Video: Google Glass, meet the NFL. NFL, meet Google Glass.


Since Google Glass hit the streets, many have spoken of the device’s potential game-changing (pun intended) features that could find their way into sports arena across the world. If you could strap Google Glass to the face of today’s top athletes, we could see exactly what they see as they hit a monster home run or make the perfect pass for a game-winning touchdown. The possibilities are practically endless. ESPN was able to get Glass onto the heads of two St. Louis Ram’s players and the team’s general manager, showing them what the future could be like with the help of the device.  (more…)

NFL Mobile and Flipboard Now Tablet Optimized on Android

A couple of popular Android apps received updates this morning that make them tablet optimized. NFL Mobile, the Verizon exclusive, now supports bigger screens with a new tablet UI, is ready for the post season, will have live video of select post season games (including the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl), and live audio of all post seasons games.

Flipboard, the popular news feed app that came over from iOS this year, received an update that only lists it as being “bug fixes,” however, it actually introduces a new tablet optimized layout. Instead of flipping up and down to jump between pages and stories, you now flip left and right. It looks a lot like the newest Google Currents, actually – very nice update.  (more…)

NFL Mobile Live Video is Free for Verizon Customers September 27 to October 1

According to Verizon’s Facebook page, NFL Mobile is free to their customers through the weekend. So if you are interested in catching tonight’s game between the Ravens and Browns on your smartphone, you can do that at no charge. If that game sounds like the snoozefest of the century, then try to relax, because all of Sunday’s action will be available as well. September 27 through October 1 is the promo period.

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Google Now Fixes Bug That Kept Us from Seeing Football Scores This Weekend

If you are like me and looked down at your phone a few moments ago, you might have noticed that Google Now had a notification telling you that your favorite NFL team won or lost their game in the past few days. Google rolled out NFL teams to the Sports card a few weeks back but come Sunday, no scores would show up.

An XDA thread that has been brewing over the past few days said that Google knew about the problem and was investigating it and it seems like that was true. You now can get recaps and highlights for your teams from the cards in Google Now since it seems like Google has fixed this bug.

How many of you are still in the Droid Life Eliminator challenge after this week?

NFL Game Rewind for Tablets – Watch All Post-Air Grid Iron Action For a Hefty Fee

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to watch NFL games live, then this new NFL Game Rewind application may be just the thing for you. Made specifically for tablets, Game Rewind allows paid subscription holders to watch full on-demand games of their favorite teams. The service is great, but comes with a huge price tag. For full season access including playoffs and Super Bowl action, you’re looking at a full $70. Ouch.  (more…)

Reminder: Join the Droid Life NFL Eliminator and Win a Phone of Choice

Since Friday was the start of a holiday weekend, we wanted to make sure that you all saw our newest contest, the 3rd annual Droid Life NFL Eliminator Challenge. We are giving away a free phone to the winner, in case that helps you decide whether or not you want to join. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can participate in this by simply picking a single winner each week without much thought. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

If you outlast the competition, you get to pick out a brand new phone up to $650 in value. It doesn’t have to be something that came out recently either, because by the time this is over with, we should be past the holiday season and onto some incredible new phones. So, are you ready to join?  (more…)

Contest: Annual Droid Life NFL Eliminator Challenge is Open, Chance to Win a Phone of Your Choice

Yeah, I’d say I’m ready for some football. Just like we did last year and the year before, it’s time for the annual Droid Life NFL Eliminator Challenge. In last year’s contest, we upped the stakes by giving a way a phone of choice to the winner. Since that seemed to go over well, and our winner walked away with a brand new DROID RAZR MAXX, we’re sticking to that formula. For 2012, if you win this challenge, you get to choose a brand new phone from any carrier in the U.S. up to $650 in value. Ready?  (more…)

Google+ Partners With NFL for Live Fantasy Football Draft Hangouts

The time is almost here ladies and gentlemen. The return of the NFL season in the coming weeks also means that Fantasy Football season is starting as well. With Fantasy Football however, you are not always in the same room with the rest of your team owners during drafts or on Sundays, so Google+ and the NFL itself have gotten together to bring the hate love to everyone in your league, no matter where you are. has added hangout buttons to most of their fantasy pages, including the draft and game centers, so you can be with your friends even when they aren’t in the room. Google also said they are cranking up the maximum number of hangout viewers from 10 to 12 since most leagues go up to 12 users. This is a great use of Hangouts which are one of Google+’s biggest selling points.

Do you use NFL for your fantasy league? And if so are you going to be using this feature to gloat celebrate your victories over your friends?

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