Amazon Announces Unlimited MP3 and Music Cloud Storage

Not to be out done by Google’s new cloud-based music service, Amazon has decided to step up its game in the free storage department.  The Amazon Cloud Player will now allow you to store an unlimited amount of music as long as you purchase one of their storage plans which start at $20 for 20GB.  You seriously can upload as many music files as possible and they will not take up any of the storage space that you purchased.  All of your previously purchased Amazon MP3s can also be uploaded for free.

And let’s not forget that you can get the upgrade to a 20GB plan just by purchasing an entire album from their music store – some can unlock the storage for just a couple of dollars if you find the right one.

Anyone willing to move away from Music Beta and back onto Amazon?

More info at Amazon’s site.

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Google Music App Updated, Songs Can Now Be Deleted From SD Card

Everyone’s new favorite cloud streaming music app (Google Music) has an update available in the market that brings one major feature which was curiously missing from the start:  song deleting.  If you have been making songs available offline, you have been unable to remove them afterwards – well until now.  All you have to do us go back into your “Make available offline” settings and unpin whatever you want removed.  It should wipe them out of your cache folder after doing so.

Market Link

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Google Music Beta Invites Start Rolling Out to the Masses

We first reported news that invites for Music Beta were being sent out to Motorola XOOM owners last week, but as of today, it’s looking like Google has opened the flood gates to almost everyone.  While I’ve been using the service for a week (and love it) thanks to an exclusive invite for attending Google I/O, another of my email addresses just received an invite.  Also, our very own Timotato just got his as well as a ton of our followers on Twitter.  It’s looking like a good day for music fans.  Check those inboxes!

Cheers everyone!

Google Starts Sending Out Music Beta Invites to Verizon XOOM Owners

On day 1 of Google I/O, we were told that Verizon Motorola XOOM owners would be receiving an invitation to their new Music Beta by Google service and are apparently delivering on that promise starting today.  The email below was just received by one of our readers…

Hello Motorola XOOM user,

We’d like to tell you about some changes to the Music player on your tablet. The latest app update now supports Music Beta, a new service from Google. As a Verizon Motorola XOOM user, you’ve been extended an early invitation to beta test this service.

Music Beta lets you store your personal music collection online and access it instantly without the hassle of wires or syncing.
Enjoy your music anywhere — listen on any web browser, your Motorola XOOM, or any other device running Android 2.2 or higher.
Save your favorite albums, artists, and playlists on your smartphone or tablet so you can keep listening even when you’re not connected.
Create your own custom playlists or build them automatically from a single song.
To get started, click the button below and sign in with your Google ID:

Get Started

The Android Team

We’ve been told that the link provided in the email isn’t working at this time and still just shows a “thanks for showing interest” message, but that will likely change before long and as the rollout for these invites really begins.  To check if you are one of the lucky XOOM owners though, head to

Cheers Steven!