US Cellular Expects the Moto G (3rd Gen) to Retail for $179

The new Moto G (3rd gen) is no secret at this point. We’ve seen renders, mentions on Motorola’s site of Moto Maker options, promo videos, and hands-on time with the phone all within the last week. There are still some questions, though, one of which involves price. How low will Motorola go with the new Moto G? Will they stick close to the 2nd generation’s $179 price point? According to a source of ours, that’s exactly where Motorola plans to land.  (more…)

Whoops! Here is the Promo Video and Specs for the Moto G (3rd Gen)

Motorola needs next Tuesday to get here in a hurry, because if this leak barrage goes on any longer, they aren’t going to have anything new to announce.

This afternoon, Brazilian retailer Americanas felt it was OK to go ahead and post an entire overview video of the yet-to-be-announced Moto G (3rd gen). The video walks through all of its meaningful specs, but they also included them in the description, in case there was any confusion.  (more…)

Moto G (3rd Gen) Might Have Been Fully Outed Thanks to Retailer Listings

Motorola is hosting an event on July 28 in New York, London, and Brazil that will more than likely be used to showcase a new Moto G (3rd gen). The leaks for this phone have been everywhere dating back a good month or so, but we received the biggest of them all today, thanks to a German  Swiss retailer. In fact, I think we now know just about everything we needed to know about this phone, outside of potential Moto Maker customizations, assuming this retailer isn’t just filling up a spec sheet with information based off rumor and speculation.

So what do we have?  (more…)

Report: Moto G (3rd Gen) Will Feature IPX7 Water Resistance

According to the latest photo leak, showing off the plastic screen protector on the frontside of the upcoming Moto G (3rd Gen), Motorola’s new budget-friendly smartphone will feature a bit of water resistance, coming with a rating of IPX7. This rating is not good for those who may want to go swimming with their phones, but if you happen to get a few splashes of liquid on the device, you should be just fine. (more…)

Here are (Supposed) Fresh Photos of the 3rd Gen Moto X and Moto G

Now that Motorola has set July 28 as the day they plan to break up the relationship between you and your current phone, don’t be surprised if a wave of leaks crashes down onto the interwebs, revealing bits and pieces of their plans. We would be shocked if a new Moto G (3rd gen) isn’t on hand, but are also crossing fingers over the idea that a new Moto X (3rd gen) could join the party as well. While nothing is confirmed, a fresh set of pictures that are allegedly of each device popped up last night to kickstart the fun.   (more…)