T-Mobile Moto X Gets Android 4.4.3, Moto G and Moto E Too

Remember the invites for participation in a soak test of a new software update that Motorola sent out last week to owners of the T-Mobile (unlocked) Moto X? Remember how we had no idea what it was? We now know. It’s Android 4.4.3 and what is more than likely a new record for an Android version update for non-Nexus or Google Play Edition phone.

The update, as can be seen in the screenshot above, not only includes Android 4.4.3, but introduces improved image quality and the ability to pause video while recording, as well. Users will also see the new dialer application that we highlighted yesterday, plus support for Motorola Alert, an app that was previously an exclusive to the Moto E.  (more…)

Motorola Hosting Live Moto E Hangout at Noon

Have questions about the newly launched Moto E from Motorola? Maybe just interested in listening to Motorola talk about their latest entry-level device? Tune in to the video below at noon Pacific for a live chat with VP of Product Marketing Steve Sinclair and Product Manager Bill Park.

If you have specific questions that you would like to see answered, hit them up on Twitter with your question and the hashtag #askmoto.

Once you are done watching their chat, be sure to check out our Moto E unboxing and comparison to the Moto X and Moto G. We also have a unit in-house, so if you have specific questions, be sure to drop those in the comments. (more…)

Video: Moto E vs. Moto G vs. Moto X

Who would have guessed that less than a year after Motorola gave us the Moto X, that we would have a whole family of “Moto” branded phones to compare. I sure didn’t picture it, yet that is exactly what we have. Thanks to last night’s unveiling of the Moto E, we now have three devices in total under the “Moto” name, the third being the previously announced Moto G. A fourth – the Moto 360 – will be here shortly.

Since we have three Moto devices, we decided to take a moment to compare them on camera. The differences here are subtle in some areas, then drastic in others. The Moto X, for example, has flagship features like Active Display and Touchless control, along with customizable options through MotoMaker. The Moto G and Moto E, on the other hand, have minimal software add-ons from Motorola and only swappable shells for customization.  (more…)

Moto E Unboxing and Tour

With a Moto E freshly announced and already in our hands, we couldn’t help but whip up a quick unboxing. The phone, while meant for emerging markets and the prepaid world, is incredibly affordable at $129 off-contract. It carries decent specs for a phone targeted at this type of audience, yet also boasts a number of key Motorola features that we have grown to love over the last year.

As a recap, the Moto E sports (full specs) a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GB RAM, 5MP camera, 1980mAh battery, and Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat.” It can be purchased from either Amazon or Motorola today, along with colorful Shells that give its backside some new life.  (more…)

Motorola Releases Moto Alert, Tracks You in Times of Need or Just Because

Motorola pushed a new app to Google Play this morning, called Moto Alert. The app, at least for now, is a Moto E exclusive that is somewhat of an emergency tracker. The app allows you to “alert people important to you when you need them.” Once you tell the phone to be on alert, it will then send periodic notifications with your location to select people you have designated. If you don’t want to use it for emergencies, you can also set Home, Work, and School locations, to let others know as you arrive or leave.

Again, the app appears to be a Moto E exclusive, but I would imagine we will see this become available to other Motorola devices before long. The app is free on Google Play.  (more…)

Moto E Will Cost $129 in the US

That title is no joke. The Moto E from Motorola costs $129 in the US. That’s $129 for a full-blown smartphone. Sure, it doesn’t have top tier specs, but if you need a replacement phone, are desperate for something new, need a phone for a child or are deciding if a smartphone is right for you, it could be a great unit to help you get your hands dirty. By all means, the Moto E is what all entry-level smartphones should be like.

To catch up, be sure to check out the full Moto E specs. Then check out the official introduction video(more…)

Moto E Specs

If you were looking for the official specs for the Moto E, from Motorola, we have them for you below.

The device, as we all expected, is indeed a phone that has been built to be priced for all. It’s affordable, yet still packs somewhat of a punch.  (more…)