Motorola Announces Top 10 Moto 360 Design Finalists, Here They Are!

A few weeks back, Motorola launched a contest that asked developers and designers to put together designs for its upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch. The idea was to have as many people as possible submit designs, then cut the field down to 10 which would be voted on by you and I to declare a winner. That winner would receive a free Moto 360. Today, the field was cut down to the 10 finalists.  (more…)

UK Accessory Site Claims It Knows Moto 360 Pricing

UK accessory dealer, Mobilefun, announced today that it has the “first UK price” for Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch, the Moto 360. So how much will it run you? For £199.99.99, the most anticipated smartwatch of the year can be yours, through a pre-order. We should point out that Mobilefun also has a US-based site, which now lists the Moto 360 for $279.49.  So, what do we make of these prices?  (more…)

New Motorola Codenames – XPlus1, xWatch, Titan, Quantum, and ULine – Talk Carriers and Verizon VoLTE

Motorola’s Punit Soni may or may not have just confirmed to us that the next Moto device will have a 1080p screen. The question now is – what phone was he using? Is it the Moto X+1 or something else altogether? Thanks to a leak through Hello Moto HK, who did some digging around in Motorola’s Bug2Go software, we may have a couple of options to consider. They were able to find six codenames for unreleased Motorola devices, a couple of which could be for the Moto 360, another than has to be the Moto X+1, and one that mentions “VoLTE” and “VZW.”  (more…)

Moto 360 Prototype With Screen on Makes Appearance, Looks Hefty

The Moto 360 in “prototype” form with its screen on made an up-close appearance today, thanks to the official Android Developers blog. The new image of the 360 comes courtesy of Googlers Roman Nurik and Timothy Jordan, who have the watch on wrist while testing a new Android Wear app in preparation for Google I/O. The image itself doesn’t give us new features or an understanding of its magical charging powers, but we can see how it looks with the display lit up, on someone’s wrist, in a real life situation.  (more…)

12 of the Best Moto 360 Design Concepts

A week ago, Motorola opened up a contest that asked designers to reveal their vision of the Moto 360. The prize? A Moto 360, of course. The contest itself didn’t grab our attention initially because Motorola included a potential price for the soon-to-be-released smartwatch of $249. But now that a week has passed since Motorola attempted to shut that price down, we can focus on all of the beautiful designs that have come through the contest, and boy, are there some great ones.

The entries are flooding in by the day, with the entry period closing on June 10. Since there are bound to be at least another 12 gems designed between today and the end of the contest, we may do this again. For now, we have put together a list of our top 12. If this doesn’t get you excited for the potential of the Moto 360, then I don’t know what will. Should Motorola allow third party skins or clock faces like this to be installed on their watch, then this could end up being the best piece of technology in the last few years.

Here is our list.  (more…)