Hacked Netflix App Now Works On Most Devices

Hooray for the amazing people at XDA, again. Thanks to their hard work we have a working version of the Netflix applicaton for most devices. The hack makes it so the application doesn’t check the Device ID, allowing for all the Netflix streaming goodness we have wanted all along. There are currently two versions: one which should work just fine for everyone, and another is for those who experience a crash after launching. Give the first a try and if you have issues, come back for the second. If you continue to have issues, contact the Devs at the forum.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Via: XDA

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Netflix Releases Android App for DROID Incredible, Other Select Devices

Netflix has finally released their Android app.  Let’s all take a minute to breathe…and now it’s time to get fired back up again.  The app is only supported on a select handful of devices at this time, including the DROID Incredible and Nexus S.  Anyone else see a device or two missing?  Maybe the Thunderbolt or brand new Incredible 2?  We’ll just assume that they are working hard to bring it to all of these devices since they both run Snapdragon processors.  As far as all of the Moto devices in the building though, it could be a while.  We’ll see what we can find out.   (more…)

Netflix Posts New “Senior Android Developer” Position on Craigslist

We have a feeling that a release of Netflix on Android is just around the corner, especially if you look at the new posting for a Sr. Software Engineer the movie streaming giant just posted on Craigslist in San Fran.  The LG Revolution is expected to be the first Android device to receive a thumbs up from Netflix and could be here this Thursday, so with new jobs opening that are geared specifically to better the experience on this platform, then you’ve got to be excited.  Or should we be worried?

We are looking for a Sr. Software Engineer to help us build the absolute best experience on Android-based handsets and any other platform that may come down the road. In this role, you will participate in the implementation of the Netflix application in all of its various components from the UI shell down to the media playback stack.

It is a great time to be at Netflix and a great time to be working on mobile at Netflix; we currently have more than 20 million members and are now a video streaming company, first and foremost. The goal for Netflix on Android is to enable Netflix users the ability to watch Netflix wherever they are on their Android device.

Does this actually mean that we’re farther from a release than anyone imagined?  We would have expected there to be a Sr. something or other heading up the Android project already, unless of course this is just an additional one to help out the mass launch we have all dreamed of.

Anyone interested?

Via:  Craigslist

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Leaked Netflix Android App has a New Message for Users, How Close are We to Launch?

Over the last couple of days, the leaked Netflix app for Android has started showing the message you are seeing above, leading us to believe that the LG Revolution could actually meet that May 12 launch date that was dropped in our inbox on Tuesday.  Most of you know by now that the REVO will more than likely be the first Android device to support Netflix, so when we see the Android version of the app referencing a “Netflix Ready Devices” list, we have to assume we’re getting close.

And you may remember that previous errors upon use referenced codes and other indecipherable nonsense, so seeing a new message that any fool can understand has us at least a little intrigued.

Oh, and I already checked that URL and it’s definitely not showing anything Android.

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Netflix All But Confirmed to Come Pre-installed on the LG Revolution

There are times when the LG Revolution feels like the forgotten step-child of Verizon’s 4G LTE family, but it shouldn’t be, especially since it will likely launch as the first Android phone with Netflix.  We’ve seen a working Netflix app appear a couple of times at trade shows through this device, so it’s fair to say that the screenshot above doesn’t surprise us.  The good thing here though, is that it’s the first time we’ve seen a “Coming soon!” and Netflix mentioned on the same document next to the phone.

To recap the Revolution a bit, just know that it’ll be priced at $249, has a 4.3″ screen, 5MP camera, 1GHz single-core Snapdragon processor, will run 2.2, and could possibly be stock, but more than likely will have an LG skin on it.  I’d call it the least awesome of the four devices from Verizon, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t good.

Via:  Android Central

Netflix on Android Confirmed for Snapdragon Phones First

Qualcomm happened to mention to our friends over at Android and Me during CES that the Netflix app would be coming to Android phones running their Snapdragon processors first due to their grasp on security and today, they confirmed it at MWC.  We had seen a random video of an LG Revolution running the Netflix app back at CES and since that device runs on a Snapdragon, it is no longer surprising.  No word at all on when phones with Tegra 2′s or other processors might see streaming movie goodness, but I’m sure they are working a hard as they can do get it done.  So yeah, that means no Netflix any time soon on your XOOM.  And maybe HTC has something up their tablet sleeve for their event tonight?

Not that you needed one, but I guess this gives you another reason to consider the Thunderbolt.  It’s almost guaranteed to have Netflix support before anyone else in the Android game.   (more…)

Netflix Android App Headed to Qualcomm Snapdragon Phones First?

The Netflix app has been in the works on Android for what seems like an eternity, but according to a Qualcomm rep we may actually be closer to a release than most of us had expected.  Our buddy Taylor over at Android and Me had the opportunity to hit up one of the processor gurus while at CES and the topic of Netflix came up.  This insider mentioned that Qualcomm is pushing to have the app released on their phones running Snapdragon processors first because of their sophisticated security measures…

“We have been working with Netflix to bring their service for the first time to Android phones. Because of our ability to have very sophisticated SecureMSM and all kinds of layers of security we have been able to get Netflix approval. We meet all of the very stringent security requirements of the studios and we have been working with an OEM to have Netflix come pre-loaded.”

Since we had seen the app running on an LG Revolution which has a Snapdragon processor, we could see the app in a matter of weeks.  Why so soon?  Well because the HTC Thunderbolt is also a Snapdragon phone and should be here some time in February.

Who’s ready for 4G LTE streamed movies?

Source:  Android and Me