Google Videos Coming To Your Phone In The Very Near Future?

Google looks to be prepping for a release of their Videos app for smartphones very shortly. For some lucky users, it has been showing up in the Android Market, then disappearing though. There’s only a few things Google really needs to implement with this release for it to be successful – Allow rooted phones to use it, lower the renting price of movies, and make sure there aren’t device compatibility issues like we’ve seen from competitors. But alas, most of these will not happen. We can dream, right?  (more…)

TI’s OMAP4 Processor is First to Receive Netflix HD Certification, DROID3 a Lot More Attractive?

Texas Instruments announced today that its OMAP4 platform has achieved the first Netflix HD certification for mobile, which means that Android devices using their processors just became a heck of a lot more attractive.  TI was able to meet the strict security measures through their M-Shield technology  which is also able to provide optimal playback time, while maintaining low CPU loading so that mobile devices can run other apps and services.  With Netflix HD, OMAP4 devices can stream full 1080p HD content or mirror it through their bigger screened TVs, monitors, etc.

Anyone starting to consider the DROID3 now?  We’re almost 100% sure that the D3 is running an OMAP4 processor, leading us to believe that it will support Netflix HD at some point down the road.  Sure, it’s 4″ screen may not seem super optimal for HD content, but it’s HDMI mirroring sure does.

And are we now hoping for an OMAP in the DROID Bionic?  Umm, yep.   (more…)

Netflix Updated on Android, Now Officially Supports DROIDX on Gingerbread

Netflix on Android just received a spicy little update that brings official support to the DROIDX running Gingerbread.  Previous market versions actually worked a couple of weeks ago on leaked 2.3 for the DX when Team Netflix removed the device check from the app, but now things should be a little more consistent during that installation process.  Go grab it now!

Market Link

Cheers @chad917!

Hacked Netflix on Android No Longer Working? Feel Free to Try the Real Market Version

The hacked Netflix app that was floating around a couple of weeks ago seems to have been shut down for good last night, so we thought this was a good time to remind everyone that you no longer need it on most phones.  We posted up the market version last Thursday for everyone to try because Netflix removed the device check, leaving it wide open to more than they list in the market.  That’s right, the stock DROIDX2 pictured above is running the untouched market version of the app and is not listed as a compatible device.  We’re pretty sure it still won’t work on the Thunderbolt, but people are having a fair amount of luck on other phones.

You can download it here. [mirror] [mirror]

Cheers @davekover for the reminder!

Netflix Removes Device Check, Should Work on Most Android Devices (Updated)

We just threw up a post about the latest Netflix update which brought support to the original DROID, but what we failed to originally realize is that the update removed the device check which means in theory, that it should be able to work on all phones.  Well, guess what?  I loaded it up on my DROIDX2 (which is “not” supported) and it installed just fine and is now streaming a video.  I’m loading it up on other devices too, but wanted to make sure you all knew.  Feel free to grab it below and install – let us know how it goes!


Download:  Netflix.apk

*Note – this is not a hacked version.  This is 100% the market version.

Update:  Works on Thunderbolt (rooted 2.3), DROIDX2, DROIDX (2.3), and Xperia PLAY.

Update 2:  No XOOM support though.

Update 3:  Looks like it’s pretty hit or miss.  Definitely sounding like it’s not working on stock Thunderbolt which is a damn shame.

Cheers Brandon!

Netflix on Android Updated to Support the Original DROID (Updated)

The Netflix app on Android just received an update and apparently supports our old friend, the Motorola DROID.  That’s right, the OG is still getting love even after almost 2 years of life.  There is a chance that it will only work if you are running Android 2.2, but feel free to try it on one of those 2.3 ROMs.

We also received a report that it may no longer be working on rooted DROID Incredibles, but can’t 100% confirm that.  Our Inc is running Gingerbread with root and definitely doesn’t work, but almost didn’t expect it to since the requirement is 2.2.  Anyone else having issues with their rooted Inc after updating?

Update:  Our guy with issues is also running 2.3.  Looks like that is the problem.  We have confirmation from rooted 2.2 owners that are not experiencing issues and still enjoying their favorite movies and shows.

Cheers Mark, Romma, and Clayton

Hacked Netflix App Now Works On Most Devices

Hooray for the amazing people at XDA, again. Thanks to their hard work we have a working version of the Netflix applicaton for most devices. The hack makes it so the application doesn’t check the Device ID, allowing for all the Netflix streaming goodness we have wanted all along. There are currently two versions: one which should work just fine for everyone, and another is for those who experience a crash after launching. Give the first a try and if you have issues, come back for the second. If you continue to have issues, contact the Devs at the forum.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Via: XDA

Cheers Terry!