the Android Market, and so far, it does not look half bad. Last year, some people said it was pretty awful, but a quick peek at the Market comments shows that their developers might have done it right this year. Especially since it is free. Go grab it and let us know what you think.

Aren’t we all glad there is no lockout happening?

Market Link 

Cheers Tom!

Verizon’s NFL Mobile App Will Cover 2011 Draft, is that a DROIDX2 in the Commercial for it?

So Verizon, where’d the camera button go on that DROIDX in your new commercial?  That wouldn’t be a DROIDX2, would it?

As many of you know, it’s long been rumored that the new DROIDX2 would lack a physical camera button since the on-screen one does a fine job by itself, but is there any chance that Big Red would slip it in a commercial weeks before it has even been announced?  At first glance, we certainly thought they did…and then we stumbled upon the 19 second mark while going frame-by-frame and found a red blotch lookin’ as DROIDX-y as ever.  Hypebeast.   (more…)

Watch NFL Network and RedZone for Free this Weekend on Verizon

Who wants free NFL action on their phone all weekend?  I know you do.  I know I do.

Verizon is offering up free live streaming of Sunday night’s game plus NFL RedZone and NFL Network access.  You could have watched last night’s game between the Dolphins and Bears too, but we told you about this just a little too late.  All you have to do is grab the NFL Mobile app from the market and start dominating like my fantasy team has been doing all year.

And speaking of fantasy, our Survivor pools are down to the final 3 and 4 teams!  For those still alive, don’t forget to make your picks!

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