How to: Change Moto 360 Watch Bands

Now that the official watch bands for the Moto 360 are available for individual purchase, we thought it was time for a tutorial on how to swap yours out. Motorola is going to recommend that you head into a jeweler to have the dirty work done, but with a single tool, you can do it yourself within a couple of minutes. It really is that easy.

As a recap, the leather and metal Moto 360 replacement watch bands are now available for $29.99 and $79.99, respectively. The metal bands come in light or dark stainless steel and can be purchased here. The leather bands, made by Horween, come in cognac, black, or stone and can be purchased here.

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Moto 360 Individual Leather and Metal Bands Now Available

Individual leather or metal watch bands for the Moto 360 are now available through Motorola’s online store. As was previously announced, the leather bands cost $29.99 each and the metal bands cost $79.99 each.

For leather, you are looking at options of cognac (brown), black, or stone. For metal, you can choose either light or dark finishes, both of which are stainless steel. The metal bands have a butterfly clasp, tri-link design, and again, are made of solid stainless steel of the “highest quality.” The leather comes from Horween, a tannery in the United States.

To swap out watch bands, Motorola recommends that you take the watch into a jeweler.

Motorola Links:  Leather Bands ($29.99) | Metal Bands ($79.99)  (more…)

Moto 360 With Slim Metal Bands, Including Champagne Gold, Now Available

Motorola is now selling the new slim band version of the Moto 360 through its own online shop as an “option for smaller wrists or for people who want a different look.” The slim bands come in metal, but aren’t necessarily cheaper than the thicker, original metal band 360s. The slim metal Moto 360 in a light finish runs $299, whereas the champagne gold edition jumps up to $329.  (more…)

Video: Asus ZenWatch vs. G Watch R and Moto 360

After running through a quick unboxing of the Asus ZenWatch, it only made sense to follow up with a comparison video of Asus’ premium Android Wear device to the other two smartwatch champions of the moment, the LG G Watch R and Moto 360. Each is outfitted in premium materials, like metals and leathers, but each is certainly different in its own right, whether that be through the quality of those materials used or its price tag.  (more…)

Moto Connect Update Brings Additional Watch Faces for Moto 360

Over the weekend, Motorola pushed out an update to its Connect app on Google Play, bringing a ton of new watch faces for the Moto 360, as well as a new Moto Body experience.

The watch faces, which include Motorola’s watch face design “face-off” winner, bring a few new colors to play with, plus a design that is completely customizable by your own photos and colored hand options.  (more…)

Buy Moto 360 Leather or Metal Individual Watch Bands Right Now From AT&T

Motorola finally made the metal band versions of the Moto 360 available yesterday through their online shop for $299. We were under the impression that when that move happened, early adopters of the Moto 360 would also be able to buy individual watch bands in either metal or different leathers. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, even though Motorola once again mentioned the fact that they planned to sell individual bands at some point in the near future.

Well, guess what? AT&T has them available right now, at suggested retail prices of $80 (metal) and $30 (leather). That’s right, if you want a replacement watch band for your Moto 360, AT&T will sell you one or two or three today in a variety of colors today. (more…)

Moto 360 in Dark or Light Metal Now Available for $299

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to prematurely posted announcement from Motorola, the Moto 360 in metal was due to be released at some point today. Well, that time is now. You can head over to Motorola’s store and purchase the Moto 360 in dark or light metal for $299.

The smaller 18mm models are listed, but they won’t be available until closer to the holiday season.

We are still on the lookout for individual bands in metal and leather.  (more…)

Moto 360 in Metal Available Today for $299 – New Bands, Watch Faces, Health Apps Too

Motorola just announced (and then pulled) that their Moto 360 watch will be available in metal later today for a price of $299. They will offer two colors initially – dark and light metal – with a new champagne finish arriving in time for the holidays. They also announced new slim bands for those with smaller wrists or who simply want a different look. The slim band in light metal will run $299; the Champagne finish Moto 360 will run $329.

Of course, you have already seen all of these, thanks to listings on Amazon that went up a week or so early. But, they are now official. Well almost, as soon as Motorola re-posts the announcement.  (more…)