Koush Updates Mirror Beta App With Android Mirroring to Chromecast, Only Rooted Nexus 5 Supported

It seems like Chromecast is finally getting kicked off in terms of development, with developers using the SDK left and right to update their apps to support the HDMI dongle. What we’ve all been waiting for, though, is native Android mirroring to Chromecast similar to Apple’s AirPlay feature for iOS. It looks like we’re now one step closer, with famed developer Koushik Dutta having updated his Mirror app to support the streaming stick in a very beta way.


Wednesday Poll: Which OEM Would You Want to Make the Next Nexus Smartphone?

With the Nexus rumors for 2014 already warming up quite nicely, it’s time to see which OEM our readers would want to make the next Nexus smartphone from Google. We know plenty of folks would love for the new Motorola create a Nexus device, and if rumors are anything, that could very well happen. Unfortunately for Moto fans, the same “rumors” are now pointing to LG making the next Nexus phone.

Alas, that is the beauty of rumors, and nothing is ever confirmed until an official announcement is made. With the Nexus 5 being released back in October, we still have quite some time before we see what Google actually has in store for this year.

We have seen Google take quite a stance with the launch of Google Play Edition devices over the past year, with a total of five different devices becoming available, all from different OEMs. Is GPE the future of the Nexus program? Potentially, but that’s a story for another day.

Let us know below which OEM has your vote for the 2014 Nexus smartphone.

Which OEM do you want to make the next Nexus smartphone?

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Cruzerlite’s TRUGLASS Nexus 5 Screen Protector [Review]

2013 seemed to be the year of the tempered glass screen protector. Rather than having to apply a terrible feeling plasticy, standard PET screen protector, people were choosing glass since it is both harder and feels better to the touch. But those protectors weren’t exactly the slimmest or easiest to apply, so the screen protector industry has moved towards a middle ground. Cruzerlite now carries a product called the TRUGLASS for the Nexus 5 that is certainly somewhere in the middle.  (more…)

Red Nexus 5 Appears to be Sold Out in Both 16GB and 32GB Variants

Over the weekend, the status of both red Nexus 5 models through Google Playswitched to “We are out of inventory.” Typically, we ignore these stock status changes as Google Play fluctuates regularly with inventory levels, but this time the “Please check back soon” message has stood up longer than usual. We aren’t sure if the red variant was a limited time release, if it sold quicker than Google had expected (less than a week), or if we just need to wait for someone to refresh the listing on a back-end to populate it with more phones.  (more…)

Contest: Win a Red Nexus 5 16GB Just for Being Awesome

Yesterday, we unboxed the red Nexus 5 in typical fun fashion. It was a good time and all, but during the clip, we mentioned that we had a second unit floating around the DL offices that would more than likely end up in the hands of one of you. Because we stick to our word, it’s time now to give this bright red Google flagship away.

The red Nexus 5 was introduced earlier this week as a third colorway for Google’s latest smartphone. Outside of the bright red exterior, it’s no different than the black or white variants that have been around since late 2013, and even comes in both 16GB and 32GB models at $349 and $399, respectively. From the comments of our unboxing, we can tell that people either love or hate the color – there isn’t much room for a mixed opinion on this one. Personally, I’m a fan, but I’m a fanboy of all things bright, shiny, and Google.

Whoever wins this, let’s hope you like beacons of bright red light. You ready?  (more…)

Red Nexus 5 Unboxed, Fondled.

The Nexus 5 in red is real, it exists, and it can now be purchased from Google Play. At $349 for the 16GB model, and $399 for the 32GB model, there is nothing different about this variant other than its bright exterior. Like, really bright exterior. If you have picked up any of the official Nexus accessories in bright red, then you’ll know exactly what I mean by that.

The specs are identical to the black and white versions. In other words, you are looking at a Snapdragon 800 processor, 4.95inch 1080p display, 8MP rear camera with OIS, 2300mAh battery, 2GB RAM, a Slimport, and connectivity on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.  (more…)

Cruzerlite Intelligent Wallet Case for Nexus 5 – Review

Protection for your device is very important – no one would deny that. With so many choices out there between glass screen protectors or even bumper cases, folks may even want to go the extra mile and cover up their Nexus 5 completely. The case we are looking at today is the Intelligent Wallet case from Cruzerlite, a case/cover that won’t have any troubles protecting your precious device from drops and scratches.  (more…)

Toast Wood Cover for Nexus 5 Hands-on and Overview

After posting that the Toast wood cover for the Nexus 5 had gone live, we saw a lot of requests for a hands-on tour, so here it is. The cover is made of Walnut which is harvested in the good ol’ US of A, which is then cut, packaged, and shipped right from Portland, OR. We were able to spend some time inside the Toast facility a bit ago, so be sure to check out our tour right here(more…)