Obama Urges FCC to Re-Classify Internet Under Title II to Keep It “Open and Free,” Include Mobile Broadband

Thanks in part to 4 million comments by the American people, President Barack Obama and the White House released a statement this morning in favor of net neutrality and keeping the internet “open and free.” His stance is that the internet is “essential” to our economy, is one of the greatest “gifts” to our society, and that the FCC should reclassify it under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, essentially turning it into a utility.  (more…)

“Orange Is The New App” Released to Google Play, Netflix’s Series Gets Its Own App

Have you been watching Orange Is The New Black, Netflix’s exclusive series, taking place inside of a female correctional facility? If you have been hesitant to give it a try, go for it – it’s actually pretty funny. Anyway, Netflix has released an official companion app for the series, allowing users to dive even deeper into a comedic drama that takes place inside Litchfield.  (more…)

Netflix Update v3.1.0 on Android Adds Profile Support

Historically, Netflix hasn’t had the most egalitarian attitude toward Android. An application wasn’t made available or Android devices until 2011, months after the iOS release, and for years had a user interface that bore the notorious unresponsiveness of an HTML wrapper. Of late, though, things have been improving: the Nexus 7 2013 was the first tablet to receive streams in 1080p HD, and version 3.0 of the Netflix app, released in October, vastly improved the fluidity of navigation on Android devices. In light of these recent positive steps, it’s only fitting that Netflix finally add a feature that’s been available on other platforms for the better half of a year: profile sign-in.  (more…)

Netflix Version 3.0 Ready for Rollout to Android, Brings New Life to Struggling App


Thank goodness, the Netflix team is starting to push out a completely updated Android app. Version 3.0 is starting to leak through the cracks, and it is a good update for anyone who has been frustrated over the current version’s icky performance. As of right now, the Netflix app stutters all over the place, having a hard time even scrolling through the endless lists of available content. It’s a poor experience, but 3.0 should fix that right up.  (more…)