Angry Birds Space Updated, Those Darn Pigs Stole the Mars Curiosity Rover!

NASA and Rovio have become best buddies with the launch of Angry Birds Space, and with the latest update, NASA is looking to the Birds to save the Mars Curiosity Rover from those pesky pigs. The update, now live in the Play Store, adds 20 levels of the Birds flying around the Red Planet looking to get the rover back from the evil pigs.

The game also adds volcanos and meteors as things to avoid on your way to smashing up pigs, adding to the already diverse maps in the game. There are even hidden rovers and landers for you to find on the red planet that unlock special levels and help to “discover more about the NASA missions.” If you are a die-hard Angry Birds fan, don’t miss this new region of space to play in.

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Cheers barski!

NASA’s PhoneSat Program to Launch Android-Powered Mini Satellites into Space

With the hope of restoring low-cost space exploration, NASA is planning to launch mini satellites into space powered by Nexus One and Nexus S smartphones. The program, called “PhoneSat” aims to launch the “lowest-cost satellites ever flown into space,” which I’m guessing just wasn’t possible if they used an iPhone instead. Zing? Two prototype satellites exist as of now, one being version 1.0, powered by the Nexus One and other is version 2.0 powered by the Nexus S.  (more…)