Rumors: HTC Merge Release Delayed Due to LTE Radio Upgrade, Incredible HD Coming Beginning of 2011

Twitter is turning into the ultimate information machine when it comes to upcoming Android devices and we’re loving it.  Last week we had a conversation with an LTE engineer who revealed that the Incredible HD is real and will likely be an LTE device.  Today, a new source (@V3RDICT) who appears to be some sort of a Verizon device rep, went through pretty major device training and tweeted about all of it.   (more…)

Verizon Giving Away HTC Merge at Urban Challenge in Seattle?

Verizon is running its Urban Challenge this weekend up in Seattle and plans to give away a few HTC devices to 3 sets of winners. Which one exactly? Possibly the Droid Incredible?  Well according to the picture on their main page it’s the DI, but if you take a quick look at the “About” page for the challenge you’ll see a much more surprising name.  Six HTC Merge (aka Lexikon) devices are up for grabs!   (more…)

Samsung Continuum and LG Vortex Launching October 29th on Verizon

Remember the oddly shaped, dual-screened Samsung Continuum that was rumored to be heading to Verizon?  Our sources have it pegged for an October 29th release along with the LG Vortex, another middle-of-the-road Android device.  Talk about Android overload.  With these 2 devices hitting store shelves at the end of October and the Droid Pro, D2 Global, HTC Merge, and the Motorola Citrus coming only 2 weeks later, are we starting to think there may be too many options?

Just give us the Motorola Olympus already.

Cheers money!

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DROID 2 Global, DROID Pro, Citrus and Palm Pre Plus 2 Launching November 11th

Late October-early November is shaping up to be Verizon’s ultimate holiday launch party if our sources are correct (and they usually are).  The latest news to hit our inbox suggests that the Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, Motorola Citrus and Palm Pre Plus 2 will all hit VZW store shelves on November 11th.  This also matches up to the HTC Merge/Lexikon release date we had a couple of weeks back, making the 11th one heck of a day to watch out for.  Talk about giving Android users a handful of top notch Big Red choices, right?

Cheers money!

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Rumor: HTC Merge/Lexikon Headed to Verizon November 11th

We just received a little Friday tip that the HTC Lexikon/Merge will be hitting Verizon stores in about a month on November 11th.  A specific name was not confirmed nor was pricing information given, but we can guess that it’ll be at about the standard $199 on new 2-year contract with a mail-in-rebate of some sort.

We’re only considering this to be rumor until we get some really hard evidence, but Verizon definitely likes Thursday launches meaning the 11th looks mighty tasty.  Stay tuned!

Video: HTC Lexikon/Merge Boot Animation, No DROID Eye

We just posted up some new pictures of the HTC Lexikon/Merge that’s headed to Verizon and now have video of the boot animation which as you may have guessed, does not feature a Droid red eye.  Obviously one can be added at any time, but with this Verizon logo boot anim and Bing locked and loaded, doesn’t that pretty much seal the deal that this won’t be a Droid?

Anyone wish this was the next Droid and not the Droid Pro?  (My hand might be up right now.)

Want More HTC Merge/Lexikon Pictures? OK, Here You Go

The HTC Merge/Lexikon keeps making appearances, but for the most part, is still somewhat of a giant question mark.  We gave you the user guide for the device which lacked an official name, had heard that it was initially going to be a part of the Droid franchise until it appeared full of Bing, and know that it won’t be a 4G device.  We do know it’ll be a global device that runs at 800MHz, but we still have zero idea as to when this bad boy might launch.  Questions, questions.  It sure looks pretty though doesn’t it?   (more…)

Verizon: 4G Smartphones and Tablets to Debut at CES in January, Available 1st Half of 2011

Lowell McAdam, COO of Verizon, just announced that we will see 4G LTE smartphones and tablets in action this January at CES.  He mentioned that development has really taken off much faster than they had expected and will show a half dozen or so devices at the event.  You have to assume this will be the first major sighting of the Droid tablet (Stingray) which is now rumored to be LTE capable and possibly the Motorola Tegra 2 device.

In even better news, the Droid Life team will be at CES to cover all of this insanity.  This holiday season is looking to be more and more of a snoozer with January as the target of some game changers.