The Tato Show is Happening Tonight, Kicks off at 6PM PST With Special Guest MKBHD

Tato Show

Since Kellex is too busy to join us for a Droid Life Show this evening, what better time is there to rebirth The Tato Show? Tonight, I will be joined by Dave Kover and Ron Offringa, as well as our special guest, MKBHD. Marques is known for his YouTube work and has been making serious rounds across the globe this week with his recent G Flex “Self Healing” video. It will be your typical Droid Life Show, but probably with less structure and more random nonsense. Just the way we like it. (more…)

MKBHD Goes Hands-on With LG G Flex Self Healing Back, Even Takes a Knife to it


Just last week, we got a good look at the “Self Healing” backside on the G Flex from LG, but given the video was straight from the manufacturer, it hardly ever relates to real world usage. Our buddy MKBHD got his hands on the new device from LG and decided to test out the self healing functionality himself. With the help of some normal keys and even a pocket knife, we can see just what the G Flex is made of.  (more…)