Rumor: Motorola Nexus Coming in Q4?

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“I just want a Motorola Nexus!” How often have you seen that in the comments of this site? Probably more than you can count, right? Taylor Wimberly, who was spot on with details of the Moto X months before it launched, has heard from sources that Motorola and Google will finally partner up to release one in Q4 of this year. He doesn’t have any other details other than it won’t be a Moto X turned Nexus, but could potentially be a different device altogether.  (more…)

Nexus Binaries Now Support JDQ39 to JDQ39E, Which is Still Android 4.2.2


Thought we should point out that this morning, Google updated the Nexus binaries page to show that Android 4.2.2 binaries now support JDQ39 to JDQ39E. For those not familiar, JDQ39E is the newest build of Android 4.2.2 that was pushed to AOSP back in April. It’s nothing major when compared to JDQ39, and who knows if we’ll ever even see it as an update.

Our sights are still set on Android 4.3 for the time being.

Via:  Google Developers

HTC One “Nexus Experience” Confirmed by Sundar Pichai, Available June 26 for $599

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Sundar Pichai is on stage at D11 this morning, and right out of the gate announced that they will sell an HTC One “Nexus Experience” through Google Play on June 26 for $599. This device was rumored and denied and rumored again shortly after Samsung and Google announced their “Nexus Experience” edition of the Galaxy S4 at I/O, but over the last week, rumors picked up that HTC would indeed be offering a similar experience on their newest flagship. Today, that rumor is confirmed.  (more…)

LG Exec Claims Company is Not Working on the Nexus 5, No “Google Edition” Phones Either

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Even though Larry Page reportedly stopped off at LG HQ in early May to discuss the next Nexus smartphone, LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Won has stated in an interview that his company is not working on what the media has dubbed the “Nexus 5.” While Won and LG consider the Nexus 4 as “a great success despite the production problems,” they do not need another Nexus to remain successful. Over the last year, LG has made a strong climb up the Android ranks, selling personal record numbers of smartphones that include the Optimus G and recently released Optimus G Pro. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that LG is not willing to work with Google again on another Nexus device, this simply means that they aren’t making this oft-rumored Nexus 5.  (more…)

New Google Play Shipping Options Coming May 28

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If you have ever ordered anything from Google Play, you have likely had the same reaction to the shipping cost that we seem to have every time of “Oh come on now, one flat fee to rule them all?” There are no shipping choices other than “Ships in 1-2 business days,” which ranges from $5.99 for a $19.99 Bumper to $13.99 for devices like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. While faster shipping options are always welcomed, there are times when we wouldn’t mind going with something a little more budget-friendly. According to sources of ours, new shipping options are scheduled to arrive this week, possibly tomorrow.  (more…)

HTC One “Google Edition” Said to be Imminent, After the Company Denied Its Existence

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Within an hour of Google’s announcement at I/O that they would soon sell a special “Nexus experience” edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4, rumors popped up suggesting that HTC would do something similar with the One. And as soon as those rumors surfaced, HTC quickly shot them down, claiming that a “Nexus edition” was not in their plans. Well, here we are a week later, and rumors have once again surfaced surrounding a “Google Edition” of HTC’s popular One device. According to sources who spoke to both and Modaco, an announcement is imminent, potentially happening next week.  (more…)