Moment Live Wallpaper Creates Stunning Displays From Your Favorite Videos


I still enjoy the occasional live wallpaper from time to time, and it’s especially nice when a developer gives a whole new way to look at them. Take Moment Live Wallpaper for example. With Moment, you can take your own videos and turn them into very classy live wallpapers that react to your touch. In the words of the developer, “think Harry Potter newspaper.” (more…)

Exodus Live Wallpaper Brings Custom 3D Blocks to Your Homescreen


One of our favorite live wallpapers of all time is still Light Grid by Joko Interactive. The number of customizable options that were included made toying with your wallpaper an entertaining art form. So when we were informed that they had a new release on the way, but with 3D elements, we jumped at it. It’s called Exodus Live Wallpaper and it brings a lot of the joy you experienced through Light Grid, only with 3D blocks that can be tweaked to your liking. It’s interactive to touch, meaning the blocks change direction with your swipe. Live wallpapers, another reason we love Android so much.  (more…)

Grid Live Wallpaper – Enhancing Your Home Screens One Page at Time


We got an app submission from the developer of Grid Live Wallpaper over the weekend and are impressed.  As live wallpaper fanatics, this is right up our alley. Through this app, you can set up a variety of different screens and looks by selecting a picture, color, shape scheme, etc. As you flip through them all, you will see the grid transition that the app derives its name from. The adjustments to make this 100% your own are almost endless in the settings section of the app. It’s very snazzy.  For just 99 cents, Grid Live Wallpaper appears to be worth it.  The app itself reminds us a lot of the Light Grid live wallpapers, which we love.  Go have at it.  (more…)

Download: DROID Bionic Eye Live Wallpaper


Our buddy Legion pulled a bunch of goodies from his DROID Bionic last night, one being the Red Eye live wallpaper.  He deodexed and recompiled to make it work on any device running 2.1 or above.  It’s interactive, has a couple of options that can be tweaked to hopefully keep your battery alive for a bit, and brings a piece of a phone that has been 9 months in the making to your home screen.

Download:  DroidBionicEyeLWbyDL.apk | Mirror

To install, simply download the file from above onto your phone.  When it finishes, tap “Install.”  Then back out to home and set it as your wallpaper.  Enjoy!

Cheers Legion!

App Of The Day: Live Wallpaper Flip Clock

Yesterday we brought you SBFportable. Did anyone try it?

Today, we look at an app by Sergey Golovanov called Live Wallpaper Flip Clock. I assume people read the post topic and thought,”who uses live wallpapers?”  Well, after about thirty minutes with this app, I can tell you that I do. This app creates an environment unlike most typical live wallpapers. The app has a built in fully functioning weather clock, HTC style. This is the only part of the wallpaper that is actually live. And since the clock is built right into the wallpaper, you don’t lose any space with a widget on your homescreen. Everything else is customizable – backgrounds, type of clock style, color, location, fonts, battery status, temp, forecast, and so on. After running it on my DX and on friends’ TBolts and OGs, I can tell you the battery effect is no more than any other clock widget you may use, but you get the added benefits listed above. There is a free trial version and a paid $2.00 version.   (more…)

Photile Live Wallpaper is Light Grid with Photos

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Light Grid Live Wallpaper.  In fact, we haven’t stopped using it since we wrote about it back in December and don’t plan to until something finally tops it.  So today, we aren’t telling you to ditch it, but just wanted to let you know that the developer behind it has another app that works in a similar fashion.  Say “Hello!” to Photile Live Wallpaper.  It has the same Light Grid feel, but instead of just using various shapes, sizes and colors, it lets you add one of your own photos to the background which is then transformed by the grid.

Free in the market.  Download Link

Time and Date Contrast Live Wallpaper is Your 3D Clock Replacement

Time and Date Contrast Live Wallpaper just took over my homescreen.  The idea for this clock seems so simple, but that might just be why I’m loving it so much.  I had actually started working on this post last night, but was treated to an update this morning that gives you the ability customize the top and bottom colors to match your current theme which was request #1 from us.  Aside from the colors, the beauty here is really the action between the time and date, which you’ll see when sliding from screen-to-screen giving it an almost 3D feel.  Not bad for a free clock option that doesn’t take up any widget space.

Oh, and the developer is just getting started, so we’ll likely see font options, clock/date options, and who knows what else.  Might want to get in early on this one.

Download Link

Cheers Shane!