Razer Nabu Open Beta Begins, Razer Looking for 500 Hardcore Razer Fans for Testing

Back in January at CES, the gaming-hardware company Razer jumped into the wearable technology race with their announcement of the Nabu. When CES ended, the Nabu was something we were eagerly awaiting, but since then news of the wristband has died down. Part of that silence is due to the fact that Razer had to delay a previously announced beta preview of the product to make sure that it was fully hypoallergenic. The last thing Razer wanted to encounter with their new wearable was a situation similar to that which required a recall by Fitbit.

Razer is coming back swinging today by announcing an open beta for the Nabu – they are looking for fans of their products to test it for them.  (more…)

Razer Delays Developer Preview of Nabu, Wants to Make Sure its Hypoallergenic

We came away from CES back in January, looking forward to the release of the Razer Nabu smartband. It seemed like the perfect mix of notifications and fitness tracking, made by a computer company which most people hold in very high regard. It was stated at CES that the Nabu would likely be launched to a group of developers for an extremely attractive price of just $49.99 starting in Q1, however, as of this morning that timeframe has been pushed back.  (more…)