Wednesday Poll: Spend More Time Streaming Media or Playing Games?

Our Android phones and tablets are becoming go-to entertainment devices whether we are on the move, lying in bed, or lost a battle with the wife for TV remote supremacy. With Netflix, Hulu, and a number of popular games finding their way to the platform along with HD screens, why wouldn’t you want to use your phone more? The games are console-quality now, select handsets are receiving HD feeds from movie services, and competing music stores keep one-upping each other. It’s a good time to be obsessed with your smartphone.

What takes up more of your time though? Are you a constant gamer or do you pass the time streaming video or music? Favorite game or media service?

Spend More Time Streaming Media or Playing Games?

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Netflix Updated – Facebook Sharing For Non-US Users, Software Volume Controls Added For Tablet Users

The ever-so-popular Netflix for Android application has been updated, bringing a few neat new features for everyone’s enjoyment. We had been hoping it was the “HD for everyone” update, but alas, we must still be patient for that.

Non-US users (sorry, folks) can now share shows and movies with their Facebook friends. For tablet users, they now have the ability to control the app’s volume with software controls instead of using the hardware buttons and there is also improved audio/video syncing across the board for all devices. Solid update for a solid application.

Full Changelog:

  • Added Facebook sharing for Android phones and tablets in Latin America, Canada, the UK and Ireland
  • Added software volume controls for tablet users
  • Improved audio/video syncing for tablets and phones
  • Resolved split picture and flickering issues on select tablets

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Download: HD Netflix For Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus

The good folks over at XDA have brought a working HD Netflix application to the Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus.  It could quite possibly be the same app you would find on the DROID RAZR which also came stock with the HD version of the app.  You should probably uninstall any other Netflix you have loaded so they don’t clash and then install this as you would any other 3rd party app.  Enjoy some HD Pawn Stars.

Download:  Netflix_HD.apk 

Via: XDA

Cheers Eric!

Netflix App Adds Ice Cream Sandwich Support, Facebook Rolls Out Extra Features For Newly Designed App

Two major apps have received updates in time for some folks to enjoy them on their recently acquired Galaxy Nexus devices. Coincidentally or not is Netflix with its newly added support of Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Down in Palo Alto, Facebook keeps making the application better and better with a bunch of hot new features to allow for much easier navigation through the completely redesigned app.

Down below we have added the changelogs for both apps and links for you to go grab the newest versions from the Android Market.  Enjoy.  (more…)

Verizon Looking To Acquire Netflix For $4.6 Billion?

As reported by Bloomberg, Verizon might be starting the process of purchasing another “big red” giant in the United States.  Netflix.  According to an investment banker with ties to Verizon, they are beginning to look at ways of snatching up profits and cutting costs from video streaming services such as Netflix and move beyond just their Fios service.

As stated in their report, if the deal takes place it is said to possibly take place in April of next year.  Will Netflix be better than ever if owned by Verizon?  Could this mean Verizon devices will all come pre-loaded with the app? And what does this mean for non-Verizon phones?  There is always a chance that this move would keep the mobile product unchanged too.

Via: Bloomberg 

Netflix App on Android Receives Tablet UI Overhaul, Ahead of iPad Version

The Netflix team released an update to their Android app today that includes a new tablet experience for bigger screened devices. The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are supported as well, so the timing couldn’t have been better. It’s very similar to what you see on TV-centric Netflix apps and is a welcomed visual overhaul. With that said, this app might be the slowest and clunkiest in the history of all Android apps. Well, either that or my XOOM and its dual-core processor just isn’t powerful enough these days. Through the first few minutes with it, I kept hoping for it to return to being snappy and fluid, but that just never happened. Here’s to hoping that the next update includes some performance tweaks.  (more…)

Amazon Reminder: Kindle Fire Runs Android Apps – Will Have Facebook, Pandora, Netflix and More at Launch

Amazon sent out a press release just minutes ago to remind everyone that their Kindle Fire is the real deal, is only a week away, and will run all of your favorite Android apps including Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, Angry Birds and more. Thanks to the buit-in Amazon AppStore, any of the apps you purchase or use are also available on any of your other Android devices, just like you experience now (that would include your catalog of free “Apps of the Day” too). No need to re-register from device to device; simply login and get back to mowing down zombies through PvZ.

Most of the apps have also been “Amazon-tested” to work with the Kindle Fire, which probably doesn’t mean that there will be special Fire versions, but that they have simply been tested to work. Think about it, it took Facebook almost 2 years to produce an iPad-specific app, the Fire isn’t getting that lucky.

Priced at $199, you can pick one up at a variety of retailers nationwide starting on November 15. Of course, you can pre-order one now and have it shipped to your door that very same day, but we know how some of you enjoy stepping foot in big box stores to pick up the latest buzzworthy product.  (more…)