Nexus 5 in Red to Hit Google Play on February 4 According to Sprint Internal Doc

According to a recently leaked internal document from Sprint, the Nexus 5 in Bright Red is set to hit Google Play on February 4, 2014. Since the Nexus 5 works on three out of the four major carriers in the US, it makes sense for carriers to start seeding out information to their employees before the release.

It doesn’t appear that the red Nexus 5 is going to be a Sprint exclusive, given that Google wouldn’t place the device on sale through Google Play for a carrier exclusive color. Plus, it’s a Nexus – there has never been a carrier exclusive colored Nexus device, so we assume they aren’t going to start now.  (more…)

Boxes and Boxes of a Red Nexus 5 Variant. (Updated)

Weren’t buying into last week’s purported image of a red Nexus 5 variant? Would a couple of pictures from a warehouse showing boxes and boxes of the same model in retail packaging help? If so, here you go. Thanks to pictures tweeted by @artyomstar, we are certainly leaning towards a bright red version of Google’s latest flagship phone to be on the way.

The images – included above and below – appear to show red Nexus 5s packaged up and ready for shipping, likely to retailers. There are labels for LG (the manufacturer), specifics on the storage size (these are 16GB units), a couple of IMEIs, and a potential country (GBR) that these specific boxes will be shipped off to.  (more…)

Red Nexus 5 Makes Appearance, Coincidentally Arrives at Same Time as Fake Color Leak

Thanks to Vietnamese site Vietnamnet, we are getting a look at what could be the third color variant for Google’s current flagship, Nexus 5. The site posted an image early this morning of a Nexus 5 with a bright red backing, similar to the color of red we have seen in the official N5 Bumper and Nexus 7 Sleeve. It’s very Lumia-esque, and almost a neon red, if you will. According to the outlet, this is only a sample product, but retail availability is expected around February or March.  (more…)

Google Play Hosting 25% Off Deal on Select Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Accessories

For a limited time only, Google Play is hosting a 25% off deal on select Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 accessories. It’s not the longest list, but if you were looking to score a Nexus 5 bumper case or a Nexus 7 folio case, now is the time to do it. The deal looks to be limited to cases and sleeves, so don’t get your hopes up for 25% off on a wireless charger or anything like that.  (more…)

25+ Tips and Tricks for the Nexus 5

I know this seems like it is three months late, but here we are, bringing you our latest in the “25+ tips and tricks” video series, this time for the Nexus 5. These tips and tricks clips became a regular feature here on DL over the last year, thanks to a great reader response both here and on YouTube. Since we had enough requests of, “Where is the Nexus 5 tips and tricks video?” we finally brought one to life.

As you can imagine with a tips and tricks video for the Nexus 5, a lot of what you will see is simple Android tips and tricks. With the Nexus 5 running (mostly) stock Android 4.4, many of the tips we show were already featured in our Kit Kat tips and tricks video that were released shortly after it launched. Still, we try to hammer through them quickly and efficiently, so that even novice users can learn a thing or two about their new device.

We touch on everything from wireless charging and turning off Google Now, to switching between 3rd party launchers using the newly introduced built-in setting and snapping photos with volume keys.  (more…)

Contest: Win a Nexus 5 32GB From DL and Cruzerlite (Update: Winner Picked)

The Droid Life team is partnering up with Cruzerlite, a maker of fine cases for a variety of Android devices, to give away a brand spanking new Nexus 5 32GB smartphone. We have reviewed and given away plenty of Cruzerlite cases for different Android-powered devices before, so we are happy to be working with them yet again.

The Nexus 5 is still a top contender for best phone for your money on the market, with its 5″ 1080p display, timely updates to new versions of Android from Google, and that speedy Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor.

As we typically do for contests, we’ve gone with Rafflecopter since it makes the entry and winner choosing incredibly simple for everyone. You can enter numerous ways (giving you more entries) or by picking and choosing. It’s completely up to you, but this way we give more people an opportunity to win.

This contest is for U.S. entries only. Ready?  (more…)