Netflix App on Android Receives Tablet UI Overhaul, Ahead of iPad Version

The Netflix team released an update to their Android app today that includes a new tablet experience for bigger screened devices. The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are supported as well, so the timing couldn’t have been better. It’s very similar to what you see on TV-centric Netflix apps and is a welcomed visual overhaul. With that said, this app might be the slowest and clunkiest in the history of all Android apps. Well, either that or my XOOM and its dual-core processor just isn’t powerful enough these days. Through the first few minutes with it, I kept hoping for it to return to being snappy and fluid, but that just never happened. Here’s to hoping that the next update includes some performance tweaks.  (more…)

Amazon Reminder: Kindle Fire Runs Android Apps – Will Have Facebook, Pandora, Netflix and More at Launch

Amazon sent out a press release just minutes ago to remind everyone that their Kindle Fire is the real deal, is only a week away, and will run all of your favorite Android apps including Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, Angry Birds and more. Thanks to the buit-in Amazon AppStore, any of the apps you purchase or use are also available on any of your other Android devices, just like you experience now (that would include your catalog of free “Apps of the Day” too). No need to re-register from device to device; simply login and get back to mowing down zombies through PvZ.

Most of the apps have also been “Amazon-tested” to work with the Kindle Fire, which probably doesn’t mean that there will be special Fire versions, but that they have simply been tested to work. Think about it, it took Facebook almost 2 years to produce an iPad-specific app, the Fire isn’t getting that lucky.

Priced at $199, you can pick one up at a variety of retailers nationwide starting on November 15. Of course, you can pre-order one now and have it shipped to your door that very same day, but we know how some of you enjoy stepping foot in big box stores to pick up the latest buzzworthy product.  (more…)

Asus Transformer Receives Minor Update: Netflix Support May Be Included, New Dock Software Too

The Asus Transformer appears to be receiving a surprise update today that takes it to build and possibly includes Netflix support.  A Netflix logo found a home on the Transformer’s landing page some time ago, leading us to speculate that support for the streaming movie/TV service could have come with Android 3.2.  When that update arrived without it, our dreams were shattered.  Thankfully, that disappointment was short-lived.  Asus sure knows how to treat their Android customers.

Oh, the dock software was also updated to EP101-0213 (drop into a dock to update).

Transformer owners, go grab Netflix and see if it works!

Cheers Todd!

Buy an LG Revolution, Receive 3 Free Months of Netflix (Updated: Commercial Added)


If you were looking for a reason to buy the LG Revolution, then maybe this newly announced Netflix promo will help.  Starting today and ending on August 28, Verizon and Netflix have partnered up to give each newly purchased Revolution a 3-month free subscription to their streaming service.  Current Netflix customers are also eligible for this promo.

Beginning 7/22/2011 through 8/28/2011, customers who purchase the LG Revolution on a new two year contract will receive three free months of Netflix streaming service valued at $7.99/month.

Not a bad deal, but I’m still not sure this is enough to make me lock into a 2-year contract for this phone when we know that the DROID Bionic is seemingly 2 weeks away.

And we had to laugh at breakdown they provided of how many movies per month you can watch on their tiered data plans. We’re assuming that those numbers would mean how many movies you could watch if you didn’t use data on any other service like Gmail or internet.  Damn tiers.  Sort of sad that the day we get super fast internet with big screens and services that allow us to utilize them properly, is the same day that we get shot down into tiers so that we can no longer fully take advantage of them without breaking the bank.   (more…)

Flashable Zip Gains Access To Netflix On Rooted Asus Transformers

Yesterday we found out that the newest Netflix update allowed Honeycomb tablets to enjoy all the movie streaming goodness. Well unfortunately, our rooted Asus Transformer friends were left out in the cold, but a developer over at XDA wasn’t going to let this happen for long, and decided to make it work.

Mistar Muffin has just released a flashable zip for rooted Transformers which takes a certain file ( from the Motorola XOOM and pushes it to the system of the Transformer, making Netflix miraculously stream the Red Monster (my nickname for Netflix).  (more…)

New Netflix Version 1.3 Works On Honeycomb Tablets, Download It Here

Great news for all of the Honeycomb tablets out there wishing they could have Netflix. Today Netflix updated their application to allow support for additional devices, and we sure didn’t expect support for tablets. We have confirmation of it working on ASUS Transformer (some), Motorola XOOM, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Could this be because Lenovo has just announced Netflix support on their new line of tablet devices? Download and install as you would any other apk.

Download: Netflix.apk

Cheers 0mie!