New Mod Allows for NFC Actions While Screen is Off

When performing Near Field Communication (NFC) actions on our capable devices, the display must be on. Don’t know why exactly that is, but it’s just one of the rules. Well, thanks to a new mod from an XDA member, having the display on is no longer needed. After installing a new NFC.apk, you can simply tap your TecTiles or Android Beam with other users without having to unlock your device.

The mod is available so far for the Galaxy Nexus line of devices, the HTC One X, the Galaxy SIII, and the Nexus S. If you want to give it a go, then follow the via link down below.

Via: XDA

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Video: Quick Look at Samsung’s TecTiles in Action

Last night, Samsung introduced their latest product to the market called TecTiles which are NFC stickers that can be programmed to help you accomplish tasks. Since we saw some confusion in the comments about how they are programmed, what kinds of things can you ask them to do, and if they are reprogrammable, we thought a video to help explain them was needed. Here you go!  (more…)

Samsung Announces TecTiles, Brings Programmable NFC Tags to the Masses


Tonight, Samsung announced their newest non-hardware creation called TecTiles. These are programmable NFC tags that will be available through major carriers at the launch of the Galaxy SIII. Their goal with TecTiles is to help NFC reach the masses and become a part of our everyday lives. Since the GS3, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy SII (some models), HTC One X and so many other devices all have NFC chips inside, this should be simple, right?  (more…)

A Simple Factory Reset Could Break Your Google Wallet Forever, Learn How to Safeguard Your Info

In the Android community, factory resets and phone wipes are almost second nature, even if you aren’t a prolific ROM flasher. There are ways to get your information back onto your phone rather quickly after these wipes, but a security feature in Google Wallet leaves you with the potential of the application never working again after even a simple factory reset. (more…)

Isis Mobile Wallet Announces First Batch of Merchants for Austin and Salt Lake City Launches

Isis Mobile Wallet will launch this summer in two test cities:  Austin,  TX and Salt Lake City, Utah. When that happens, owners of NFC-enabled phones in those cities will have “hundreds” of merchants to choose from that will take advantage of this new mobile payment option. As a service backed by Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, Isis is going to be the payment option of the future – today’s released list is evidence of that.  (more…)

Google Maps Update Brings Offers and Indoor Directions to Your Map, Shazam Update Enables Android Beam Tag Sharing

A few interesting updates await you in the Play Store today if you head on over. First up is an update for arguably the best app of all time, Google Maps. The application will now show you Google Offers based on your location, so if you’re walking around downtown you can find where to go to lunch and save some money. The map view of this is particularly handy. Also tucked into this update is “360 degree panoramas inside restaurants and stores” and indoor walking directions for the US and Japan. Both of which can be pretty interesting once they become more widespread.

Shazam also has an update waiting for you, one that enables NFC if you have it. You can “swap tags and share your favorite music” through Android Beam just by tapping your two phones together (provided you both have NFC). Now you can really be that guy who shares the music with all of his friends.

Play LinksMaps | Shazam

[Deal] Seidio 3800mAh Extended Battery with NFC for Galaxy Nexus $57.95

Solid deal in our store today that we wanted to point out. The Seidio 3800mAh extended battery with NFC is available for $57.95. If you bought this from Seidio’s store, it would run you almost $75. It’s a tank of a battery, but if you need a phone that can last longer than a day, this would help get you there. We did a quick hands-on with the battery last week to give readers an idea of the thickness and weight it adds – you can view that here.


Isis NFC Payment System Receives Official Name, Secures First Banks, and Briefly Discusses Plans for 2012 Rollout

Isis – the NFC mobile payment system that was started by Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T – received its first banking partners today, along with a product name and some details on how they plan to roll out. The product will officially be called Isis Mobile Wallet and will welcome in Capital One, Chase and Barclaycard as their first card partners. Since they already secured Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, it’s now up to the rest of the banking industry to give their cards the thumbs up.

Not familiar with Isis? Again, this NFC-based mobile payment system was created by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T with hopes of making NFC and mobile payments a common practice. They fell under scrutiny a couple of months ago when it was discovered that Google Wallet (a direct competitor) was not accessible on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Most pointed fingers directly at their Isis product as the reason why Wallet was not allowed on the phone. Verizon denied that they were blocking it and that it had anything to do with Isis.

So far though, we have not heard any of Isis’ plans to actually produce a product that we can use. According to their press release today, we should see the first markets go live some time in mid-2012. The first two cities to get access are Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX with a nationwide rollout happening soon after.

No matter what, this is amazing news for the NFC industry. With these 3 carriers behind it, all of the major credit card companies, and a first batch of banks, mobile payments will soon be in your lives. NFC chips are becoming more common in newer phones and by the end of the year or early 2013, you may be ditching your wallet after all.

Via:  Isis