Verizon Slashes Prices on New DROID Family – DROID MAXX to $199, ULTRA to $99

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If you had been eyeing one of Motorola’s new DROID smartphones since they were first introduced back in July but were waiting to pull the trigger, you held out wisely. Verizon slashed the prices of the entire family this morning, with the DROID MAXX and ULTRA each seeing a $100 cut. The DROID MAXX can now be had from Big Red for $199 on-contract, down from its starting point of $299. The DROID ULTRA on the other hand is now $99 on-contract, down from its initial price point of $199.  (more…)

Consumer Reports: iPhones Are “No Match” for Motorola’s DROID Lineup

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According to the newest Consumer Reports article filed concerning smartphones, the site’s editors have been very impressed with Apple’s newest iPhone offerings, but they are still “no match” to Motorola’s fresh lineup of DROID devices on Verizon. While they were impressed with a working fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S, and were happy with iOS 7′s addition of Command Center, overall battery life and “smallish screens” are the reasons that Apple’s flagships fall to the ULTRA, MAXX, and DROID Mini on Verizon.  (more…)

Temporary Root Achieved on Verizon Moto X and 2013 DROID Line Up

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Some carriers in the US are nice enough to allow companies to unlock bootloaders of their flagship devices when they launch on their networks. Unfortunately for most of us here, Verizon is not one of those nice carriers. Locked bootloaders and the struggle to get root is nothing new for Verizon customers, but there is now a ray of hope for fans who enjoy rooting their phones. Temporary root has been achieved on the Moto X, and the better news is that this exploit should work on the 2013 DROID line as well.  (more…)

DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini Owners – Don’t Forget About Your Free 6-Month Google Music All Access Subscription


When Motorola announced its new line of DROID phones for Verizon – the ULTRA, Maxx, and Mini – they mentioned a special promo that would give new owners of each device a free 6-month subscription to Google’s All Access music service. Now that each device has been released, we’re hearing from a handful of owners (mostly of the MAXX) who are trying to receive the free 6-month offer and failing. In fact, they aren’t finding the offer anywhere other than in listings on Verizon’s page for each phone. So how can you get the free 6 months?  (more…)

Motorola’s Touchless Control App Arrives on Google Play, Should Make Adding New Features a Breeze

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Motorola’s Touchless Control app, which is one of the leading features of the Moto X and new DROID line, was pushed to Google Play today. For those not familiar, Touchless Control allows each of these new Moto phones to partner with their natural language processors, so that they are always listening for your commands. After training them to only activate to your voice with a command of “OK, Google Now,” you can perform all sorts of Google voice actions from setting reminders to finding directions home.  (more…)

DROID Mini Ship Date Apparently Pushed Forward a Week to Tomorrow, August 22


When announced, Verizon placed a launch date of August 29 on the DROID Mini, a solid week+ after the release of the ULTRA and MAXX, which were released yesterday. Today, Big Red’s landing page for the Mini shows a shipping date of August 22, which is tomorrow. There has been no word from Verizon on why the launch got an unexpected push up, but you won’t hear anyone complaining.  (more…)